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Video Salon Nov. 5th San Francisco CA USA

Discussion in 'VJ Events' started by vjculture, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. vjculture

    vjculture New Member


    TUESDAY Nov. 5th (first tuesday)

    150 Folsom (Folsom and Spear, near Embarcadero)



    Watch election coverage on a tv while we mix visuals on 4 walls...bring
    any political footage you have to throw into the mix.

    Last month's RIOT! was the first time dozens of new list members ever
    attended Video Salon. Welcome to our list, we have a lot going on that
    you can read about below. Please join our extended creative community.

    Come early to set up and hang out.
    Feel free to bring food or beverages to enjoy.
    We will be asking for a small, sliding scale donation.
    Agenda items below.

    Last month's video riot was a success that exceeded everyones
    expectations, especially ours. Jon and Grant want to thank everyone who
    contributed time, gear and art. It couldn't have happened without you.

    We also want to shout out a quick "word" to Gregory and Will from
    Blasthaus for promoting the VIDEO RIOT! as part of the TransCinema
    festival, and for all the other great events that week.

    And a very special thanks to those who made the commitment to come to
    the Sunday planners meeting, to spend long hours working at the studio,
    or to head up a posse. Its hard to imagine an event of that scale going
    so smoothly without a lot of dedicated people taking ownership of
    critical tasks, and your help is truly appreciated.

    The feedback we got was tremendous, now we just have to figure out what
    to do next...stay tuned.

    Video Salon is a community effort. In that spirit, we've put a lot of
    effort resources into making it work. Michael (D7), Grant, Evan, and Jon
    have been gracious enough to allow us to use the space and all our
    equipment for the last 2 years, but we need your help:

    1 We need help setting up, breaking down, and cleaning up after the
    event, and more importantly, learning how to set up and tear down.

    2 To ease the pressure of wear and tear on D7's equipment, we need
    people to to start bringing video mixers and playback devices. SVHS
    decks are especially useful if you want to play from them.

    3 D7 will continue to provide the space, projectors, preview monitors
    and all the cabling to enable this monthly evening of open mixing for
    the VJ community.

    Please email Jon (jsc-@yahoo.com) or Grant (gra-@Dimension7.com) for
    more info.

    AGENDA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TUE NOV 5th

    (1) <<<<<< ELECTRONICA-OPTICA's VJTV >>>>>>> 8pm

    new episode


    (2) <<<<<< VJ Software demo >>>>>>>9:30pm

    Peter Nyboer's OAKLAND is an ambitious realtime video mixing framework
    that uses a modular format. There are currently three types of modules:
    Sources, Effects, and Outputs. Sources include items like MOVs, live
    cameras or image generators. Effects process incoming sources. Outputs
    can be routed to additional monitors, FireWire video, or directly to a
    file. Modules are controllable via MIDI, lfo's, or audio. Since it is
    based on Max/Jitter, there are plans for releasing the templates so that
    any user's video process can be easily integrated into Oakland as a

    Come and see Peter demo the latest version.


    (3) <<<<<< MUSIC >>>>>>>

    We have a live audio performance by Special Guests

    AND, get down to a jammin DJ set by IK/Video Salon resident AmyO


    (4) <<<<<< VIDEO THEMES >>>>>>>

    This month's Video Salon will feature footage of the Video Riot,
    courtesy of Videology's Luana and Neil, AmyO, and others.

    Since it is election night, lets try to get as much thought-provoking
    material up as possible.

    Jon Schwark will present his EMP///RE piece for those who didnt see it
    at the Transcinema festval. Featuring the music of Paul Tardo.

    BTW, there will be a lost and found from the video riot at this months




    Video Salon is an open community of visual artists
    representing SF's thriving Vj scene. Video Salon
    is YOU.

    The event is hosted at Dimension7, a San Francisco Vj


    To embrace a broad spectrum of time based visual
    artists including CG artists, experimental filmmakers,
    live visual performance artists and installation

    To promote technical experimentation and aesthetic
    development within our community.

    To create an open dialog encouraging mutually
    beneficial critique, cross-pollination and


    thanks for tuning in

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