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Discussion in 'The Business Side' started by sketchyj, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member


    Edit: edited the picture to remove email address. - Rovastar
  2. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us


    What have you done man..?
    And what are you trying to do by posting this in a puiblic forum? Is it legal to divulge such private stuff publicly?
  3. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Yea Sketchy come back to Earth bro. No need to post this drama here. Especially exposing her email. It?s not professional. I?m sure you feel like you got jacked but there are smoother ways to handle things.:confused:
  4. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    OMG kyle i never knew that your balls were so extremely small. Do you use a magnifying glass to view them? Akira we all know is an ass but you?! And i was just now packaging up your DVD to send to Mexico or wherever it is you are from.
  5. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Whoa slow down buddy! You need to chill the fuck out with that super star attitude.
    It?s called friendly advice.
  6. solly

    solly New Member

    dont get so upset. chill. take it easy. we on your side fellow vj. Dont go against us. Keep your head high.
  7. complexvisuals

    complexvisuals Eye Squared

    Dont know what this is meant to achieve? Your rock and roll lifestyle? The first step to recovery? Dying to find out what the reason was behind posting this.
  8. dreamteck

    dreamteck Happyearthlingwithamnesia

  9. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    yes, the reason to post is to pull all of the reactionary a-holes out of the woodwork. I noticed that not one of the haters stopped to actually ask me my version of the story before everybody jumped on the usual "let's bag on sketchy J" bandwagon of bad attitudes.
  10. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    Go fuck yourself with your Power Rangers mask, idiot. Who the fuck do you think you are?

    Can anybody ban this arsehole?

    I am definitely not on the side of idiots like you, and this is the second post of this ilk you do. Try to read my original post, see if I am not asking you about this all. not that I care, but I asked anyway.
  11. Ollie

    Ollie New Member

    So what did happen Jason? i vaguly cuaght on another thread that you lost your gig or summink, and then this email gets posted, what gives. Did i miss another thread somewhere with all the gory details?

    Your right we've heard the other persons side, so can't we hear yours too?

    As for professionalism I have to agree with Kyle its not the smoothest step to take (blur the email and names at least), and i dont think that everyone is jumping on the 'lets bag sketchy J'. in reality the situation is what You make of it. esp on these public forums.

    So come on then if you want to share this mess with your fellow forumites spill it all. We'll support you dude.

  12. VGA

    VGA ...


    :crazy: :lol:
  13. whoa guys..

    maybe he has a drug problem, and just isn't accountable for what he says ..
  14. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\

    sketchy calm the fuck down you or you will not be welcome here.
  15. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    LOL actually I was going more for teletubbies Akira. And your original post was just as hostile as can be...you were not asking for my side of the story, you said WTF, is this even legal? Akira, someday when you are older, perhaps you will look back through your forum posts and blush when you realize that you are full of hate and anger and everyone sees it. There are a choice few that I would consider as friends here at VJ forums and if they PM'd me like a real person and asked what was up I would definately confide if it was someone I felt comfortable talking to (like Holly).....even if I were to tell you the "gory details", Akira, you would do your best to publicly twist it so that I am the villain. So please, Akira, refer to my recent post in The Business Side under the thread "How's this for business?"
  16. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    i've never been welcome here, why would that slow me down now?
  17. Syntax

    Syntax between the lines


    You cant just expect everyone to come to you with open arms and praise you like you feel you deserve, especially by posting something like this without any explanation. I mean come on! What did you expect everyone to think right off the back? Everyones a "reactionary a-hole" when you pull somthing like this.
    Even if I was someone close like your best friend I still wouldnt baby you like it seems your looking for. I'd have to give you a reality check by slappin you upside the head!

    Dont let the drugs get to you man. Control yo self.
  18. complexvisuals

    complexvisuals Eye Squared

    Think you find thats bollox. Most people welcomed you here, other just put up with you coz thats what people do.

    You remind me of how bart imagines himself when he becomes a rockstar.
  19. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    :( Sketch, you're attacking the wrong people. Akira is (I'm not trying to put words in his mouth) pretty much assuming what we ALL are assuming given the information....

    If you read any back posts on bad-job situations there is always a way to say what happened, and another way to just flame and be pissy and angry -- the first might earn some sympathy, but doing this makes you look bad, and everyone is reading the reasonably-toned email from your sister-in-law(?!) and then reading your attacks on Kyle and Akira.... It's pretty obvious who we think is in the right. At the very least you are wrong here, and we can make the leap that you handled getting fired (or not getting hired?) with the same amount of charm. :mad:

    Save the drama for the stage! This isn't helping you or your VJ career. If you want the dude in the mask to be able to say and show whatever he wants, then your going to have to keep Jason under control and professional. Split your personalities if that's what you have to do. You can't possibly hope to influence and manipulate others without self-control except in the most sloppy and damaging way!

    :scared: Now everyone is assuming you have a drug problem because that is what YOU posted here! You can't blame anyone but yourself for that. If it's true then dry-out and stop causing your family so much grief. They are not there to give you their resources so you can break shit and look like a freak to their customers. You're trying to damage their reputation and livelihood! How is that helping them by VJing at their bar?! She is willing to believe it is a drug problem and that it can be solved -- That sounds pretty generous in my opinion.... I think it is something else, but that's none of my business so I won't comment except to say again EMAIL ME and I will be honest and straight with you. (Don't PM because I'm on the road and can't always be on the forums right now. Besides, PM has limited space and is useless for anything but short messages.)

