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Video Mixer

Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by Ela, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Ela

    Ela New Member

    Hey hey guys,
    i wanna buy a video mixer for our next gig, but i dont really know which one i should get, and by the way i only have about 600 euros spare for a video mixer...
    would be awesome if anyone could recommend a mixer to me which i could afford and tell me whats important to know before i buy one ;)
    thanks ahead,
  2. werlin

    werlin nDisplay

    Hi and welcome :)

    my knowledge of mixers is not vast, but you should provide more info on the specs of the rest of your setup, inputs, outputs, and what do you expect to get from the mixer itself, so someone who does know more about it can point in the right direction...

    'though im guessing that you can probably get a edirol v4 for a standart res solution

    or if you can spring a couple more hundred you can get a nice hd solution with a TV One 1T-C2-750
    check http://vjforums.com/showthread.php?t=35607
  3. stickygreen

    stickygreen this is my custom title

    - do you need audio?
    - are you expecting HD?
    - effects, patterns, and wipes, are any of these things of any importance?
  4. Ela

    Ela New Member

    hey hey guys,
    thanks for the quick reply :)

    we need a video mixer, primarily to work with both laptops on more than one beamer and effects like patterns and wipes aren't that important.
    but we worked on the edirol V8 before and it was awesome! (but could never afford that one... yet )

    HD we dont need (if I understand it right, HD is just, if you got your footage in HD and we dont have all of it in HD, mainly just DV)

    the edirol V4 is nice, too, we worked on that before also, but its still 1220 euros or so.... since we dont earn to much money VJing yet we only can use the 600 euros I earned with my last Promo Clip.

    What do you mean by Audio? to have Audio out? no. Or to have like a control thingy which helps you to make the Audio work better together with clip speed or so?

    What we do need is a Video in to plug in a live camera while having 2 laptops on the other lines.

    About the Computer In: we have different adapters, like VGA, S-Video and one more i forgot the name of ;)

    I hope with this information you can help me a little more :)

    Do you think its better to wait till i can afford the V4 or maybe V8?

    Thanks ahead for helping!
  5. evomedia

    evomedia Control Freaks

    i'd personally wait for a v4 or v8, they aren't that bad price wise, and not many decent alternatives other than older panasonics or less study mixers, personally the edirols are still my preference
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  6. stickygreen

    stickygreen this is my custom title

    You should be able to afford a used V4 within your budget. Look for one with a road case, and chances are the owner has taken good care of it.

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