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seamless projector on/off

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by skyvat, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. skyvat

    skyvat New Member

    My collaborator is getting a projector soon for an upcomming party. Most projectors we've seen on power-up show either a blue video screen or some sort of logo, which is nasty to have show up mid-party. The videos are only coming on at certain points in the party, so in all other moments we want no trace of it. Most suggestions I've gotten involved turning on the projector beforehand and sending a black channel via a switcher or mixer, then fade into the program when the time comes. But I imagine this will leave a faint black screen, which would ruin the surprise of having this video image suddenly appear when the time is right. The projector will be ceiling mounted, about 20 feet in the air., so my low tech fix of holding my hand in front of the lens is not possible.

    Do any projectors have a function to deal with this problem, like a sleep setting? Any other ideas on how to make this work or is black screen the only option?

    Thanks -

  2. bigloose

    bigloose ::>>>>--

    On my projector (Eiki) I can choose blue screen on/off in the menu. I'm always using blue screen off => no signal=black screen.
    Check if you have this function on the one Ure getting it my be easier that to send black signal.
  3. skyvat

    skyvat New Member

    Brand? Model?

    Thanks for the reply.
    What brand/model do you have? Someone else said this was a faily common feature to have a black screen option. Does the projector appear to be "off" when this is in use, or is there a grey rectangle and if so how much does it draw attention to itself?



  4. skyvat

    skyvat New Member


    Brand...you said that.

    Eiki. Sorry.

  5. bigloose

    bigloose ::>>>>--

    It's an "old" Eiki LC-SVGA860 (only 600 lumens)
    Yeah you still have slight grey rectangle but it doesn't realy draw too much attention. And generaly it's always better than projecting black signal.
    I never put it to sleep coz when I have to restart it I have the logo for 10s. and then I have to redo the focus/zoom.
  6. skyvat

    skyvat New Member

    Thanks for the info. It is as I thought, though it seems like this is a feature whose time has come.

  7. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

    On my InFocus LP340 too, I can set the background color, although I'm not sure if I can also hide the top menu or the 'error message' when there is no source.

    What I'd suggest you to do is simply project a black screen from your computer (or whatever source you're using). It's pretty easy and you don't have to depend on the projector brand.

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