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two cameras and chroma key

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by AV-Trader, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. AV-Trader

    AV-Trader New Member

    I want to mix between 2 cameras both shooting at subjects on a green screen and use prerecorded videos as the background. I can find plenty of mixers or software that will chroma key the A input over the B input, but can't seem to find anything that will allow me to switch between the two cameras then chroma key the prerecorded images. Anybody out there have any ideas? Or is there a cheap chroma keyer I can use on the output of the mixer?

  2. synoptics

    synoptics @&?!%

    Cheap + Chroma key = Bad Results
  3. cat

    cat Senior Moments

    The videoinics mx1 isn't too bad at chroma key, and should be cheap these days, but you could maybe look at 2 mixers chroma keying and 1 mixing them together?
  4. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    If I understand you correctly, You need a mixer with chroma keying for one cam, and that same mixer with a DSK(down stream key) to key the other cam..(Is that right Tom?)
  5. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    I'll pretend to be tom.
    DSK is usually for paint effects.
    I doubt it will do chroma, only luma.

    sounds like you just need to switch inputs on the A bus.
    you can do that on any decent mixer.

    your real problem will be the live keying.
    The only guaranteed way to do this is either in a studio or with reflecmedia, both of which are not cheap.
  6. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    Ah Gary, At least you didn't bite mi head off..
    On my Sony mixer, I can do chroma DSK.(or maybe I was using the sony's Ext Key) I hadn't tried using it with 2 different sources,(Instead I can put a chroma key on top of the first source key) so i wasn't sure if that first response was correct. Now I know..

    Didn't think about doing it with a switcher..
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2009
  7. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    now that I think about it, you could do this on any of the DFS series(300, 500, 700) of Sony switchers using the Ext. Key input for one cam, and the regular chroma key for the other cam..(thinking off the top of my head)
    I'll give it a check to be positive, when I get home tonight..
  8. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    AV Trader, Where abouts you located in Yankville?
  9. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    Just to clarify..

    I finally had a chance to check the keying capabilities on the sony DFS-500.
    As Gary mentioned, the DSK has only a luma key function, but there is a ext. key input and an external video fill(composite, RGB, Y/R-Y/B-Y) that can be used for camera feed keying.
    With this ext key/video fill input it is possible to key 2 seperate cam inputs..
  10. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    If you get 2 video inputs into a PC Vjo can do pretty nice chroma key incl. spill&noise removal. Works at full PAL and you could even play the background clips fron in there.

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