    Look, I cut off my family because they were fucked up and expected me to be fucked up too. I moved out and far away, and yeah it pissed my chance at college and made it really tough on me for years but I'm better for it now and never could have succeeded with them trying to keep me down. What I'm seeing here with you is a different situation. You are sticking around with student loans and trying to use your family (and extended family) as a resource for more job opportunities and experience, not to mention the occaisional shower.... Dude, you gotta either be a family member and contribute POSITIVE to the clan, or you gotta cut yourself loose and do what you gotta do, become who you wanna be. Can't keep your cake and eat it too. Difficult drama-artists aren't supported by their families, only mentally ill and drug addicts are.

    If you're going to stay in a small town believe me you are going to need your family. If you are going to move out (for real) and become a fabulous discofreak then go to a real city and create real opportunities where there are clubs and a nice big freakscene for you to work your magic on. Find the crowd that wants you, is what I'm saying, because you can't turn family into fans.

    My advice at this point: apologize to your sister-in-law. Offer to pay for the window even if you can't afford it (don't buy a single beer until it's done). Apologize to your brother, and apologize to your mother. Tell them you had some bad blows recently and tell them you are getting cleaned up but it's hard because of being in a financial hole. Then figure out the nearest big city and plan a date to move there and get your grown-up life started.
  20. dongbamage

    dongbamage Bad Ass VJ

    lamest thread ever :rolleyes:
  21. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    wait wait wait
    the person writing that email was trying to cover her back in this whole situation
    i do not have a drug problem and the fact that she makes the assumption that i do i suppose speaks to the fact that people are quick to assume the worst (reminds me...gotta start a video for never win......)
    maybe because the DVD i was handing out that night is for the remix to You're my Disco (she doesn't get enough cocaine, she doesn't get enough party, .........)
    she's a damn pot smoker anyway!!!!! her and my brother are always hitting the ganja
    oy vey
  22. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    and OMG holly!!!! i don't live off of my family in any way whatsoever.....OK, i used my brothers connections at LaRumba to get a foot in the door but he's moved away to Hawaii for the last 6 months (he only caught my first gig before he left) ...and i never would have been asked back except that the Lipgloss crowd really loved my shows (part of the problem here)...all my income comes from school and my job as a writer for seniorsresourceguide.com

  23. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    ok here it is.....
    The day started out crazy anyway, i had a midterm exam in my Cinema 4D class so i called Marisa and left a message that I could not be at the club by noon, and that as soon as i got done at school i would be there, hopefully by 1:30pm to begin setting up (they have nothing there at the club, it takes me about 4 hours to set up all my own projectors, screens, vj rig etc etc)....so i finally got her to answer her phone about 1:40 that day and she was her usual crabby self and told me that she had a meeting at the club at 2:00 and she would be there then to let me in. I explained that I was on my way to the other side of town to pick up a 3rd video projector for the show and could she wait there for me until 2:15pm...she said if her meeting was over by then she was not going to wait. So I sped across town like a madman to get the projector and make it back before she left. I arrived at 2:05pm and she didn't even show up until 2:15. So, it was all fine and i went in and began pulling out giant ladders and setting up. For the next half hour she showed a group of people from a local business the club because they wanted to throw a private party there and she was trying to sell it. As soon as the group left, she approached me and asked if it would be OK if they BORROWED?!! my video projectors for their party....I said "sure, if you want to hire me", to which she replied "oh, so no then." GRRRRR....it's not enough that i have been doing this gig for 6 months for $75 per gig, for which i have to set up and tear down the whole rig each time,....now she wants to BORROW?!! my gear when i'm not there??? I once saw a post on VJ forums that said "if you let them pay you less than the janitor, they will treat you worse than the janitor".....wish i would have taken that one to heart a long time ago.....so anyway, i bit my tongue and acted like it didnt bother me and continued sweating my balls off for the next 4 hours to get everything ready in time for the night......
    finally, when i get up on stage, Arkaos crashes (for the 10th time that day).....i realize then that im up there rebooting my computer and looking stupid, but thats OK...it was when the DJ got up there and told me to forget my show for the night that i lost it and told him to F off.......then there was a tense standoff after which i smashed a $15 skull candy tray (that I had paid for with my own money before the show)...it was then that i was locked in a back room, after which I broke a window to escape......
  24. complexvisuals

    complexvisuals Eye Squared

    Question I want to ask;

    Why are you airing this in public?
  25. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    there's a Glenn Frye song....something about how everyone loves dirty laundry
  26. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    It's like an episode of ALIAS.:p

    Why didn't you say that in the first place?:rolleyes:
  27. disassembler

    disassembler Mix+Mix+Chop+Chop

  28. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    my friend told me recently that I often go into seemingly random stories and thoughts which eventually reveal something relevant to the current conversation....however, this reverse order of storytelling often provokes frustration and impatience in those listening, i've found, because people want immediacy. Whenever I watch a movie i've already seen with others who are watching it for the first time, I notice that I must fend off queries as to the storyline/plot twists/ending etc.....when I refuse to divulge any facts the usual response is usually "you suck!", or something to that effect. Actually, it delights me to reveal the story in such a reverse order so that I can sit back and watch an experiment in human nature such as this. Before any facts had been confirmed or denied I was considered a drug addict, mentally unstable menace who shows up at gigs acting like a spoiled rock star. I love the fact that it quickly degenerated into power ranger insults, confirming for me once again that the world is full of mean people and people that would love to see me fail. Holly, you (as always) stick to your guns and your beliefs and you kiss no one's ass and for that you are #1 in my book. Thanks for your concern and advice, I look up to you more than you know.
  29. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    well can we avoid whatever that means in future so we can keep the peace in forums.
  30. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    i can't promise anything about peace in the forums, but yeah OK asterix i will chill on the bait and switch

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