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the poetics of cinema

Discussion in 'Resonance' started by labmeta, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. labmeta

    labmeta Moderator

    I`ve just stumbled across this phrase today in a book that was recommended. But i just kinda like this poetic cimema idea in terms of it maybe being a description of how vjing can work.

    But i`m wandering if people have any thoughts on the analogy.

    Do you think its stands?

    do you consturuct your sets in terms of having some form of poetic structure to each section so it could become a colection of visual poems. Or would you consider your whole set to be more like a single visual poem.

    I think i`m definately in the first camp. to carry the language forward I feel like i have collection of ideas that can talk to each other by a form of visual quoting.

    I`m wandering what techniques of written poetry might produce interseting results in vjing. I mean you could consider a 4/4 house beat to be like the rhytm of a poem. is it called pentameter? its beena long time since i studied poetry. Arte there any poets among us?
  2. Lucidhouse

    Lucidhouse :::*:::

    I like the analogy?maybe cause we mix live it could be more like ?freeform visual poetics? (nice title for a happening)

    I do try to create a certain rhythm in the way my visuals phase in and out within a track or set, also the way certain loops interact with each other to create a loose mood or emotion, of course if its reactive stuff the music drives the mood and it?s up to us how we chose to interpret it.

    You know how we close our eye?s when listening to music and make up visuals in the darkness of our minds. Well in a way that?s what we?re doing with our live projected stuff though with a vastly limited pallet, it stems from that need to have images, stories, abstracts with music.

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