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using syphon with Qlab

Discussion in 'Software' started by deepvisual, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    I see Qlab has quartz support.
    I was wondering if its possible to get syphon to work with it as its ability to trigger clips to timecode is invaluable.

    I'd like to either get syphon in to qlab or syphon out from it...
  2. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    Make a quartz comp whit the syphon server node in it.
    load said quartz comp into qlab
    bobs your aunties live in lover.
  3. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    sorry, i'm totally blind when it comes to qtz.

    do I need to link the syphon server node to any other nodes or just have it in an empty qtz patch?
  4. bangnoise

    bangnoise New Member

    Here's a basic QLab effect composition to run a Syphon Server (also requires the Syphon QC Plugin).
  5. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    that works fine thanks..
    only problem is, I can't get Qlab to output to syphon without it outputting to the screen at the same time.
    If I deselect all monitors the cue shows as broken?
  6. bangnoise

    bangnoise New Member

    I don't know much about QLab, but I imagine that's the way QLab works - usually it's a safe assumption that if you don't want to output to any monitors, then you don't want to render anything at all. I'd ask the QLab people if they have any ideas about that - and/or badger them for native Syphon support ;)
  7. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    got it working into madmapper now, just can't see the Qlab interface as its outputting to the same screen...
    all the same, its working now so thanks.
  8. Ridder

    Ridder New Member

    Hi There,

    Im working on configuring Q-lab so I can send video data directly to Mad-Mapper through Syphon. Managed to get all most everything working. When I start a que in Qlab containing a video file and the required quartz composer file, a Syphon server appears in Mad-Mapper and the video material generated by the que is visible in Mad-Mapper. Succes! :)

    There is one problem. When I start a second que, the video material contained in this que is, as expected, presented at the same screen as first que within qlab. This video data however is not sent to the SyphonServer and thus Madmapper.
    I have tried to include the quartz composer script also in the second que but this is no solution. This results in the creation of a second syphon server and by selecting this server in Mad-Mapper I can see the video content of the second que being displayed within Mad-Mapper but this is not very practical. I cant make a separate syphon server and do a mouse click for every separate que. And this prohibits me to make any fades between the que's

    Im hoping i'm missing something here and you guys can help me out..!?

    I included a wetransfer link to all the files you need to reproduce my setup. And a link with information about Mad-Mapper. An extremely practical little program:


    The wetransfer link with the correct quartz composer file and a the latest Mad-Mapper demo installer:


    Hope to hear from you soon..!

    Kind regards,

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