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sony dv cam wanted

Discussion in 'Video & Gear Exchange' started by mondo, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. mondo

    mondo New Member


    sony trv 900 video camera



  2. frank

    frank New Member

    May be you look for the Sony Pd 150. Its the same model like the TRV 900 but its DVCAM (TRV 900 is not!) and has XLR Adapter and Zebra.
    And the best is:nobody knows that model. I got my one 200 Euros cheaper than the TRV900 at Ebay :p

    Ciao Frank
  3. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    umm no it isn't
    the PD150 is a DVCam version of the VX2000 the DVCam version of the TVR900 is called the PD100

    they are both discontinued and have been replaced with the inferior TVR950 and PDX10P

    watch out for the sound - our TVR900 has lost the ability to record sound using the internal mic - its fine when using an external mic - apparently this is a common fault

    other than that its a really good camera - look out for the DVcam version though as its even better!

    heres a comparison of the 900 and is DV cam version the 100
                                   DCR-TRV900E         DSR-PD100AP
    Format                         DV(mini only)       DVCAM(mini only)
    Body Color                     Silver              Gun metallic gray
    Body Size                      93x103x193          93x112x194
    Body Mass                      880g                900g
    Zebra Pattern                  Yes (100% or more)  Yes (100% or more/ 70%/ Off)
    Digital Zoom                   48x, Default is ON  48x, Default is OFF
    				(case reads 48x)    (case reads 12x)
    Index Titler Preset Titles     8 titles:           8 titles:
                                   HELLO!              SCENE 1
                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY      SCENE 2
                                   HAPPY HOLIDAYS      SCENE 3
                                   CONGRATULATIONS!    SCENE 4
                                   OUR SWEET BABY      SCENE 5
                                   WEDDING             SCENE 6
                                   VACATION            SCENE 7
                                   THE END             SCENE 8
    Timecode Reset                 No                  Yes
    Laser Link                     Yes                 No
    Rec Mode                       Normal, Anti Ground Normal only
    Zero Set Memory                Yes                 No
    Eye cup                        Regular             Large Size
    Mic. Input                     Yes(Stereo Mini)    Stereo Mini + XLR
    Supplied Accessories (all supplied accessories are listed regardless of differences)
                                   DCR-TRV900E         DSR-PD100AP
    Battery                        NP-F330             same
    AC Adaptor                     AC-L10              same
    DK Cable                       DK-215              No need
    Exclusive Wide Conversion Lens No                  Yes (0.7x)
    XLR adaptor                    No                  Yes
    21 pin adaptor                 Yes                 No
    S-Cable                        No                  same
    AV Cable                       Stereo AV (Special) same
    Wireless Remote Commander      RMT-811             same
    Dry Batteries for Remote       R6 Battery x 2      same
    Lens Cap                       Yes                 same
    Carrying Belt                  Yes                 same
    Clock LITHIUM?Vanadium Lithium?Yes(built-in)       same
    Operation Manual               Yes                 same
    Lens Hood                      Yes                 Yes (+one for Wide conversion lens)
    FDD adaptor                    Yes                 No
    Memory Stick                   No                  Yes
    MS/PC Card adaptor             No                  Yes
    Parallel port adaptor          No                  No
  4. videotechno

    videotechno New Member

    "watch out for the sound - our TVR900 has lost the ability to record sound using the internal mic - its fine when using an external mic - apparently this is a common fault"

    ahh... somewhat comforting to know that it's a common thing. along with that internal mic issue, our 900 now has a LOT of trouble with auto-focus stuff.

    the 950 is really cool, but maybe they should have spent less time on all the bells & whistles... somebody go buy me a VX2000!
  5. frank

    frank New Member


    yes, sorry , the PD100 is the semipro of TRV900.

    Thats interessting my Dad had the same trouble with the internal mic of TRV900. Didnt know that this is a common fault.

    Ciao Frank
  6. Ollie

    Ollie New Member

    Contemplate this before buying..

    i hummed and arred for ages before buying my camera, cause i really wanted to get the best quality and not be pissed of having to buy another cam in a couple of years. So saved up long and hard and bought the VX2000, what a sweet peice of kit, truly a good camera.

    But after filming lots with it, there is somthing that really really bugs me, and that is the attention that it gets from other people. Its not a subtle camera, people look, people wanna talk to you, ok bonus they think your a pro, but its lack of discretness for me is now undesirable, i like filming people doing there thing, not looking at me wondering if there gonna be on the tele. So i think that maybe the 900, would have been a better option, sometimes the tourist look is better than the pro'ish.

    now i think i will spend like ?400 on one of those tiny babys to carry with me EVERY where, which is probably a good thing, and use the 2000 for those other improtant moments.
  7. spaceman

    spaceman Member

    I know what you mean about size, now I got a PC10 and I get great results and no-one could care less about me, they probably think it's a super8...also the size factor help getting weird shots that you would be able to get with regular size cams.
  8. mondo

    mondo New Member

    thanks peeps for all the great info.

    im still saving the cash ...and searching e bay!
    probably going for tvr 950 mebbes........jury is still out.

    funny i borrowed a trv900 recently and it was a bitch trying to get the mic to work!
    spent ages at a gig trying to record our output. viz came out great but sound was shite!now i know! thanks tom
  9. xiayu

    xiayu Subliminal Imaging


    what's the difference between DV and DVCAM?
  10. monsho

    monsho some kinda member

    Dvcam records at a higher rate, basically for better quality. You're meant to use DVcam tapes to get the best out of them but they are pricey. You get about 40 minutes of footage on a normal 60 min miniDV tape.

