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The Massive Video Hardware Feedback Experiment

Discussion in 'Birmingham, UK (2005)' started by LEVLHED, Feb 11, 2005.


    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    so, sprung from the ramblings and brainstorming of this thread comes my event for Avit UK, Birmingham.
    'The Massive Video Hardware Feedback Experiment"
    The premise is simple. Lets have everyone bring in their mixers/effects units/eq's/etc to put together the biggest feedback loop EVER.
    As it stands now, I'll be coordinating the experiment on Friday, April 29th in a 5.69meter by 5.77meter room in the "Old Library" at The Custard Factory.. It will be run ALL DAY, from about 10am to 9pm. Please come take part and we could go into the record books! I've applied to Guiness to be considered as "biggest video feedback loop in the world" :) I won't hear from them for several weeks yet though.

    You can take part by bringing in hardware, necessary signal cables, and appropriate power cables. Be prepared to run in PAL, have at least enough cable/adapters to make one pass in and out of your kit, and be able to plug into that funky UK power thing (if you can spare an outlet strip for more taps as well, it would be a bonus!). Ideally, you will be able to leave your kit in place for awhile. I am prepared to stay there all day to watch over it, and we should have masking tape/marker to label everything as yours to make sure you get it back.

    As of now there will be some tables and one projector/screen there. I hope to use a camera/rescreen loop to start the chain (anybody have a tube camera and tripod?), and just keep adding bits as it comes in. (yes, I'll have the rebelle there too). Hope to sort some sort of recording device/media as well for posterity.

    Oh, and rather important to this experiment. I will allow laptops/computers into the loop, but ONLY as an effects device. There will be no pre-rendered material allowed. I think you understand what I mean.
    and, there may be more stipulations added depending on what kind of feedback I may or may not get from Guiness. They may impose rules on the setup in order to be considered for a record.

    Hope to see you there!
  2. cat

    cat Senior Moments

    Looking forward to it, I've got an MX10 and a circuit bent MX1 to add to the equation, it will be mayhem!
    To be honest just my 2 create a rather unsync'd chaos all on their own, what the full cascade will do .....!!!!!****

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    ooooh, circuit bent MX1? cool!
  4. PilotX

    PilotX Tom syzygy, not Dan ;)

    :D I'm also looking forward to this - and throwing 2 Sony Colour Correctors in the mix (they both have phase shifters on them which produces interesting feedback, and 2 tone colour correction) - I'll try to get round to writing a review of them for vjc so you have an idea of what is coming..
    also have mixers (mx-1, ave-5, v4) that could be thrown in, but no interesting circuit bent stuff.
  5. alangeering

    alangeering Theatre Tech (AV)

    and my axe
  6. fluchtpunkt

    fluchtpunkt Moderator

    i'll be in, ...braking the rules doing software/hardware feedback.
  7. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    i'll bring

    fairlight cvi
    a couple of matrix switchers and routers

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

  9. kallisti

    kallisti hypermasher

    wish i could be part of this...oh well...make sure you take pics (and vids!!)
  10. EYKON



    just love to get involved with a PROPER art installation!!!!!! i can bring an mx12, VCR(TIME LAPSE), about one mile of BNC cabling complete with many through and 't' couplers, digital and analogue camera's(to add more filth) and (my fovourite) a de-tuned tv, a couple of moniters(always handy), pmac lappy(for more filth), a mini plex(switcher), multiplex(another loop of dirt), possibly a radical new piece of effect software, which inter acts with both video and audio, which is on a beta (but i have to check with the coders if they mind it being used as a matter of respect, and also figure out how the bloody thing works), oh yeah and a mop and bucket to clean up all that filth afterwards!!
    please, please, let me in.
  11. PilotX

    PilotX Tom syzygy, not Dan ;)

    mm yeah - we also have a non-tbc 4x4 matrix we can add and I've found an old analogue video cleaner thing that I have no idea if it works - a camlink VMX5500 which has contrast saturation and sharpness, as well as an inverse feature :D
  12. InsideUsAll

    InsideUsAll immersive

    Is this gonna be just hardware?

