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Software Battle

Discussion in 'Software' started by dom1410, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. dom1410

    dom1410 New Member

    mobile dj pro,neuromixer, mixmeister, swift elite. Which one is most reliable! With the most options?

    Please post opinions and pros and cons!
  2. inopiaCGA

    inopiaCGA New Member

    They all suck, basically :)

    I can't remember asking for programs that are trying to emulate a DJ-setup, but only with movies instead of records.
  3. dom1410

    dom1410 New Member

    I'm not looking to become a master vj. Just looking to add a different feature to my show. I was hoping one of these were good enough to do the trick.
  4. videoteque

    videoteque New Member

    Possibly ALL of them are able to get you introduced...
  5. inopiaCGA

    inopiaCGA New Member

    I suggest you give resolume a try, it's pretty good for simple video mixing.
  6. VGA

    VGA ...

    neuromixer micro-review

    I had a play with this on a newbie VJs PC laptop, and an experienced VJs TiBook.

    Both had the same ugly, unintuitive interface.

    Both ran *really*slowly.
    On the PC, it was a pain to set up the output window on the second monitor (no dual screen option).
    Both have really nice chromakey, but thats it.

    Absolute dog mate.

    Go and download OpenTZT.
  7. Fullscreen

    Fullscreen jokjok


    OTZT !!

    the only software I use on a live show.
    for me it's the best, it takes some time to get used to, but once you have.... you'll never want to switch to another app :)


    did I mention it's free? ;-)
  8. dom1410

    dom1410 New Member

    Will check out your guys options. Does anyone know how to do output from a laptop to a 42" plasma. Everyone is telling me that it will look like crap because of resolution. Is this true or can it be somehow overcome.
  9. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    Have to say OTZT is much more a VJs app, with Neuromixer being more for DJs that want an AV mixing software, both are free and have great user communities (yes I am a little biased ;) )
  10. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    BTW Fullscreen and VGA, I don't see you guys on the OTZT sourceforge user list... why not head over and get more involved :)
  11. dom1410

    dom1410 New Member

    Still would like to know if pluging directly into a plasma television via a pc or laptop will look good or will it have a pixel type look to it? Plus does anyone have the link ot otzt.
  12. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    depends the res your running @, the scaling your comp is doing, the scaling in the plasma, etc....

    Neuromixer runs @ 320x240, for efficiency reasons..... there is a single deck version of Neuromixer that I think runs higher, but then you would need 2 comps and a video mixer...

    There is a 640x480 version of OTZT but it still has a few small bugs were working on.

    Only way to decide if it looks good enough for YOU is to check it out yourself, don't take other ppls word for it.... some ppl are resolution nazis, some ppl you can tell them its 640x480 when its really 320x240 scaled nicely and they won't know the dif (eg. most ppl).

    Test and learn.....

    As for an OTZT link.... try using your research skills and look for OpenTZT online ;)
  13. Fullscreen

    Fullscreen jokjok


    morph, i've been xtremely busy lately and I've had several computer crashes the last couple of weeks. I've been dying to test the latest release and get a little more involved on the sourceforge list but.... 24 hours in a day just ain't enough ;-)

    btw, I'm in OZ next year, maybe you want to meet & greet & mix?

  14. dom1410

    dom1410 New Member

    morph, found it already before you posted didn't realize otzt was opentzt. Anyways, I would love to load a bunch of software onto my lappy but don't have alot of room and don't want to crash lappy for audio reasons. I will probably try otzt doesn't appear to take alot of room and has had good reviews from what I can tell.
  15. VGA

    VGA ...


    i'm off over there now, does this mean i get to make feature requests?

    1) control - escape arghh!!! how many times have I made this combo whilst a little under the influence.

    2) random mode ( I need this once every 45 minutes


    3) I'll post these on the forum eh.

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