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Sketchy J is Kooler Than Personal Jesus video

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by sketchyj, May 4, 2006.

  1. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

  2. Lara

    Lara alllgood

    Hi Sketchy - your link seems to be down...
  3. dansmachine

    dansmachine Video. Performance. Art.

    Hey SketchyJ is back!

    "The video you have requested is not available.

    If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process."
  4. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Sketchy J...
    I thought I'd check back at your myspace. Dude - if you haven't scored yourself a gig yet than can you please smack yourself across the teeth for me because you're coming up with some pretty amazing renders. Those together with that crazy helmet and you should be on tour with some fucked up hard trance act by now. Whats holding you back?
  5. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    there are only certain clubs i'll work in Denver and they are all owned by the same man, Regas Christou. He promised me a gig if i did some work for them, then decided later after I had done the work that they would just avoid me. Perhaps because I was so desperate for a gig that I was doing chores for one. Then a club called Tracks was playing my videos regularly, although not offering me a gig. I was hopeful, then I almost got in a fight there with someone trying to start something with me and by the time the security noticed what was going on it appeared that I was the antagonist because by then I was already in a boxers pose. So that gig looks blown. I've had offers from bands and one club in California, but i'm still finishing this semester in college, and probably will be attending one more. Tonight, I will be standing in front of Tracks at 2 a.m. handing out 150 of my new DVDs to the crowd. That is the closest thing I have to a gig right now.
  6. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    Ouuuu... SketchyJ.... do not mess up with Depeche Mode... you are messing up with my religion. I am listening to DM everyday for at least 4 hours since I was 14 and I am 31 bro. I know DM is crap right now since Alan Wilder left the band but still, do not mess up with them. Go to U2 or any other band but leave DM alone... Ouuuuu....
  7. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    Yeah, we had that same problem for years in NYC with all the big clubs owned by one man Peter Gatian who was responsible for the "party monster" murderer among other fucked up shit. It was pretty well known that he was paying of the FD to raid other clubs but be told in advance of raids on his own (I worked at one during a scheduled "raid", the music never stopped and I was never sure when/if it happened), meanwhile he'd put any competitor out of business. The upside is the empire got too big for just him to handle so their are probably many sub-promoters and managers who might still hire you even if you didn't get a good deal from someone else within the company. (the downside is he bacame an FBI target and when they pulled him down and sent him to jail there was a huge vacuum left in the nightlife that took NYC years to recover from).

    Keep pluging, keep being visible. Try to develop your own following and start your own night in one of the rooms (as opposed to mainstage). Get a like minded DJ and promoter and try to garauntee some heads and it will be more to bargan with than just your show. You are such a promoter yourself now, have you thought of turning the mask character into just ONE product within a package of something a little bigger, like a whole night?
  8. shudder inc

    shudder inc ......

    the link didn't work for me either... but if you ever find yourself comming to chicago SketchyJ get in touch, i'm sure we can find you something
  9. xangadix

    xangadix Veejays.com-professionals

    yeah, same here (although I'm not 31... yet), and the link still doesn't work for me ;)
  10. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Forget the big clubs - they're cheese factories! Its no wonder you're not getting any gigs. You've gotta get out there and find a promoter. In fact I'd recommend going to your next rave party (not the dodgey underground ones) and dropping a dvd (make sure you watermark it first) to the promoter.
    Stop muckin around with clubs. If you want a contact in the psytrance community then let me know.
  11. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    watermark my DVDs haha!! every shot is some variation of the Sketchy J mask in every video. The shots without the mask have Sketchy or SketchyCorp text boldly displayed. Anyone is free to "steal" any of my self-promoting Sketchy J videos anytime, no worries. And Rei, I will feel free to step on Depeche Mode in any way i feel fit. This video is all about the mass manufacture of Jesus and as long as there are no sour notes i'm sure it will be fine. So far the mix sounds fine to me, although I have more planned for it. The DVD handout last night went over great. I had a throng of kids around me complimenting my hair and gladly accepting DVDs.
  12. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    i posted a reply to this thread last night and it has not posted yet. I do not know why it was moderated other than the normal reasons to try and get me off of this forum. Anyway, i bought a Boss SP-202 sampler today to help with the remix. I've owned one of these before and regretted selling it. It is the most easiest to use piece of remix gear i've owned and gets great results. I only paid $110 for it in a pawn shop and it works great. I've tried software samplers and always hated them. This should help a lot. The reply that was censored basicallly said that the song i'm doing is not about Depeche Mode it's about the mass manufacture of Jesus, and that I will use Depeche Mode in any way I want. [​IMG]
  13. Pesh

    Pesh Pixel Tosser

    Rei should go on a bender with dave gahan :D
  14. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

  15. littlecatalyst

    littlecatalyst Retireded

    thanks for posting the link Akira.

    censored is not the same as being on moderation. sketchy, you are on moderation and you know all about it. there is no cabal that wants you off the forums, though there HAS BEEN A LOT of discussions backstage in MODland about what happened in the recent past. and even about how there isn't all that much moderation happening on a sunday evening.

    but just FYI if you want to play nice and have a healthy relationship here, perhaps you could alter your attytude a tad--- like for instance, when someone suggests a way for you to find more gigs, and mentions to watermark, sure if you dont feel a need to watermark that's cool, but to throw the baby out with the bathwater, he was suggesting something to you beyond watermarking... and when lots of people are saying that your link doesnt work-- hey! that's a good time for a snappy response, like with a new url.... additionally even here: rei was kidding. so coming back and saying I'll do whatever I want doesnt really 'win friends and influence people' and sure that's polly not your goal, but you do want to have a frictionless time on the forums, right? at least in terms of gettig off mod, and being free to post whatever u want, right?

    being on moderation doesnt last forever. there are many mods who are happy to see you back. save the freakouts for when under the mask, you'll do fine....
  16. littlecatalyst

    littlecatalyst Retireded

    BTW the link that akira gave must not be the finished product, after about 18 seconds it stops and says "video under production" i do like the TV'd jesus with the sketchy mask, tho..

    BTW i do like overdose a lot. love the remade last supper pics and what you did with them.... there is a bit of (esp around 0:53) angry fruit salad going on and you may want to look into colour theory (both additive and subtractive) to sorta have a little more control, areas like 2:20 colour wise are way nice, and your pieces have great spirit. keep it up dood.
  17. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    sketchyj, do not stress out about moderators and stuff, I have been here for 3 years already at least (probably 5 already) and I have been under fire and all that as well. Just try to keep your balance, do not loose yourself in the forums in the way of creating this virtual world of friends. People here are coll and stuff but some others are "what ever" because they act differently behind a computer keyboard. Just relax, share and have some fun and that is it.

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