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showreel codecs

Discussion in 'Software' started by KBK, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. KBK

    KBK It all seems so obvious!

    The question is:
    If want to put up a showreel on the net, which codec is recommended for this purpose. (QUALITY/SIZE/availibility) And which codec is the most common to use. Which codec can even my grandmother check on her computer.
    Is it better to go for a wmv, quicktime or avi with cinpak or none or.....................?
  2. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    Thats a hard question you ask. Some of your possible "customers" may use a mac and have quicktime installed by default, but no newer media player codecs. Other may use Windows and don`t like Quicktime at all. Even others won`t have the bandwidth to download a 200 MB Cinepack file. And you don`t want to make them think you are from the middle age by putting a 5 MB 160*120 cinepack clip onto the web. If you like cubism this may be ok... :rolleyes:

    One way is to integrate your clip inside Flash, newer flash versions have some MPEG-4 like compression and streams.

    The good thing: If the "customers" flash version is to old, it will automaticly ask if it may update. Flash is well known and accepted (98% of the internet users have it) and most people would say "yes" to such a request.

    Much better than to write on your page: "If clips don`t run, please visit codec site XYZ and install if you are on PC, Mac users please visit ZXY, take your time to find the download link, close the 5 popups" .... and so on...

    MPEG-1 may be an option too, but the quality isn?t comparable to "Flash compressed" movies.

    You can still put a link to really high quality Xvid file next the flash movie with a small link below to http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/, no popups, direct download. You may add a few words that Xvid for personal usage is 100% legal.
  3. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    imho properly embeded quicktime is the most reliable single format for everyone to be able to see (well except linux users - but they wil be very used to not being able to watch video streams!)
    you need to use both <embed> and <object> tags for it to work on all browsers and make sure you have the right mime type and plugins page link - with these setup correctly you will automatically get sent to the correct download link if you don't have quicktime installed.

    WMV sucks - doen't really work on the mac or the pc if you choose not to use internet explorer.

    Real sucks - really need a streaming server to ake us of real - its nice qualiy when it works but the player is a nightmare and almost impossable to download for free these days.

    DivX sucks - again doesn't really work on the mac and often has issues on the pc.

    xvid/3vid/whatever - see divx

    mpeg4 - should be the solution but its a mess because its hard to embed and the mess of diferent players which all seem to break each other means that often it doesn't work properly -one thing that i have had sucess with is using the mov wrapper for mpeg4 and embeding it in the same way as quicktime - this forces it to play in the quicktime player which is easy to embed but has the same disadvantages for people without quicktime installed in that they get sent off to download qt before they can watch.

    all in all quicktime is the nicest to work with and gives relitivly easy playback to the vast majority of users.
  4. videoteque

    videoteque New Member

    As a Mac user, Quicktime is the easiest solution. Don't remember having a .mov file I can't read with a fresh Quicktime player installed.

    But Divx .Avis are not bad if downloaded and looked with VLC Player or M Player. The nice thing about Divx is not trying to squeeze too much out of it (most films don't compress well in 700Mb). If given some headroom Divx can be a great watching format.
  5. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    Looks like quicktime is the best choice, the download link to Mac Xvid brings up a installation instruction, including Divx5 download..

    I still like flash. :nod:

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    I kinda like flash too.
    but I'm getting used to embedded quicktime
  7. dusi

    dusi Member

    after trying and comparing everything with everything i found that the export >>cable high preset in quicktime pro - player is the fastest/easyest solution. you will need quicktime pro though.

    see result

    movie 2 movie 1

    both are encoded @ qt cable high preset.
  8. dontregister

    dontregister New Member

    Web Codec


    The best choice is mpeg-1 codec.

    It's the most universally readable codec. It can be played by Quicktime on the mac and Media Player on windows.

    Just check the user system with some javascript and then launch the proper embedded code (quicktime or media player).

    If you are too lazy for that, just put a link to your ".mpg" file, the browsersystem, will handle it with the proper player.

    Hope it helps.

  9. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    sorry that's not true...

