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VIDE URBE: first show devoted to video art interventions in public spaces in Rio

Discussion in 'VJ Events' started by Multiplicidade, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Multiplicidade

    Multiplicidade New Member

    Starting on May 5th VIDE URBE (http://www.videurbe.com.br/) is the first traveling exhibit devoted entirely to video art in public places in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and presents a selection of artists whose works will explore as support the architectural fabric of the city. The project, besides poeticise new topographies possible for the projection of videographic imagery of contemporary art, enables a direct contact with the general public and also includes young people from poor communities through workshops, live video.

    Curated by video artist Moana Mayall, creator of the event, VIDE URBE proposes urban public space as an open experiment of artistic appreciation, through contemporary video art. "This is the first experience but every edition of the show we explore how to support and interface skins over-exposed city: its architecture, reliefs and textures themselves, since their large concrete surfaces, to the interference generated by multisensory their daily lives ", defines Moana.

    In this first edition, sponsored by Oi, the Secretary of State Culture and cultural support of Oi Futuro, Moana invited four artists whose works will expand the scale of the support of the city. Over one week, artists Eder Santos, Simone Michelin, Chico and John Penoni Jofilsan occupy, with video art of his own, gables and facades located between the South Zone, Central and North Zone of Rio. This is a shift neutral space of the gallery to the street: "An action anti monotony, full of drives, and also contingency of history," says the curator.

    VIDE URBE comes to inventing new topographies possible for the videographic projection of contemporary art. "In art and cause it to reconnect the various fields, such as architecture and urban planning, as well as his own place in the world disturbing its borders and keeping alive the possibility of charm, and the disruption of the unusual" concludes Moana Mayall .



    Oi Futuro
    Ipanema - May 5, Thursday: "Dogville", Eder Santos, opens the show from the Art Deco facade of the Oi Futuro Ipanema. Tv bracket to support the architecture, the work acquires a new poetics and public transit.

    Lapa - May 7, Saturday: The public is in transit, and this flow is that he can really live and dwell in the street. Chico Jofilsan coats with "Windows Inhabited" the gable of a large garage building to the street Marrecas in Lapa, humanizing and making a dream inhabited building in its day to day, just for cars. Facing the Arcos da Lapa, and agitation of a typical Saturday night, the forecast can be seen from many points of cultural corridor.

    Downtown - May 9, Monday: "Circuit", John Penoni, place the body in the concrete surface of the gable of a nightclub in Lapa, transformed into a portal to a city tour of Rio and other places, guided by body through a real figure and a half fantastic.

    UERJ University - May 11, Wednesday: The city and public space research fields are very present in the artistic career of Simone Michelin. In his work articulated data enabling interdisciplinary questions semiotic, political and technological. Projected over the gables of a campus, UERJ, Maracanã Stadium, also turned to the communities of Park Hose & Candelaria, "Fireworks" is a light burning in poetic dialogue, connecting image, information and two spaces very close, but disparate the social geography of Rio.


    VIDE URBE Workshops

    Each head, a world. In each eye, a town. The vision of a single city if it does then the infinite points of view. VIDE URBE, in Latin, means "to see the city" as you see her? This guide is the theme of the workshop VIDE URBE, which will include the artistic production of newly graduated students in Oi Kabum School of Art and Technology. Personal or shared experiences from the participants' own daily lives and their paths to the river water will be raw material for creating videos that will be recombined live in collective projections that will be part of the week VIDE URBE.

    The idea is that participants recreate their own "metropolis" uniting their looks in a collective work and personal experiment. Throughout the workshops will also be presented an overview of video art, with special focus on works by artists who worked in the area of ​​the city and projections in public space. Produced videos, and other types of personal records about the town can also compose our multimedia cartography of Rio, the site of the show VIDE URBE, which will be open to receive contributions from Internet users.



    Event: VIDE URBE

    Date: 5 to May 12

    Locations: South Zone, Central and North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Admission: Free

    Time: 19h to 24h



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