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Video blending - Hello VJS - I return from the grave with questions

Discussion in 'Software' started by jeffhtg, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. jeffhtg

    jeffhtg jeffhtg

    Hello everyone, Long time no chat. I have been gone a long time - mainly because I don't really VJ anymore. Still loving the life in EDM - feel free to network with me on fb/tweetor.. I have some questions and I know you are the group to answer these.

    Budget computer to do 2 or 3 projector blending output. I'd like to keep the res high because said computer will drive some higher res video walls in the future (since we seem to have cheap high res led more and more these days)... Just trying to have a system that can scale UP if it works and is needed.

    The thoughts here are some of our 1.2-1.5x ish lenses on 3000-5000 lumen WXGA projectors as close to a screen would be signifcant output.. compared to renting in bigger projectors and dealing with the added costs of such at longer throw distances. This is more than apparent in some of our more recent shows (cough the 3d mapping tours) where bigger projectors 100' out simply do not have much "audience presence". This also keeps the "beam" out of the audience.. i've always hated that. Small room applications.

    We are not certain we NEED WXGA output as with audience distance and screen size being small to keep brightness up - well res may not be as important.. but for future potential use with LED we may want/desire this and it only makes sense to generate content in 1080.

    1. Any of you blending - can you give me detailed information on how your doing it on a budget? I've already searched and red many threads.. see many people doing multi out and using hardware. I'm trying not to rent so I'd rather do it with a computer if possible since I see some VJ apps are doing this now. (does it not make sense?)

    2. What is the best codecs these days for 720 / 1080? Preliminary tests showed resolume arena did REALLY WELL with DXV but only for resolume. (we are not certain what software platform we will use yet). But other codecs like MJPEG seemed to hate 1080.

    3. How can we go about using more GPU and less CPU? Seeing arena do this im curious if there are other solutions that free up CPU cycles for other things?

    4. Any thoughts to GPU requirements these days? Would something as cheap and simple as (http://www.compusa.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=896041&CatId=3669) this work for our needs? I see its dvi-d only out.. but the question here is if we can get something to use more GPU than CPU how much GPU do we need? Any recommendations?

    5. What about multiple video cards.. does this screw with performance on VJ software that is outputting multiple outputs and trying to blend? Specific hardware advice is appreciated.

    I'm sure ill have plenty more questions.. thanks for your help in advance.

    Jeff Kenney
    oldschool former VJ :)

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