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"UP" will be prohibited in Venezuela!!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by vjrei, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    As we speak the congress is having a discusion about prohibiting to show UP in Venezuela because "people are trowing trash on Angel falls" and that is a crime.

    So, the movie theater that will be displaying the 3D version will have to see how they are gonna keep paying their new 3D theaters.

    Imagine, the congress talking about UP.
  2. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    what do you mean by "UP" ?
  3. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    The movie.
  4. PCProject

    PCProject Moderator

  5. lowRes

    lowRes another member

    incredible (as in unbelievable!).

    my worries is not how the 3d theaters will pay for their costs (i'm sure they have everything sorted out, and soon there will be some action movie that will pay off what they didn't make with ' UP').
    what about the freedom of speech, religion views and entertainment?!
    once again.. incredible..
    please keep on forbidding animation and fantasy - go power-rangers-rambo-Schwarzenegger-rocky trash...
  6. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    In Venezuela we have 3 3D theaters from the same company. I met last week with them because I was offering them the 3D display I have and they say:

    -Hello, nice to meet you. We have no money, how can we help you?

    Each 3D sistem of theirs cost $200.000 made by "Real D". But imagine, they need to display UP in 3D to pay for the system and there are not very good titles out there to keep the theaters full.
  7. complexvisuals

    complexvisuals Eye Squared

    Bloody Chavez
  8. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    weird how the ONLY place i can find with reference to this is VJforums?

    is it really banned (would seem pretty odd to me)?
  9. lowRes

    lowRes another member

    true, have been searching the internets and haven't found any mention on this either.
    is there any article u can forward us to Rei?

  10. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    I was looking as well, I just saw it on TV yesterday but we have so many millions problems, 76 death just this weekend by robbery, a 350% devaluation, the government closing all opposition TV stations and wanting to take over private cable TV, we can not buy foreing currency. The UP issue was something I saw. I am gonna write the movie theater about it because I met with them last week.
  11. visualove

    visualove New Member

    They could book Coraline now. There are many 3d films existing and in the pipeline. Not that they should ban Up.
  12. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin


    so its just your standard anti chavez rant then. I'll go back to not paying attention then.
  13. skulpture

    skulpture www.grahamthorne.co.uk

    Tom You are like Simon Cowell of the VJforums! :D :D
  14. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York


    I have found one article this morning and is worst than I thought!!!!!

    Is in spanish but it goes beyond me, is not only the trash they trew but the MINISTER of enviromental issues is saying that several law were broken, specially that "we do not know in what moment the movie was shot because we haven't give any permit so they did it illegally".

    The Minister (and I asume the rest of the cabitent) believe the trash was real!

    Here is the link:


  15. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    LOL Rei you do know that site is a joke?
    (or do you get all your news from a site who's name transliterates to "Manic Depressive Hamster"??)

    Maybe we will get an english translation on the onion?
  16. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    The site make fun of the things are happening here, I just saw the article in my facebook this morning but I saw it on TV the other day and my mother just told me people are talking about that on the radio as well.

    But as I say, until the movie is officially retired the news won't be out there, we have biggest issues. A few month ago the Bodies exibhition was retired as well and it took some 2 weeks for people to know. Yesterday the government prohibited the distribution of the Coca-Cola Zero that was lunched a month ago. We are here selling an apartment really quick because the government is going to install a law that will allow them to set the value of any private realstate, in other words, if you want to sell your apartemnt or house the government is going to stablish the value.

    My point is that canceling the movie UP is not the biggest issue on the news right now. Too many things going on. When we had the oil strike the oil industry had 30.000 workers, the government fired all of them because they were too many, now the oil industry is producing less of 1 10th of what it used to and it has 80.000 workers! all chavez fallowers doing nothing.

    Some other article will pop up about the movie but the headlines on the news papers are packed.
  17. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    blah blah blah...

