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super 8 junkies unity

Discussion in 'The Backstage' started by AetherPan, May 14, 2003.

  1. AetherPan

    AetherPan New Member

    just started to discover super 8 Moviemaking. Has anyone any experience with this old technic? I just need everything u have like advices tips links.

    And especially has anyone experience about developing their own super 8 films and not sending them to a lab?

    thx in andvance

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    actually, one of the last times I was browsing ebay I was looking at super8 cameras...I don't know enough about them really other than knowing the output is considered acceptable for "the big screen" Didn't realize there was any developing process involved for the film(!) and I too would be interested in more info on the format.
  3. ristuuk

    ristuuk Member

    used to use super8 and 16 all the time in night clubs,thats how i started.
    Ill dig out contact addresses for you of dealers and cine clubs.
    quality depends on the projector, but good projectors are cheap.
    superp effects can be acheived by using two or more projectors on one screen-proper live mixing!
    why go data? cos its nice and easy.

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    I don't think I'd mess w/ super8 beamers at all, just take footage and rip it to DVD/HD or somethin...more interested in a decidedly analog look...plus I'm a hopeless gear freak and am always interested in learning about shit..

    is there a developing process for super8 film? or can it be used as-is when shot..
  5. Lichtschutzfaktor56

    Lichtschutzfaktor56 New Member

    super 8 info


    here are some starting points about super 8

    only german

    swiss page also in english

    some years ago i was in touch with a advertising filmproduction firm which produced some commercials on super8 and converted the material via filmscanner into video to get the special look of this format. Looks great.
  6. I have started to orginating footage on super 8, it gives a lovly feel to things as it has far more exposure range. A good place for info is super8filmmakering.com, is a good place to start. The film is about ?12 a reel and that will last 3 mins at 25fps. If setup right the footage can have a higher line resolution that miniDV.
    I got a nizo professional on ebay for ?100 I am very happy with it the optics are fantastic, but it is quite heavy.

    Hope this helps
  7. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    if your terning all yur stuf into vid then all well and good, if you want to use 8mm projectors i genraly wouldn't the trow is to little the bulbs not bright enough and the image is to smal,
    if your going for projectors then try 16mm elfs grate for loops, the cammeras are more expensive but better quality
    and the film is big enough to actualy draw on and use all sorts of chemicals on to create efects
    any surch on google will result in a whole host of clubs etc for the use of 8mm/16mm film
  8. AetherPan

    AetherPan New Member

    thx 4 the help till now.

    16mm gear is too expensive for me now. perhaps I'll switch after I kicked that super 8 thingy a bit.

    I think it's cool that there are still some people out there who use super8. in my Opinion it is like "real" filming. No DV-Cam shit. Just a real film that has to be developed with chemicals.

    go 4 super 8
  9. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    I have a couple of cameras and projectors (maybe even an editor) from my film school days. The cost of using them is just too expensive. Film needs a LOT of light to get good colors, though you use to be able to get tri-x b&w film that looked just beautiful grain and all.... I'm looking to sell them if anyone knows a good place.
    Ha ha ha ha! "rip" to DVD. you have to send it to KODAK or similar to get it developed. Generally, it starts life as a cartridge roll of kodachrome (like slide film, there is no negative) that lasts only 2min, 50sec (I'm sure Tom will correct me if my memory is wrong) if you shoot at 24fps. Common to shoot at 18fps to get about 3min,20sec(?) or so. Then you run out of film and send it away for processing. 2 weeks later you get it back and can watch it for the first time on a projector that will leave a nice long scratch down the center of the whole reel. Better save that DVcam because that's how you're going to get the film back onto DVD....

    It is fun stuff, but so is rebuilding a Model T Ford.
  10. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    We recently entered the world of super-8.

    We've been using our camera at 48fps to capture moving objects in slow motion.

    Of course, that means we only get about a minute out of a cartridge...


    LEVLHED gear whoreder


    then fuck THAT!

  12. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    rip super8

    actaully its called telecine and it costs a packet to get it done professionaly - very nice results though if done well to a good video format
  13. kommy

    kommy vj eyena

    of course you can project your super8 onto a white wall/screen and video tape it. then you get that added plugin look as a bonus. ( i think the plugin is called "video taping super8"
  14. trotskythecat

    trotskythecat Momo the Monster

    Holly - you probably know this already, but I've found the best place to sell super-8 equipment is at schools themselves - just posting up flyers with pics of the equipment. At my old school, the first production class is still in Super-8, so there's a rush for equipment at the beginning of every semester. Not sure about the schools in NY...

    And it's true that it's expensive, but you can certainly get some interesting effects. If you're going for a real lo-fi look you can just project the film onto a screen and record it onto a dv camera. It's better than any film-look program if you're looking for that sort of thing. An example of this can be seen here:

    The Debonair Bachelor Does Soup

    On another note, I'd be interested if someone could find a way to get the flicker out - seems you could regulate the brightness, sort of like normalizing a sound track, but my results have been futile so far.
  15. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    Good tip, Trotsky! I'll take some photos and post up flyers (probably wait till August when the semester starts.;) Ka-CHING!
  16. PanicFilms

    PanicFilms New Member

    To video tape Super8 film when it's projected on a wall, I've had good luck messing around with the shutter speeds on the camera and always having it hooked up to a tv so I can see how it looks. It probably won't take all the flicker out like a real telecine would but it's a good start.


