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Switching to 16:9

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fryup, May 30, 2010.

  1. fryup

    fryup Mike/The Midi Thief

    I've been doing visuals in the 4:3 format for way too long now. I've updated some of my equipment too (like cameras etc) so it makes sense to switch to 19:9 (and eventually HD). The sad part is not being able to use my V-4 when I collaborate with my VJ buddies and I don't have money to invest in a HD mixer and Toby's DVI mixer isn't out on the market yet. So what are my options for collaborations?

    1. A VGA switcher. Is there one that will prevent loose of sync when switching?
    2. Is there a conference switcher that has a cross fader (like the one Toby is working on).
    3. Or have I misunderstood the V-4, can I force it to do 16:9 in some way?
    4. Any other suggestions?
  2. Scratchpole

    Scratchpole Hmm still thinking...

    The V4 will work just fine.
    What you need is anamorphic 16x9 clips.
    Anamorphic = 16x9 clips squished into a 4x3 ratio, the projector then stretches them back to 16x9.

    The way I do it is to create clips at 1024x576: open them up in Quicktime pro, open properties: select video track: visual properties, deselect keep aspect ratio checkbox and change size to 768x576, SAVE.
    Bobs your uncle, anamorphic clip created.
  3. fryup

    fryup Mike/The Midi Thief

    Fuck, yeah, that's right! Why didn't I think of that?! Both tips = awesome! Thank's a million!
  4. fryup

    fryup Mike/The Midi Thief

    But ok, oh wait... doesn't that pose some other problems. I just have some stuff that is pure video content, and that can be converted using your method. But I also do a lot of compositions using png-images in Modul8. So using squished video clips also means that the Modul8 output has to be 4:3 and then everything gets stretched making my png:s looking stretched. So I guess the solution is to convert my pngs to another aspect ratio? I made a clip with the D1/DV PAL Widescreen aspect ratio setting wich caused a circle to look like an egg which would be about right if the whole comp is going to get stretched, right?

    My only problem would then be how not to make the preview look moronic. Does anyone know if it's possible to preview in 16:9 unsquished in Modul8?

    Any more brilliant ideas?
  5. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    Anamorphic will work, but induce a lot other problems. Sure you can simply change the aspect ratio of layers on the fly inside Modul8, but the moment you start to rotate anything.. well.. you will see.
    I would stay away from anamorphic if you want to do intuitive mixing on the fly and your VJ app does not support it nativly. If you can switch the output itself to anamorphic, so things stay 1:1 PAR inside app and its just the final output that gets stretched its all fine.
  6. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    two things I would like to say:

    unless you have 16:9 projectors or monitors, its a waste of time making anamorphic footage.

    I made an entire set in 16:9 for a tour ten years ago. I still use that footage regularly in 4:3 and no one has ever noticed. just avoid circles and squares.
  7. fryup

    fryup Mike/The Midi Thief

    After doing some tests last night I noticed some problems. If someone knows how to make Modul8 output anamorphic, please let me know. What cofuses me is this:
    I have the preview set to 16:9 and in the advanced output I'm using the free aspect ratio to get the output right. I'm using a Sony Bravia LED TV and my crappy Grundig Preview monitor (/portable DVD player) but they stretch the output differently. The Grundig has no settings and I haven't found any for the aspect ratio on the Sony. But for some reason I'm trusting what I see on the Grundig more in this case. Anyway - I guess I could just fiddle with the aspect ratio settings on site to get it right on the projector (I don't have a projector to test it with). As long as the V-4 will take my signal it should output something to the projector, right? Or how sensitive will the projector be to my aspect ratio settings in Modul8?
  8. fryup

    fryup Mike/The Midi Thief

    Never mind the different output on my displays. I found the original remote for the Sony Bravia and set it to "wide screen" now my outputs looks the same. Then I should be golden, right?

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