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Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by fullscreamriot, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. fullscreamriot

    fullscreamriot New Member

  2. freakowen

    freakowen I've given money to VJForums

    the link on archive.org doesn't appear to be working dude....
  3. fullscreamriot

    fullscreamriot New Member

    i had some trouble when uploading too.

    the page looks fine now though.
  4. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    archive.org can be a pig when its busy - the slightly converluted process to get clips to be live is a bit of a pain too

    still its worth contributing stuff there as its the biggest and best online video archive.

    i've managed to download your clips fullscreamriot - very nice thankyou :)
  5. fullscreamriot

    fullscreamriot New Member

    i took a look at vimeo today.
    they've increased your weekly cap to 30 megs (up from 20, if i'm not wrong). still small if you ask me. this set of train clips alone, was 60 megs. i'll find it tough to squeeze multiple clips into 30megs, unless they're shrunk to 320x240, maybe.
  6. fullscreamriot

    fullscreamriot New Member


    i've re-uploaded the clips, which led to the system regenerating the page and the xml stuff. (no, i dont understand all that either)

    the page loads better now. i hope it stays this way.
  7. mxmai

    mxmai pointless anagram

    cool stuff man. i shot hours of train footage whilst traveling back and forth over india; i find it's really great to throw down as a base layer in a set, particularly underneath some generative or audio-responsive stuff.

    actually once i get moved into my new place and have my PC up and running again i might throw them up to share.
  8. fullscreamriot

    fullscreamriot New Member

  9. RapideyeVJ

    RapideyeVJ New Member

    Ive got some raw footage not yet edited, i took a big chance and this type of filming SHOULD NOT BE TRIED AT HOME.
    I cut a small piece of MDF, used a big chuck of blue-tack to fix on my DV cam, secured in place with gaf tape.
    I used a small spirit level to makie sure everything was level then super glued it to the rear of the board (this helped me setup the shoot very quickly)

    I wont say what i did to get the shot, but if youre clever enough to figure it out then your clever enough not to try it. Timing for a speedy setup and knowledge of train timetbables is essential, i even practiced it at night when no trains were running.

    The Result:
    A track level shot of metro trains passing overhead, forward and backwards.

    I try to use the most unorthadox ways of getting clips, some dangerous, some not.
    Once again, DO NOT be silly, unless you know and are confident in what you are doing.

    I will post watermarked clips when i get round to editing the footage, just got loads on the go right now.
  10. Gunter

    Gunter Eckelwood, trut!

    cool rapideye, been thinking bout doing some more extreme stuff too lately, but it does idd need lots of good organisation, really curious too see what you've got!

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