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Under the Sea theme

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by cain, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. cain

    cain User

    Ive got an Under Sea theme gig this week.

    Anyone got any clips they wanna trade?

    Suggestions welcome too.
  2. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    I've got a jellyfish and a 'psycadellic squid' mix I can put together for you.
    What sort of tunes are you playing too?
    astrixstar at hotmail dot com
  3. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    I put up 2 free clips of jellyfish I shot at an aquarium:

    for pure silliness, there is an undersea party in the Russian film SADKO where everyone is dancing including the big octopus chandelier!
  4. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

  5. Motionreactor

    Motionreactor www.motionreactor.net

    windows media HD has example clips on the microsoft website. There's one or two ocean related ones I think.
  6. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    swoon :love3: Great clips Holly!

    In the spirit of things here are some aquatic clips from our collection. Enjoy!

    Download HERE 53mb










    Download HERE 53mb
  7. AV3

    AV3 Visuals by AV3

    Some clips from AV3's Underwater DVD

    Ok.. Im now feeling embarassed as so many people putting clips up, and I havent uploaded clips for a while, so here are 4 from AV3s Underwater VJ Clips DVD.


    Can you let us know where you are using them?


    Also check out AV3's new service DVDRepro.com For all your CD / DVD Reproduction needs :up:
    Shameless plug I know! :sign:
  8. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    cool clips AV thanks :yep:
  9. Dacha!

    Dacha! New Member

    cool clips!tnx for sharing!!!!
  10. cain

    cain User


    Great clips guys.
    Thank you.
    I'll upload some vid footage of how it looks on friday.
  11. sexdrossel

    sexdrossel noob

  12. Fusioned

    Fusioned New Member


    kyle, my man. your link is not working with me. There is another one? thanks!
  13. vj_jasper

    vj_jasper imagination

    check out this pic...

    would need to photoshop it to get it into an 800 by 600 ratio... would look awesome projected, with a variety of subtle effects in time to the bpm, with clips overlaid, etc
  14. Brinkman

    Brinkman New Member

    there are no shortage of underwater eye-candy DVDs available at amazon.com

    I personally bought 3 different DVDs for about $10US each at my local Best Buy. The footage is pretty straight forward so you might want to mine the DVDs for some specific clips or trick it out with effects.
  15. gnomatron

    gnomatron two5 studio

    nice, I'm putting together a loop dvd for an undersea-themed event as a favour for a friend. does anyone mind if i use these clips?

    I'm prolly going to do a bit of editing and aftereffects work, but I don't have anywhere to host the results.

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