    Best is a subjective word

    you are correct if you say "mpeg1 is the most compatable video encoding for the web"

    this doesn't make it the best though - it has a very big filesize for acceptable quality and as such more people will not be able to see it due to lack of bandwith.

    you need to ballence size of file / bandwith requirements / quality / ease of use - mpeg1 scores top in ease of use but does vry badly with the other points.
  10. KBK

    KBK It all seems so obvious!

    showreel codec

    Thanks a lot
    I'm gonna try some of the suggestions and use the tips!
    Thanks again
    NEW kijkbuiskinderen showreel soon available.
  11. dontregister

    dontregister New Member

    So what codec ?


    Quicktime is not a codec, just like avi, it's just a file format.
    A quicktime movie can be photoJPEG, MPEG, DV, whatever quicktime supports . And among all the codecs commonly supported by Windows Media Player and Quicktime (and even by Real player), i don't see any other codec proposing any better quality/size rate.

    And you can still target different bandwiths proposing various quality/size files (just like for the Trailers on Quicktime site)

    That's why advised MPEG1.

    Of course best is subjective (spoken language is not only descriptive), but regarding the question asked here (put a showreel online), let's say that this codec is the most appropriate, in my opinion. But it also it depends on the showreel duration, content, etc.

    For instance, i use to compress my videos to PhotoJPEG when i set-up a gig for a concert. Recently i had to choose a different codec for a show because my clips mostly contained white and red typo on black background and photoJPEG produced ugly artefacts. In the end i used the VIDEO Codec which is a heavy one but played very well and with a wonderful output quality on giant LED screens.


  12. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    yeah - QT isn't a codec.

    sorrensen video 3 quicktime is the defacto standard for high quality webstreams - its much better quality than MPEG1 and smaller file sizes too.

    MPEG1 is really very out of date and simply doesn't look good unless encoded at a very high bit rate.

    mpeg4 is much more up to date and should be nearly as compatable as mpeg1 - however the idiots that make divx / xvid /3vid /hakvid/ scriptkiddyvid have ruined it by makeing a zillion diferent combinations of codecs and players which all seem to interfere with one another rusulting in a big mess meaning its unlikely that anyone who isn't really into installing diferent apps and hacks probably won't be able to watch it.

    so to summerise Quicktime is the nicest API to work within - it embeds properly and is viewable on the vast majority of computers.

    within quicktime sorrenson 3 offers the best quality compression at small to medium bitrates
    Apple MPEG4 is better quality at higher bitrates.

    for audio compression mono qdesign music2 is the best for low bitrates
    mp4 audio or even mp3 provides much better quality at high bitrate.
  13. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    3vix and scriptkiddiesvid? :(

    First it does make no difference which player you use. If you have the proper codec installed it will play in any player. I talk about PC, dunno if this is different on mac.

    Second I a agree a bit with you. Since many people started to develop FREE codecs, away from commercial ones like WMV, Quicktime and sadly also DIVX there has been a lot of confusion.
    But thats the cost of pluralism.
    I also wish there where one good codec that was developed by one big team, everybody had it, it was always on the top and very configurable for all kinds of tasks.

    But what if this company has the idea that for all media that is delivered (even for no cost..) with this codec you have to pay fees? There would be no alternative.

    Since the hacker / cracker / pirate codec Divx 3.11 many things has changed.
    Most MPEG-4 basec codecs produce files that are readable by most other MPEG-4 based ones. The best I know in this is Xvid since its completly open source and plays anything from Divx 3.11, 4, 5, 3vix.

    Didn`t look into 3vix for a long time since it was so f****n slow in compression, but on their website they write:
    "MPEG-4 Video encoded with the 3ivx QuickTime codec is playable by the Apple MPEG-4 Decoder built into and shipped with every copy of QuickTime 6."

    This is the main trend.

    I think it makes sense to support open source codecs/ formats (like Xvid and OGG Vorbis) by just using or mentioning it. There more files travel around in such a codec, the more it will get standard. Even better if they are legal.


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