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Rolling Vj residency in Beijing ::: Paid (200-500)

Discussion in 'New Job Offers' started by Ne1co, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Ne1co

    Ne1co AV performance content

    Date: 5/01/2012 (Month/Day/Year)
    Location: Beijing, China
    Duration: 5-6hrs
    Music: Various DJs
    Fee for VJ: Paid (200-500)
    Publicity for VJ: Yes
    Travel Expenses: Yes, for an international VJ
    Accommodation: Yes
    Number of Guests: 0
    Equipment Needed: Only personal operating kit
    Other Artists:
    Contact Details: studio@ne1co.info
    The person posting this message described themself as a Someone else

    Additional Info
    We have been offered a residency in a new £5.5m, 1000 capacity venue in Beijing and are looking for Vjs to fill the position.

    Individual residencies would ideally last from 1 to 6 months.
    4-5 nights per week.
    Nights will run from 10pm-4am.
    Accommodation and visa will be paid, for duration of residency.

    The club opens at the end of April, so looking for Vjs who would be interested in starting as early as May. If you're interested but can't start till later in the year, please do still get in touch.

    I am currently negotiating fees and waiting on tech drawings, but want to judge the level of interest in the mean time.

    Please contact me with showreel and biog.

  2. Ne1co

    Ne1co AV performance content

    Thank you for all the interest that we've had about this. Sorry I haven't had chance to get back to you all individually but the position is no longer available.

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