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Video Gobo

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Mangvar, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Mangvar

    Mangvar New Member


    Anyone knows the names of manufactures or suppliers of Video Gobos within the US, preferably in California.
  2. USE

    USE Primal Visions

    what is a video gobo?

    i know a gobo is a gel/mask that is fitted to lights, usually in a series which can be controlled by dmx. i have quite a few designs i would liketo get turned into gobos for my shows at some point. pricey tho.

    i dont get why you would mask a vid screen. enlighten me.
  3. Syntax

    Syntax between the lines

  4. USE

    USE Primal Visions

    nice one....

    so they have integrated intelligent lighting and video projection? you can send video thorough a light fitting, with all its inherant posiytioning and tilting, plus gobos that it usuall has. sweeet. but pricey. personally im still trying to design myself a light and vj set without blurring the boundaries. in a few years i might be ready for this. heavy buisness.
  5. evomedia

    evomedia Control Freaks

    Been fancying trying a video gobo for years but too cost prohibitive for me still, a gobo would do some cool thinks when linked to a dmx desk, actually break the video out of the screens bounce to screen around the club for some mad multipoint projections. Seen some interesting uses, especially if the space involved has nice white walls and ceilings, then you can really go mad. I can dream...

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