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Vegas Regions: Batch Render Scripts?

Discussion in 'Software' started by robotkid, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. robotkid

    robotkid Member

    Hi gang,

    I remember reading somewhere (here? Vjamm yahoo groups?) about how to batch render your defined regions in Vegas using scripts. I've been digging around, and I can't seem to find this thread again... :(

    Does anyone know how to do this? Basically, I'm looking for functionality similar to how Sound Forge handles regions: In Sound Forge, you can define a bunch of regions, then choose to export them as their own files...

    Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!

  2. SilentEclipse

    SilentEclipse PH 5.9

    You need to be using Vegas 5

    in the menu bar select

    tools - scripting - batch render

  3. robotkid

    robotkid Member

    Well, there are no dumb questions, right?


    (Just upgraded to 5.0 a few weeks back)

    Thanks so much!!!


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