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SUPER PIKIX portable VJ software

Discussion in 'Software' started by plikita, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. plikita

    plikita New Member

    Following the Pikix software released on the GP2X few years ago, SUPER PIKIX is a software to mix video on the Caanoo. Plug the TV-out cable to perform on big screens! SUPER PIKIX is a deluxe version of Pikix, exploring new possibilites offered by the Caanoo's CPU extra power and touchscreen.





    Extra infos and download from http://www.pikilipita.com/superpikix
  2. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    Have you considered porting Pikix to iPhone??? For handheld, touch screen, with various output methods it would be an obvious choice, plus put a 99c price on it and your finance it well, you might even end up with a hit app.

    These other platforms look ancient by comparison.
  3. thomase

    thomase VJ Wunderkind

    Yeahh! Please port it to iPhone/ iPad. When I saw the thread title I thought "let it be the announcement it's out for iOS please!!!"
  4. plikita

    plikita New Member

    I was considering an iPhone VJ app a while ago, when video out features were not available for developers... Then I turned away from iOS.

    The Caanoo is a cheaper device, that's a pro.
    It also have physical buttons in addition to its touchescreen, that a big pro: it's like a midi controled + a computer on one small piece of hardware.

    I might now think of an iPhone VJ app tough... So don't be desperate ;)
  5. der warst

    der warst gutn tach!

    Hm, seriously thinking about getting a caanoo, now.

    Don't really have the money atm...

    Anyways, I'm still using Pikix (classic) a lot, and although I'm quite aware you said, you won't update it anymore, I still wanted to ask if there's any chance you'll ever fix the buggy "glitch" effect.

    Please? It would be so great if it didn't always crash.

    der Warst
  6. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    Hmmmmm...... ok so strangely named obscure device that no one has (or really wants) Vs a device that almost all VJs already have and would love to integrate more into their video setups, given a really good software.

    Seems to me the choice would be easy.
  7. many2

    many2 Active Member

    You have to keep in mind the history of this developper : he has designed VJ softwares for many different portable game consoles, and this is his speciality. I'd even dare to say that it's unique.

    I agree that the market for Iphone apps is much larger though :)
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2011
  8. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    Oh I'm well aware of the that history, I've been hoping he would bring his interesting software to a main stream platform for ages ;)
  9. evomedia

    evomedia Control Freaks

    Easy to say to a developer "just bring it to this platform", problems more the time takes to learn a new programming language, Apples language is a pig to learn if you've come from another platform.

    As for platforms though... Symbian still offers a massive market, but it is dying, pity since the n8 has a seperate gpu and has a hdmi out, but ideal platforms remain either android or iOS, but personally I'd like to see an app designed for iOS, android and symbian...

    it's not as bad as it sounds, QT thats been developed for symbian, its a great dev tool for building apps, and although is being dropped for WP7 phones, it is being introduced onto android.

    So for a developer QT is looking pretty good for potential market, as you have access to both the android and the symbian marketplaces, without having to rewrite the code.
  10. drmo

    drmo New Member

    Clément you are awesome!
  11. der warst

    der warst gutn tach!

    So, I finally bought a Caanoo, after my GP2X died during my last tour. Of course before the first gig. Effing annoying.

    Anyways, first thing I did after unpacking was downloading Superpikix, transferring my old Pikix playlists and files and giving it a try.

    Here's what I think:

    • switching to TV-out in the program. Nice. That was always a bit fiddly with the GP2X.
    • Loading while it already runs. Awesome!
    • New blend modes interface works quite nicely.
    • Loading a new playlist while it still runs! Awesome, too.
    • The Glitch effect doesn't make the program crash.

    • The overall interface feels far less intuitive to me than the one of Pikix. It might be because I'm not used to it, but I don't really think so.
    • Only 4 Filters accessible at one time. No way! I use them a lot and I don't consider that enough.
    • New Joystick behaviour, which in my opinion, doesn't make very much sense at all. I found the up/down configuration in Pikix intuitive and I just don't get why you thought it needed to be changed.
    • No way of changing/effecting the background loops. I'm not sure if I've missed something because I just couldn't believe that it's only possible to work with the foreground loop any more. [edit]: Yeah, completely missed that one. found it, now. My fault, sorry bout that.
    • I found handling the filter/fx interface quite tiring and unintuitive. In my opinion it involves way too many different input methods. DPAD, ABXY, shoulder button AND touchscreen! Ahem...

    To sum it up: I've decided to install GINGE and go back to Pikix. Touchscreen doesn't work that way and I can't write playlists in-program, but Interface-wise it still feels a lot more thought through and overall way more solid (even if it always crashes after playing 2 playlists after each other). I learned it quickly because all button combinations were based on a similar principle and I can use it even while being completely pissed. It seems SuperPikix has a completely different interface structure for every aspect, which in my opinion is quite confusing and makes it a lot less fun to play.

    Please don't get me wrong, I don't want to spread any hate and I appreciate your work very very much. And I know this is the first version and all, but after having used and loved Pikix for such a long time, I must say that I was rather disappointed by its new sibling. To me, it felt more like a down- than an upgrade. I don't know if my suggestions are of any importance to you and I don't know if I'm the only one who feels like this or if you had other people reacting that way, too. Just like with my GP2X, I don't know anybody else in person who even owns a Caanoo. But if I had anything to say, it would be: "Please reconsider some of the design choices you made for SuperPikix. Base them more on Pikix and expand on that instead of trying to re-invent the wheel."

    I live in London, too. I'd buy you a pint anytime anywhere if you're interested in talking about it.

    all the best,
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2011

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