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Salvation - OpenGL VJ Mixing for PCs

Discussion in 'Software' started by t2k, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. t2k

    t2k New Member

    I fixed a ton of bugs and added a "VJMixer" to the Salvation Demo:


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Salvation(tm) is a realtime graphics design tool similar to the Max/MSP+Jitter combo and the upcoming OSX app Quartz Composer. Graphics are rendered quickly with OpenGL and can be controlled in realtime by midi controllers/keys or with any of the built-in knobs, sliders, buttons, or first person shooter style camera controllers.

    Salvation currently imports these media types: .avi (windows video file), .ai (Adobe Illustrator file), .md2 (Quake2 model file), .3ds (3d studio file), and almost all of the popular image file formats (.jpg, .pcx, .png, .tga, etc).

    Download the demo directly here:

    I am still accepting beta tester applications on the forum. The beta version is fully functional so if you're interested in that, don't hesitate to apply =)


    Check out the online help:

    Browse the site:

    Happy VJing!
  2. oCtodur

    oCtodur fractalization

    Hmm the interface doesnt look that amazing to me but if i get some time over i'll try it out. Intressted in the 3dsmax import =)
  3. levon

    levon Headless Chicken

    octodur; you make your own interface, depending on what you want, and what controllers you need and etc.
  4. nkm

    nkm New Member

    Interesting concept!

    What is the scale of content it is meant for? What I mean is: is it meant for modifying movies/ images/ 3ds files or is it also meant for modifying large scale environments (containing many models for example)?

    Btw, from the 3ds import movie on your site I can see that the smoothing groups are not determined correctly ;) (the shading artifact spanning the chip).

  5. t2k

    t2k New Member


    It is highly scalable - I support graphics cards as old as radeon 8500, and as new as gefroce 6800 ultra. The core of the software is a modular visual programming language, and the modules are written in C++, so really you are limited by your hardware, not by the software.

    The vertex lighting on that chip model looks wrong because, well, vertex lighting looks wrong if you don't have enough geometry in the model =). I could increase the geometry detail on the model, or I could insert a GLSL shader module and write a per-pixel lighting shader, but I did not bother to because I had better things to worry about - lately I have been focused on writing the gui modules that are used to run the VJMixer.

    Thanks for your interest, let me know if you have any more questions =)
  6. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    Interesting software, bu tthe resolution seems really low.

    Am I missing something? When I resize the output window, it doesn't seem to increase the output resolution...

  7. t2k

    t2k New Member


    You're not missing anything, the resolution is locked to a fixed size inside the VJMixer which is set to 320x240.

    If you are interested in running at a higher res, it is definitely possible with the build you have, you just gotta get underneath the hood a little bit.

    Make sure the Welcome.scb window is active, and hit the left arrow key a few times until you can see the VJControls module. Right-click it and select "Expand Module".

    Resize that window so that you can see both GLRenderTexture modules. Enter the XRes and YRes that you want (make sure you use the same values for both modules) and click the Update button on each module.

    Here's a picture:

    This is not a permanent thing, I of course intend to have an optional auto-size mode where the internal resolution of those offscreen buffers are set to match the resolution of your output. I chose 320x240 for this release so that it runs nicely on low-end cards (Radeon 8500).

  8. t2k

    t2k New Member

  9. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    nice one! Much more interesting with a higher resolution!


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