    I've got the use of a PD100 and it really is a fantastic camera, and quite subtle without the wide angle lens and XLR adapter on it - if you want to look pro stick the lens on and a nice mic - bobs your uncle!

    Also have a JVC dvp9 mini camera, tiny thing that goes in the pocket, very good for subtly filming without attracting any attention. Only downside is it ain't much good in low light levels, so filming in a club environment is a bit of a bummer. Good quality otherwise.
  11. mondo

    mondo New Member

    you are the second person who recommends the PD100

    maybe i should save for that

    thanks for advice
  12. actually the dvcam and miniDV use exactly the same compression, but the tape track in DVcam is slightly wider, making the tapes slightly mre durable, the also have locked audio tracks, making it better for audio syn.

    In my expirence, the quality of picture is fairly subjective. I have a canon XM2 and I wouldn't swap it for a DVcam, but it comes down to personal choice.

    Also a big factor for me was the extra, ?600 for a DVcam camera, over that of my canon. Go into a shop try a few, see how thew feel etc.
  13. monsho

    monsho some kinda member

    yeah, knew it was something techy like that :D

    I would probably go Canon myself if I was splashing the cash, but the Sony is a belting Camera - I'm not arsed about the DVCam bit, but the quality and durability of the Sony Semi pro kit is excellent, it feels really solid and I've already dropped it a few times (don't tell my boss!!) without any problems.

    The PD100 has been replaced with the PDX10, another great camera, with things like balanced XLR inputs etc.

    As Steve said, have a look for yourself, if you can get a quick play with each one you'll get a better idea of what you like.
  14. AlwaysB

    AlwaysB New Member

    Hi chaps thought I'd add to this thread, first time virgin.

    My PD150 rocks :nod: The only thing for me to improve it would be to have a focus ring that actually tells me my distances! But that only happens on Pro end lenses.

    The PD150 is the most popular semi-pro camera out there at the moment and for good reason... it's the best, for quality, accessories, hardy, low-light happy and television networks won't except anything shot on less. Except for the XL1, which personal I can't stand, but is better than a kick in the teeth.

    Sony have the monopoly on most electronic toyz and cameras ain't no different. They have been playing around with thier R&D for years on ALL their models Commercial and Semi-pro (they're already the leaders in the Pro world) So they've had time to perfect their cameras to lifestyle models, broadcast documentry models etc. whilst the other brands are catching up and trying not to copy - but are! Nokia vs other mobile phones.

    Anyway- Cameras: For film-makers, doco hunters and extreme sportist it's the PD150 and XL1 (oh and wedding 'videography')!
    For VJ's at top end I would recommend the PDX10 as the best for your needs. Smaller with almost all the trimmings of a PD150 but still at the same quality image (3x1/3 chip). Mid range camera would be the TVR900 family, smaller still than the PDX10 with a minium drop in quality (3x1/4 chip) but a considerable drop in price. But by the sounds of the rest of this thread the Audio sucks.
    At the bottomish end but top of the commerical market (1x chip)that I highly recommend for VJ's is the PC5,8,101 (touchscreen) cameras as they're very small, they have all the right things you need or never thought would need until you use it! Nightsight - the ultimate rescue with filming in most clubs with crap lighting. Slightly better but bigger is the PC110, 120. All these Sony Cameras (Don't know about TVR900)can play on Mini DV, DVcam, in NTSC or PAL and Record in both Mini DV and DVcam.

    Quick thoughts: If you're going to be using the camera as a deck just as much as a lens then the larger the fold out monitor the better.
    Sony and Cannon products don't like mixing - be adviced if you shoot something on a Cannon you can only digitize from the same camera, i.e you can't successfully capture from a tape shot on a PD150 through an XL1!
    What I said about Sony accessories being the best wasn't excaltly true, certainly the most covered and greater variety but... don't buy their mics or lenses, they're a rip-off because they don't really specialize in them - hence the mark up. Sony make electronics. Cannon make lens. Shure/Sehnnieser make mics. Stick to that and you'll always get better value for money with quality. Basically I could have brought my wideangle lens from Sony @ ?450+ or get my better one from Cannon for only ?160.

    Hope this rant has had some use for it feels like it's gone on forever. Personally as a VJ's cameraman I'm not going to be truely happy til I 'ave my PD150 a new PDX10 and a PC101 - but I'm just greedy :p


    Oh P.S. Mini DV vs DVcam: DVcam is more robust and would be better for VJ's repeatable playing off of it, it is more pro for On-lining (most editing VJ's are Off-lining in TV industry talk) and yes the audio may be better... but personally filming in gigs and clubs I prefer Mini DV because it gives that extra 20 mins of tape goes a lot further in well, time and money out of pocket compared with "is it really the best I could be recording at!" How many acts do a set less that an hour?

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