    Your rich and you hate Chavez as you think it's your wealth that he is redistributing. I'm poor and I support his motivation and methods to do something about it. I guess we will never agree on this one.
  18. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    Rich? My friend, I have barely $1200 in my bank account in the US, here in Venezuela I have $200 in my bank account and I own over a thousand in my credit card and I have just one payment of $50 to cash... that is it. I have no money at all, this country is broke. because of Chavez. As I say to everybody else who likes the Chavez revolution... come here and live it yourself.

    Tell me: how much is the inflation in England? how much are your interest rates? how much is your minimun wage?

    In South America the mayor inflation rate was Brasil at 4.5% a year... after Venezuela who has 7% a month! and we just had a 325% since may alone.

    All the cars manofacturers are closing, the people who works now at the oil industry are using the oil money "to buy food" overseas for the poor people, last year alone the oil company bought from the imperialist enemy United States 300% more milk than the needed in the country, 80% of that milk still in customs because no one picked up. The oild company just did it for the business of getting cheap currency from the government.

    The government sell you dollars for food at Bsf 2150, but the people of the oil company who are managing those so called "missions", bring some milk to customs, once with the import papers in hand the government give them the dollars at Bsf. 2150 and then they resell that money to the black market at Bsf. 7000. and leave the milk (just to mention one product and one tiny case of corrution) in customs.

    Not only that, the farmers who have cows and produce milk can not sell theirs because is more expensive than the import one (that manage to enter the ssytem) because the government is not giving them the dollars at the special rate.

    Last week the government cancelled basically all special rates, even to pharmaceutical like Bayer. Now the medicines will cost %325 more but your salary still thye same.

    When I started to do visuals I was charging Bsf 600 to Bsf 1500. Back then it was equivalent to $1000 per show and I was the one charging the most. Today the gusy are charging the same amount in Bsf. BUT the Bs. 1500 are equivalent to $200 for big events. Usually they are charging $30 per night in a club. How are you gonna buy a Edirol V4 or any VJ software if you make probably $250 a month?

    How are you are going to survive with $250 a month = 1.750 when a Mac Pro cost 30 times that?

    A year ago a combo meal in Mc Donalds was Bsf. 15.000, today the same meal is Bsf. 57.000! and that is based on the prices 2 weeks ago, wait a month and the same meal is gonna be above Bsf. 100.000.

    Now... I have my 3D screens. They cost me $10.000. Back in october I was able to rent them at 10% of the price here = Bsf. 4500. Today the same 10% is Bsf. 7000. In a month is gonna be around Bsf. 9000 or more but... at 5%, not 10%.

    If you wanna come here, be my gest, but do not say anything about Chavez and his revolution because NONE of the people saying any of those things live here or are not working for the government.

    Just to mention... back in 2004 when I was in New York (you remember) I used to go to the Venezuelan consulate and join their film festivals. There were about 40 people at the most, all of them from extreme leftifs groups or working for the government.

    Any of them, produced or were involved on any of the incidents the governments shows like the movie "the revolution won't be televised". The funny thing is that I APEAR IN THAT MOVIE because I was the only one in that audience who was infront of the line in the riots and I apear in that movie so... I know what really happened there. Imagine the faces of ALL the chavez fallowers there when they saw me in the video! I didn't know I was in it by the way.

    I have to go, my cell phone is ringing.
  19. lowRes

    lowRes another member

    hey Rei - everyone knows about Venezuela,
    (and also about your 3d screens and macs)
    returning to the original subject of the thread:
    - what a joke!
    (i don't know if i should laugh more bc of it, bc of people not getting it as a joke or myself falling for it!)

  20. visualove

    visualove New Member

    UP is an animated film, so it wasn't shot, in Venezuela or anywhere. It is all synthetic. Thus no laws were broken. Another case of bad information from the Internet(s).

