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To the people of Arkaos

Discussion in 'Software' started by vjrei, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    I want to write this letter to the developers of Arkaos and I am placing it here in the forums because I do not want it to be ignored by the developers, probably the company (Arkaos) will pay attention this time.

    As everybody should remember I always have several complains about Arkaos VJ. Even it is a good idea as a software is like running Windows 95 (a half way done software).

    Today I had a meeting with a producer in his warehouse and I was showing him the softwares I have. He had a 4500 lumens projector running.

    I connect Videodelic using a powerbook G3 500 (pismo)and system 9.2.2 connected to a firewire video camera and at the first time I got the image running perfectly. I haven't run that software in more than a year let me tell you.

    Then I ran Motion Dive 3 and I could set up the dual screen mode with no problem.

    Then Arakos came in... I spent 20 minutes trying to make the f****ing software to run in dual screen mode under OSX in a 12" PB. The embaresment in front of the client was huge and lucky me I had the chance to run the other softwares fine so I didn't look as a "VJ wanna be" (after 4 years in the business) figuring out the dual screen mode.

    The thing is that under the screen mode you can choose "Auto detect mode" and it give you the warning that if the s*** doesn't work you can disable it and re start Arkaos. Of course the **** didn't work and I re-started over and over in a trial an error fashion. Finally I could manage to make it work but at the time the atmosphere in the warehouse was different.

    I told the client we can run Motion Dive and Videodelic for what we want if we want REABILITY, I told him "I just wanted to show you the options and I am sorry for their software (Arkaos) which new (is not) and still a lot of work but eventually this company will come up with some good update soon"... something that you have never done.


    At my 29 years of age and several years using softwares and hardware in the music and video industry (actually since I was 12)... and in my vast experience as a Multimedia producer I suggest you to get serious with what you are producing and develop a serious reliable software so we can work in peace starting with the screen mode function. At list we do not want to have the problems of the PC world in to the Mac platform. And please, develop a well designed good looking interface too. We do not want more features, we want realiable ones. How come since Arakos came out is such a pain to set up the dual screen function and the rest of the fucntions as well? to lach the keys is anoying when you are using a 76 key keyboard.

    Those are my words and I hope you take your time (quick) to go over them because this is not new, the unreability of Arkaos and the half way done functions, interface and navigation have been bothering me (and many other people) for the last 2 years.

    Actually this client wanted to buy the Kaos box and he was glad I showed up with the software to see the reality of the mistake, that was the detail that kept me inside the job.

    Reinaldo Torres
    Miami, FL
    VJ Rei
  2. solly

    solly New Member

    I have the same problem too. Its a shame Arkaos does not take care of it properly.
  3. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\

    Rei the main problem here seems to be that you did a unrehearsed demo in an unfamiliar environment and it went wrong.

    Rehearse your demo beforehand as much as possible. I don't know if you though Arkaos would be a problem but if you did why not take you own projector down or other output device (why not anyway). The more variables that enter an equation for a live demo the more problems you will/could have. Yeah sure it is possible to demo all this stuff

    Rehearsing the demo including taking all cables you need know what clips to play in which order, preparing for answers to questions the client might have, etc, etc.

    I can understand your frustration but to place all the blame of Arkaos shows up more your lack of planning and organisation. Even if it is not your fault most clients will not see it that way.

    I don't also understand what you were trying to demo where you trying to 'sell' him different VJ softs?
  4. signal55

    signal55 robotfridge

    i think that is a rather harsh statement to make i know shit loads of people who use arkaos who have no probs whatsover including myself, its seems to me that you have no idea how the software works, you are the only person who moans about this software, if a few peeps actually sat down and bothered to read the manual before jumping head first into a package then they would have a lot less probs,
    Also i dont thnk its very proffesional to pubicly slate any company unless the have bent over backwards to fuck you over which is not the case here, read the manual or give them a call on the phone!!!! before flying off the handle(except microsoft):)

    Also the client was happy that you showed him that you had some probs with the software, who the fuck made you chief rep for Arkaos??? What the fuck have you ever done for the development of vjaing?

  5. ermetekos

    ermetekos visitor of my brain

    I will also give my vote to Rei.
    Arkaos is not only user UNfriendly its also the first software which managed to crash my G4 Powerbook.
    Got to hand that for Arkaos! Yeee top notch!

    I suggest the developers should "copy" some functionalities of other softs like MotionDive, Resolume etc and integrate them in it.

    To be honest, i wouldnt deal with Arkaos again, even if my life depended on it....

    no offense guys
  6. WordVirus23

    WordVirus23 NoInput is Detected

    hindsight is 20/20

    I generally don't "demo" for clients... come to one of my shows and check out what I can do for the club enviro.

    ..my arkaos manual resides not even 3 feet from where I do all my setup at home..... just in case.

    my only wish is that they'd support freeframe.
    other than that, the Arkaos team is pretty on the ball....

    I think it's rude (and a blatant lie) to
    A. publicly dis software when it was obviously your bad....
    B. tell the promoter that Arkaos was a "new s/w"
    wtf? AFAIK, its one of the original vj apps.

    talk about a judas/peter combo


    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    and I think your statement that they were going to buy a kaos box until your fumbling demo of arkaos on your "good enough" laptops is just a spiteful lie.
  8. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    Is not a demo in front of a client, it happened several times seting up in performances as well. It si a bet when Arkaos set up itself just fine, I do not worry about Motion Dive or any other soft.