  17. KillingFrenzy

    KillingFrenzy KillingFrenzy Visuals

    My Super 8 Experience

    I've been fooling around a bit, and really like the look of black and white shot with super 8. Color can get a bit squishy, and I'm not convinced that the merits offset the fuzziness. BUT Black and White looks great. I found a local place that does the developing, and another that does a fairly cheap transfer to DV. I transferred a bunch of old family films, and was surprised how nicely they came out. I think part of the reason I always discounted Super8 transfers was that everyone used to get them done to VHS. The quality difference in getting them transferred to a higher format makes a major difference. Track down a proper screen somewhere if you're going to shoot them off of projections, it makes a world of difference. If you do shoot your own footage off a wall or screen, try playing with zooming in on the footage and capture the same footage 3 or four times. Make an edit of that, and you get a nice collage of your original subject.
  18. skyvat

    skyvat New Member

    S-8 is Gr8

    Hey Holly, if you have a good S8 projector I might be interested. Maybe a cheap camera as well. Let me know, I'm on yr email list.

    Good telecine transfer makes a HUGE difference. I shot a bunch of S8 for a doc film I worked on and we initially did very cheap 1 light transfers in the back of this hole-in-the-wall film lab. We eventually redid the transfers on a Rank with DaVinci color correction and the editor was amazed at how good the stuff looked. I highly reccomend VidiPax if you have the budget.

    Of course I was shooting Kodachrome (the reds, man...)

    People who have this stuff in basements just want to get rid of it cheap, but there's quite a boutique market around NYC for the pro level stuff. Ebay the way to go, though I've noticed a spike in scams and shady sellers.
  19. AetherPan

    AetherPan New Member

    Anyone any recommendations for a projector that is very bright and has no "automatic film input" (dunno how to call it!) So that you easily can put in your loops??
  20. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    re: S-8 is GR8

    No way, Daniel! I'm gonna screw some snot-nosed NYU brat out of a year's worth of beer money! :evil: Bwa-ha-ha-ha! (I've been threatening to do this for years, but it's one of those things. Gotta dig it out.... I'll def let you know first.) The REDS! I know, I remember. Red is like Kool-aide red, like SUPER-RED, but yellow-brown fleshtones get kinda grainy. Maybe I just didn't know what I was doing. Lighting was always too yellow....

    But sound! Ugh! The sound cartredges were even weirder than silent. And they wasted film because they exposed extra frames. Hmmm. With a real film crew the sound would be seperate.... I get it.:nod: Yeah, I have a beautiful Bolex(?) camera, but audiohead is busted. Maybe not so important when used with a soundman.... Ka-ching! Ka-CHING!
  21. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    dont know about 8mm but 16mm projectors then go for an "elf" yes i know its off subject but......bell+howl even though better quality projectors the elf's allow you to run a loop just behind the lens and not the whole system

    if you need film then just put a surch in google for 16mm film

    oh by the way i have about 8-10 16mm projectors for sale but you going to have to colect way to hevey to post, going very cheep cos most of them are only able to run loops rarther then full films
  22. AetherPan

    AetherPan New Member

    unjulation listen up

    shipping is too expensive....

    Wait a minute, don't u come to CE part 2 too? ?ou could bring a projector if it is possible.
  23. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    if i'm flying over then unfortanatly no, again way to heavy probebly wouldn't be able to cary anything else

    but if i'm road triping it then i dont think it would be a problem baring space

    will let you know closer the time
  24. ristuuk

    ristuuk Member

    16mm....imo the elf is a better projector,
    the bell and howell have a plastic worm gear and these always wear out. major repair job.
  25. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    forgot about that tho not imposible to fix it is a bitch of a job

    quick link to a 8mm+16mm film list


    i'm trying to find the contact for 8mm/16mm/35mm to video+cd but aint gone through my fileing system for about 6 months so it might be a while
  26. PanicFilms

    PanicFilms New Member

    Color Super 8

    I found an old cartridge of Kodachrome II super 8 film this weekend that I had shot years ago and never got developed. Anybody in the US know where I can get it developed? I don't remember what's on it, or when exactly I shot it but I know it's a very old cartridge so the film should be pretty funky when it's developed.

  27. skyvat

    skyvat New Member

    Re: Color Super 8

    For K-II, This lab comes recommended by another excellent processing lab (http://dwaynesphoto.com)

    Rocky Mountain Films
    560 Geneva St.
    Aurora, CO 80010
    phone: 303.364.6444
  28. PanicFilms

    PanicFilms New Member

    Thanks for the links!:D
    I'm sending my film to Rocky Mountain Film Lab. I'll post again when it gets sent back to me. Cool thing about that lab is that the'll send back a VHS tape too. I can't wait to see this!!

  29. skyvat

    skyvat New Member

    Always a pleasure when esoteric, otherwise useless information filling space in my head is of value to others.

    Dwaynes is also a great place. The only game in town but also excelent service.

  30. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    finaly found the contact for video to 16mm and visa-versa quite old so i dont know what services that they are doing at the moment or the prices but might be worth contacting them

    film and photo ltd
    13 coleville road
    south acton Ind. Est.
    w3 8bl

    unfortanatly the info is old so i aint got a recent tellephone number since london changed the pre-fix

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