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some pointers - mac

Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by vtd, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. vtd

    vtd New Member

    Hi all. Very new to vjing personally but i promote a night and get vj's in to jam. apart from it costing me money i love having a mix on the setup and need to get started myself. The software we have been using is resolume, which i really enjoyed using with a midi mixer. Only problem is i have a new Imac g4. Ive looked at the faq's and some of the reviews for vdmx which i was recommended and it looks promising although people have been saying you cant cut in time live. What is the closest bit of software to resolume there is for the mac? or one that will enable me the best features for live clip mixing and fx. do i need a scan converter? any help would be much appreciated. vtd
  2. vjTranceKoder

    vjTranceKoder AVPA is the only way


    I have my quams with it, but Motion Dive 3 is a great Mac/PC app that includes some nice effects/dynamic text generation/recording capabilities/etc. You can check out the interface here or take a look at the original source for other options or just to expand your awareness:stoned:

    If your iMac has TV out, then you don't need a scan converter. Otherwise you'll be forced to use a scanny hooked up to your dual monitor out on the iMac.

    What are the specs on your machine? Do you plan on effecting live video feeds in realtime? What sources will you be working with? Resolution issues?
    Are you looking for something you can totally control video with (most softs have a medium/high learning curve) or something you can learn in a night (yet have less control)?

    Remember, you can always pre-render your footage in a special effects app then use DVD/VHS players and a video mixer to switch/mix/add addl effects on the fly in a performance setting. If you don't want to man the thing though, MD3 does have an AUTO mode that isn't too exciting but does the job when you don't want to.

    Also, be aware, MD3 does NOT have MIDI support. For that, there are a few apps available on Mac including but not limited to VDMX3, Vidvox Prophet, Videodelic, Arkaos, & Image/ine. I must admit that PCs usually have more options when it comes to VJ softs designed for live performance (though I've heard a lot of good things about VDMX3, which is mac exclusive)

    Also, make sure to thoroughly scan through all the resources available on vjc . Many of us VJs have spent quite some time forming a valubale resource which we can ALL access for free. Check it out! (most of your questions will be answered before you can ask them):nod:

    and welcome...

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