    However, someone just showed a stereo video camera - Panasonic NAB? So you could find a buyer in Venezuela and sell your monitors to them or become a 3d consultant or start a 3d production or post company and make films the scenic wonders of the country in 3d for the theaters.
  21. complexvisuals

    complexvisuals Eye Squared

    Lucky to have a cellphone. They're next in the banning/taxing/inflation list.
  22. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    well that is quite odd there seem to be a lot of people who are voting to keep Chavez..

    eg in the February referendum
    As ever there are 3 sides to every story, yours, mine, and the truth. But I can't help but feel that your perception of events in Venezuela is significantly different to the way that large numbers of Venezuelans see things.
  23. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    Tom, when I travel away from Venezuela after a while things are not that bad, but when I come back is shocking. You know, the grass is greener always at the other side.

    Now, Chavez is not Tony Blair or Obama, you have something called "a system" and you believe in that system and those leaders respect the system. Chavez is like like Fidel Castro who is always winning the elections.

    Just about the elections... yesterday they were preparing a new law that will eliminate the home address of the data based of the electors... why? because in the data based there are 300 people living in the same house.

    The government is manipulating the data base and in small towns in the country with a population of 3000 people there are 12000 votes!

    The votes are made in machines in those small towns and there is where chavez is winning and the opposition has no supervision.

    A prove is that the opposition is always winning in the big cities where we can observe and protect our vote.

    Now, Hugo Chavez has the money fropm the oil industry, in every election he starts to give away refrigeretors, he pay people to march, he has so much money.

    That is how he makes his government "legimit". Now, he lost the referendon a year a go but he lunched the same laws that were rejected again, with tiny differences and with a mayor load of money behind.

    He lost the previous one because he believed everbody loved him and he didn't put any money into it and he lost it. Then is when he said on TV: Your victory is shit (mierda) to me:

    Now, what do you think about having your primer minister saying you are shit several times?

    When Chavez won back in 1998 he gave his first speech as a president, when the presiden speak all TV stations have to share the signal. The first thing he did was asking to one of his people a cup of coffe! Everybody was shocked that the president asked for coffe on TV, no protocols at all.... imagine now. He have said to his ex wife: I am gonna give you your stuff tonight. That was in san valentines... the president. Now he says you all are shit. And he lunched the referendo again.

    Those are his elections, he owns the electoral cometee. There are not independant powers here agas ago. He has people from the army managing the institutions, the president of PDVSA is a coronel... what that man know about oil?

    Chavez is just like the movie The last king of Escotia, and Venezuela is very very similar to the movie Mid night express.

    Air Supply came here last week and on the interview they were asked what do you liked about Venezuela and they said: we do not know much because we were told there is so much crime out there that he have to remain in the hotel.

    Without going too far... Carl Cox! And let me tell you, that incident with 5 people dead was not relevant to be on the media. It was more important overseas than here. And no one went to jail about that.

    All I know is that I am fixing my papers to move to the US in january like 99% of my contacts in facebook have done.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2013
  24. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    Ah Rei, forever the PR getter..:D
    All I can say that for most of us,
    we all seem to float on...BTW,
    It might be some bad inflation going on in the big V,
    but you gotta dig the fact that, Venezuela has the planet's cheapest gasoline: 12 cents a gallon (3 cents a liter)!:up:
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2009
  25. complexvisuals

    complexvisuals Eye Squared

    Jesus Rei, do you ever stop?

    Every country on this planet has problems, and within those countries the people have problems. You are not the only person on this planet, yet every week on average you start spouting out of you about Chavez or how little money you have, or high inflation, yet you're the only person on here with a ton of 3D screens.

    I think if you look at the majority of posts where people reply to your "problems" you'll find most argue back at you or just take the piss out of you. Basically, noone really fucking cares about you and your two 12inch powerbooks with motiondive3.

    All of you posts usually end up on the same poxy rant. Why don't you get a blog, or just give it a rest?

  26. PCProject

    PCProject Moderator

    I just got the joke

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