    Really looking forward to it :)

    Edited to add: whoops i just read lev's first post fully and spotted the bit on puters for effects -cool :)

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    Its only been a day since I posted this and theres already an impressive array of items threatened!
    Truly amazing. I'm very very happy to see I'm joined in my enthusiasm. The relative success of this experiment depends entirely on the participation of the vidiots at avit. I really appreciate everyones help and can hardly wait to see the gluttonous display of video hardware:jump:
  14. many2

    many2 Active Member

    Wow I wish I could be there !
    If it goes well I suggest it should become a tradition for all AVIT events :)

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    heh heh, yeah I was thinking that too. Each AVIT could be another attempt for "the record" :)
  16. Eon

    Eon New Member

    Wow! i found the start for my thesis!!!!!

    for LEVLHED: could i do the official documentary of the massive video hardware feedback experiment?

    i'm a filmaker and my thesis is about video feedback
    ...so what's u think about?
  17. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Actually - I'd really enjoy a DVD copy of it. Sounds like some crazy feedbacks to surf.

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    Eon, I don't see why not. It would be really great to have someone take charge of documenting! I know I would be horrible at it.

    asterix, funny you should mention that! I was actually just considering the idea of creating a DVD of the output to sell as a fund raiser for our favorite message board.:) I will look into this more and see how feasible such an endeavor would be. I would think that one way or another, you will be able to get a copy.
  19. juba

    juba New Member

    wow this sounds like a lot of fun :p :D i would love to see some video :)
  20. PilotX

    PilotX Tom syzygy, not Dan ;)

    I think thats a great idea - someone must have a decent DVD recorder they could lend for the day to record the output .. (there's probably a better way, but at least like this we could just get some DVDs duplicated)
  21. wellREDman

    wellREDman Saitek Warrior

    I'll bring one (maybe two) Perception PVR's : not to play back material, but to use as samplers, ie record some of the total feedback then play it back in ....

    also i can bring a dvd recorder
  22. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    Sampling the output and feeding it back it will be great!

    We definitely have to record to DVD too. This experiment should be a goldmine for those who like their content weird...
  23. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    April isn't coming fast enough :)
    Any updates? I'd love to see a circuit diagram of how all this shit will link together.
  24. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  25. PilotX

    PilotX Tom syzygy, not Dan ;)

    :D some kind of stopmotion circuit diagram program would be needed.. but I doubt anyone is going to be able to construct the diagram.,.. I reckon it'll run something like this:

    right .. so vcr, goes into v4. that goes into mx1, mx10, colour corrector. colour corrector goes into vcr, v4, mx1, mx10. mx1 into colour corrector, v4 mx10. mx10 into mx1 v4. all via the fairlight cvi. and a wierd video processor. and thne back into the v4. via another v4. which itself is connected to the original mx1 and two others .. ermmm.. where did this cable go again?

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    heh heh, yeah something like that I reckon! There won't be any way to diagram it now because its all pretty much going to be made up on the spot :) It all depends on who brings what when.
    and yes, its not quite coming quick enough, is it?

    still haven't heard back from Guiness either.
  27. many2

    many2 Active Member

    I would suggest to bring numbered stickers - one for each unit in the feedback loop. It will help to document the event : you can then simply make a list on paper (or in excel) and fill the description of each unit. It will also automatically give you the number of units in the loop. It might also be a "proof" of your participation : look at the "#39" sticker on my Chromascope2000, my machine was just before Tom's delay unit (#40) and after Lev's Rebelle (#38) ;)
  28. PilotX

    PilotX Tom syzygy, not Dan ;)

    that could be good.. but the problem I Can see is that the chromascope will also be after the rebelle, which is also before the delay unit .. and in between itself ;)

    plus it's going to change throughout the day.. we need some kind of motion circuit diagram program. that could be an interesting piece of video in itself.
  29. wellREDman

    wellREDman Saitek Warrior

    would it change the rules to just use a big matrix switcher?
    we could plug all the ins and the outs into that then use it to try as many different combinations as time will allow?

    i think it would be good to try and start a list of all the kit that will be there , for example would be good to see the same combinationn of odd boxes,using all the different models of mixer.

    so as well as the odd stuff, we'd need to see 1 high end mx/ave
    one low end mx/ave(preferably with the luma Mod)
    one videonics mx
    an edirol
    a hama
    and a crossfour if anyone's ever bought one
  30. cat

    cat Senior Moments

    Chaos should rule!
    Mixers have more than one output, they should loop off into as many other mixers as possible, what would be better is a shit load of tellys so you can monitor as many different points in the beautifull spaghetti as possible, 1 output is not enough! There should be no first fixture. All loops should be recursive!
    A matrix or 2 would be good just for on the fly repatching
    Hope you've budgeted for a lot of cables, cant see anyone getting any back they bring, so really all should come from one source, even with anal labelling!
    See whether Guiness will go for the worlds biggest knot of BNC cables as well.
    In fact what about saving all those dodgy leads you've got knocking around for some lead wiggling action as well! Or a hacksaw for some distructive cable modifactions later on?
    Me want break things Ugghh!

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