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Type of VJs

Discussion in 'Law & Ethics Discussions' started by vjrei, Oct 23, 2003.

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  1. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    Ok, I do not want to fall in to political or racist arguments, nor sabotages or any other kind of discussion out of topic.

    Any way.

    I have been thinking about the different kind of VJ and I came to these different kinds. A VJ can execute all of them or just one. I'm looking for missing positions or may be to simplify them.

    The reason of this is because each position will charge different, a "visual artist" does a different job than just a "technician" and so on. The value of each is not estimated but I have been asking to work in low budged performances just to punch some one else's clips with Arkaos and that is it, that is a job that a VJ does very well but I can not charged as a Visual Artist. I'm just an operator like the guy of the lights. This can help potential clients to understand what we are capable to do exactly. Because people are very confuse most of the time, specially when we know we can do more of what we are supposed to and they do not get it.

    So, here are my first candidates for VJ:

    Visual Artist: Plastic artist most of the time, the performance doesn't depend from music, it is a independent concept. It can be applied in galleries, museums and parties too.

    Mixer: Close to the DJ, it will perform based on the music played, the performance is handled in real time and is found at club, parties and events and rock bands.

    Technician: Will just play clip on a specific cue, it is a software operator. It will perform in conferences and maybe rock bands.

    Content Developer: It creates content for other VJs, it doesn't have to perform for sure. It develops a huge library of visuals for different types of music or situations. Usually is good editing videos, Flash, After Effects, Artmatic and others.

    Visual Producer: Usually a VJ with a lot of experience can start managing and entire visual concept for an event, that is not only video but lighting and even decoration. This is very useful for corporate events like E3 and Sigraph and specially rock bands like U2 (some day).

    Any comment?
  2. fluchtpunkt

    fluchtpunkt Moderator

    - (vj) tool developer: software or hardware

    - performance artist: closer to a musician playing an instrument than a dj.

    - mad scientist: exploring new and 'unobvious' ways of working with (audio)visual media.

    - cultural/political agitator: reflecting social (...) realities through their art.

    - 'PR' agent: if the dj is responsible for a parties 'soul' then the vj is responsible for its 'face' (...ehhm somewhat like 'corporate identity').
  3. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    Since this is an accidentally duplicate thread I'm going to close it. OK?
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