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THE AV LOUNGE - July 28, London

Discussion in 'VJ Events' started by Addictive, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. Addictive

    Addictive New Member

    Hi everyone,

    For those in London, a quick reminder of the special summer edition of 'The Audiovisual Lounge' this coming Monday 28 July...

    The programme includes rarely seen AV mixes from far back as 1991 and footage of a live performance in 1995 by the original video sampling pioneers EBN (Emergency Broadcast Network) from the USA....

    A new selection of videos from the US's Microcinema...

    Plus work from award-winning promo director WIZ (director of Weekender) and French animators and VJs Metronomic...

    Rounding it all off is a selection of AV and DJ/VJ mixes from 'Mixmasters', Addictive TV's DVD and TV project; this will include a preview screening of a piece from New Zealanders Pitch Black (creators of the Mideo visual triggering software) that's taken from the forthcoming series... plus work from Fructose & the Super8 VJ wizard Justin Eade aka Glimpse, Brighton based Amoeba and Berlin VJ crew Pfadfinderei...

    There'll be live audiovisual treats by resident DJs & VJs from the Addictive TV crew, an AV set by Japanese VJs SanFranDisco &
    DJ T-ak, plus a DJ set from special guest Jon Tye (Lo Recordings).

    As always, it's at....

    Below 54 (downstairs of The Great Eastern Dining Room)
    54 Great Eastern Street
    London EC2

    From 7.30 til midnight
    Entrance ?4.
    Infoline: 07956 304 735

    See you Monday!
  2. funkcutter

    funkcutter punkvert

    great community event!

    just to thank the addictives for their entertaining and friendly social in london last night - gave joy... also v cool to hear 'i make decent music for decent people' track last night - love it!
  3. Addictive

    Addictive New Member

    no probs... cheers for coming down, hope you weren't too squashed! quite a veritable VJ whos who that night...! and bloody hot too! and the aircon was on !! see that guy with practically no clothes on walking around?
  4. mikef

    mikef New Member


    Hi Graham
    we are on the same website but we can't chat ;-)
    cheers for monday it was good.

    PS I like the raffle :)

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