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software to make abstract footage

Discussion in 'Software' started by jas978, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. jas978

    jas978 New Member

    i woudl'like to make some abstrat footage ...there is a software to do this?

  2. lowRes

    lowRes another member



    may b u should check vjCentral softW reviews...

    'quiiick answer::

    there r a lot of ways of doin' abstract footage:

    u can start with concrete(e.g.: film) stuff and through manipulation and filtering achieve abstract media .. u can use editing and post-production softW (premiere, final cut, after effects, motion, combustion or even almost any vj app and chunk some filters in your clips..)


    u can do some grafx synthesis using shapes, patterns, motion and filters..
    (try visual jockey, artmatic..)

    have u seen this thread?!?


    * )

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    PC or MAC?
  4. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

  5. lowRes

    lowRes another member


    should this be repeated again again and again..?!


    how many threads r there about this??


    editd just 2 say::
    sorry if i'm being a bit aggrrressive..
    wrong side of bed...

    * )
  6. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    chill mate, if you don't like the look of a thread, don't open it up.

    It's not like we're deluged with similar threads...
  7. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\

    What 'abstract' footage are you trying to make? Clip examples, style, etc
  8. lowRes

    lowRes another member

    * )

    i've editd to apolagyse already..

    * )

    once again sorry 4 being rude in anyway.

    btw, i didn?t open it up..


    have u tried salvation ?

  9. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    The thread wasn't posted as a question:
    software to make abstract footage?

    There's no way of knowing whether it was an "I'm searching for..." or an "I'm offering..." thread. Possibly this led to LowRes' uncharacteristic frustration and subsequent exclaimation.

  10. lowRes

    lowRes another member

  11. Stuart

    Stuart New Member

    photoshop and aftereffects
  12. balther

    balther Balther

    A simple technique in Photoshop to make abstract graphic:
    1. Select 2,3, 4 or more photos with strong contrast, lines and forms.
    2. In Photoshop go to Select/Color Range
    3. Use the eyedropper tool to select the color range you want to keep or delete. Click OK
    4. You now have a selection moving around the picture in an ?abstract? way. You can paint it or delete it or reverse it or make it % transparent and more. Copy the result to the master file. The idea is to have several layers mixed together. In some photos there are nice lines and forms and your task is to find this line and form, adjust the color, form and place, mix them together and you are in business.

  13. Amukidi

    Amukidi New Member

    Abstraction is about ideas, people think that just because an image / clip is not recognisable or familiar, then it is abstract. But this is true only up to a point, as the rationale (the "why" if you prefer) seems to be absent in Balther's description (which will, indeed, produce "abstract" imagery - note the quotes)! (see also "symbolism", "semiotics" etc). I believe abstraction to be a working process and present only in the diagnostic / development stage of the process, once the idea has been resolved, it exists and is therefore no longer "abstract". Now I'm off to run for cover before the anti-art brigade accuses me of talking arty bollocks!";)
  14. Amukidi

    Amukidi New Member

    This process is, of course, a great way to learn more about composition, there are fewer visual "familiarities" to distract you from the concept, so its a good way to explore the endless possibilites of elements within a space.
  15. balther

    balther Balther

    I think you are right down to a point.
    First of all if you want to express your ideas you got to know how to do it or else your expression is dictated of your lack ok knowledge.
    Second of all I think that improvising is searching your inner motions so if you don?t have an idea when you start, you may have it when you are finished. Don?t bee afraid just do it, you may have something unexpected to say?
    If any of you has interested in a philosophy of color and forms I can recommend Goethe?s Color teach. This old German poet worked with a theory about the inner and outer colures and how it influences the mind. The original book is not the best but some Rudolf Steiner decibel (devoted :-( ) has worked on the theory and it is recommended to look in to it and then use your comment sense and make your own adjustments.
    This is all about theory but you got to have a base to woke from if you want to express yourself freely.
  16. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    so what word should we use to refer to non-representational content that is created purely to look pleasing (or purposely displeasing)?

    Yes, we could say 'non-representational' but then people wouldn't immediately know what we meant.

    The organiser of a charity event we're playing at later this month asked is we could use 'abstract' imagery. We understood what she meant by 'abstract'.

    Like it or not, 'abstract' is part of the visuals lexicon as a class of visual content that does not feature representations of real world objects.

    jas978 - assuming you haven't been scared off by the discussion that ensued from your post, what kind of abstract imagery would you like to create? Have you seen some particular work that has inspired you?

  17. Sanch

    Sanch (>`-`)> vvvv

  18. balther

    balther Balther

    Dan: I like your personal approach to jas978, that?s what?s it?s about!!! But don't forget to give, I mean a technique is a technique and a philosophy is a dream to be inspired of, but a practical advice is a word from a person to an other, take it or leave it.
  19. famouswhendead

    famouswhendead VFX Generalist

    studio artist.
  20. neoteo

    neoteo Active Member

    software to make abstract footage ...

    i think its not the software , its what you do with it , any soft can do abstract footage ...

    my 2 cents

    particle genarators , any 3D composer , and of corse adobe photoshop & after effects

    go crazy on the layers and transfer modes
  21. levon

    levon Headless Chicken

    winamp AVS's, and AVS grabber
  22. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    To make a undulating background (a little movement in a background can really help sometimes)

    In AE (or other compositing program), make a composition that has a circular solid and on top of that an adjustment layer with a high-radius blur. Animate the opacity of the solid so that it fades in and out.

    Insert the composition into a new composition, change the transfer mode to Add, duplicate it and move the duplicates around (both spacially and in time)

    The fading in and out blurred circles will then add to each other to make an undulating surface.

    Now apply whatever colour effects you want on top to get it just how you want it.

    I find clips like this really useful as part of a live show. They won't make the show but they do enhance the overall mood and feel.

  23. nfms

    nfms New Member

    I think it all depends on your defenition of 'abstract'

    I use 3D MAX, Flash and After Effects for creating abstract footage

    so you get a kinda technichal 'abstract trendwhore' kind of footage
  24. Excalibas

    Excalibas low budget VJ

    Have you tried ?


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