    About projectors and external variables... on the Mac platform the onli variable is to output trough the only video output all Powerbooks have. I didn't mess up with the secondary monitor resolution because I always use 640 x 480 and I had already a set up created for Arkaos and the external monitor or cables are not considered a varible so I do not know why the comment.

    Arkaos is a great software but need tons of work to make it work. Now I was not selling any software I was just going over them to show what we could do and I was expecting to set up Arkaos as fast as I did with the others but it was not like that.

    And I am posting this note here because obviously they are not paying attention to the emails I have been sending to them in the last 2 years. They only come with excuses, you tell them something and they say they are working on some new usless feature like transmiting video trough a Ethernet net work... who cares about Ethernet in a life performanec, if that is the case they should create a plug-in to output via firewire so we can get even better output.

    Probably people are used to deal with the bugs Arkaos and I have seen that hapening, Arkaos has a very good frame rate and resolution that Motion Dive Tokio just dream of but the down side are the bugs in teh software and yes... is very probably Arkaos can crash in a G4, actually it happened to me 3 times at list when I was setting it up but I think I got used to without meaning it too.

    By the way, I am running a PB 12" 1Ghz with 1.256MB of Ram and 40GB of free HD.
  9. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    No man, they saw it in a magazine I think or some where and stop making comments out of the nothing if you have no proove of what you are saying. If you think something is just a though, what I am writting about are facts. So make your future comments based on facts for you to win respect and quit being such spiteful inmmature person, that say a lot about your profesionalism.

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    you first:cool:
  11. hamageddon

    hamageddon Motion Mapping Looper

    say boomerang ;)
  12. EYKON



    well, a 12"PB with 1.256mb and 40g??????
    what do you expect, your using "MENS" software
    on a childs toy.
    grow up, and save up and buy yourself something
    which has a monkeys chance of working with one of the most stable and powerful vj apps (if you know what your doing!!!)
    ....... and chill out bitch!
    spread the peace cos karma"s gonna get you.

  13. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    Since it seems fit for rei to attack people, I wil ldo so as well, withot blinking an eye.

    This shit happened to many people I've seen in many places. This does NOT happen if you know what you are doing and are used to the program. A 12"PB is not good enough when the user behind it is a twat.

    I hope that you BOUGHT arkaos at least, to be in the right to complain so much about stuff. Though your lack of knowledge on its useage is nothing that the Arkaos dev team should worry about.

    Since when, also, you show people diferemnt software? Ah, probably you had to show adventure.kos and whatever default patch videodelic and motion dive come with. And you have to flash as many buzzwords as possible to make up for your appaling work. How would you work otherwise?

  14. WordVirus23

    WordVirus23 NoInput is Detected

    if you've ever jammed with more than 2 VJs (or even more than 2 laptops) you'd understand the desire to feed video over ethernet (would this allow ethernet routers to route video?)

    B. firewire = latency issues (if you hadn't noticed by now....)

  15. KillingFrenzy

    KillingFrenzy KillingFrenzy Visuals

    J see what you're trying to do

    I see what you're trying to do, which is shame the Arkaos team into making better software by airing some dirty laundry in front of your peers.

    So do it right:
    1)Give an example of a bad situation.
    2)Explain exactly what flaws in the software you think are unaddressed.
    3)Suggest that you'd be an advocate for the software if it behaved as expected.
    4)Explain that you'll dissuade people from purchasing it if it can't perform.

    That way you
    1) gain sympathy
    2) exhibit knowledgeability
    3) offer positive reinforcement
    4) offer negative reinforcement as a final "threat"

    As of now, you've publicly belittled the software, explained how you publicly mislead a client to think their software was something it wasn't, lost them a sale and shot down their soft in a public forum.
    You've used all your leverage, as far as I can see, and probably lost any sympathy they might have for an unhappy customer.

    Next time, think about how you can leverage the situation to get what you want. You want your (not very well defined) tech issues to be addressed. If you think the software is so bad as to be unuseable, probably the best way to get attention is to demand a refund. That's usually a signal to a software company that the issue is more than just a wish list item.

    I'll leave with a vicious aphorism.
    "A poor craftsman blames his tools"
    This has stopped me from mouthing off more than a few times. Usually I'll think back on a situation and realize I could have used better foresight to prevent/provide againts the problem.
  16. levon

    levon Headless Chicken

    transmitting video over ethernet usless???? im waiting so i can transmit resolume to arkaos and isadora and vice versa, so i can jam with some friends ;)
  17. ArKaosDev

    ArKaosDev ArKaos s.a.

    VjRei, have you already sent a request to support@arkaos.net ?
    Or do you complain about problems you even never report us ?

    We answer all requests and these requests help us making the software more reliable. We have a lot of computers with a lot of different system versions, and a beta testing community. If we don't get any problem feedback from there, we release a version. There can still be problems with a particular version of OS / ArKaos / QuickTime / Codecs / monitors etc.

    We always found solutions to these special problems... sometimes the lack of hard drive space, corrupted visuals, errors on hard drive, or graphic drivers etc. Sometimes we just provide users the information he needs to make his setup working.

    Please be more constructive and send us bug reports with all that we need to fix it (OS version, ArKaos version etc.)

    (ArKaos VJ 3.5 will include FreeFrame support and other new features. Check our website/forum next month for news)

    Matthieu, developer

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