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The next AVIT retreat

Discussion in 'AVIT Retreat' started by Rovastar, May 19, 2005.

  1. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\

  2. vjTranceKoder

    vjTranceKoder AVPA is the only way

    why are the links all busted?
  3. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    probably because the avit.us website is hosted on one of NixMix and bishops friends computers..

    It would be nice, (in a non demanding kinda way;)) to get the avit.us site hosted on VJC..**hint *hint

    On another note, Rova has wonder what the difference between an AVit retreat and a AVit was...

    Here is a brief explaination of the differences..

    A retreat is an AVit with a specific purpose or goal of writing and recording, as a collaborative, A/V content.
    this Collaborative work, and showcase are what differeniate retreats from regular learning/outcome based AVit's
    were the emphasis is on showing and teaching VJ models.

    Also the other difference is that AVit retreats are nor venue specific, which opens up the presentation process to a lot more creative possibilities...
    AVit's in general have been tied to indoor installations in the past, and AVit retreat's open up a more open air the world is your stage approach..
  4. elbows

    elbows PixelRomper

    Some detail about getting the site moved to the vjcentral server:

    Made slightly complicated by bad timing - the future of the server (& costs) which hosts vjcentral/forums/other avit sites is just being sorted out at the moment. Depending on exactly how it happens, this will either be a quick and easy step or it will be a longwinded process of transferring multiple sites.

    So I will keep you posted over the coming days as to that situation, once its clearer then resources can be dedicated to hosting the .us site.

    Other things that need to happen:

    The human(s) who decided to host the avit.us stuff elsewhere will have to decide they want it hosted on the main avit server, and let us know

    Need details of how I can get all the files that makeup the current site, so I can transfer them.

    Need details of any email addresses that are avit.us based.

    If the avit.us domain is to be pointed towards a different server, this will cause avit.us to be unavailable for anywhere between 24-72 hours, though for most users probably a tad less than 2 days on average, maybe quicker. Still its a disruption you may not want right now, especially if any important email addresses to do with the retreat are avit.us

    An alternative to this is to host a second copy of your site (which will be linked to and accessed somewhere like www.avit.info/us/retreat/ for example) on the vjcentral server, and delay repointing avit.us to this server until a more convenient moment.

    Id ideally like to know why it was moved away in the first place before hosting it again, for the sake of clarity and to avoid repeating any err's of the passt (if there were any), but this isnt essential, and I personally feel any avit has the right to use the server.
  5. spark

    spark cut-up, composit, create

    the principle of avit.info is that it is a resource for all avits, and of course avit na is welcome there. it should be set up that all avit groups have their own login details and have their autonomous area. while the previous avit na event websites are archived there under that scheme, niky decided for whatever reasons she didn't want to use the server for the 'live' avit.us site.

    as elbows has said, the physical server is going through a transistional phase at the moment, and didn't recover well from a forced restore from a backup some months back. it will all be looked at technically just once we know what server is going to host avit.info for the future, and organisationally now that i for one have more time...

  6. vjTranceKoder

    vjTranceKoder AVPA is the only way

    cool. links are back up. I think on the volunteer page we need to include any equipment or gear that is lacking...or kitchen supplies;)

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