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Video Salon Tonight w/ After Effects for VJ's Demo

Discussion in 'VJ Events' started by vjculture, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. vjculture

    vjculture New Member


    TUESDAY June 3rd
    150 Folsom (Folsom and Spear, near Embarcadero)
    $3-$5.00 donation (free if you bring content or gear.)

    AGENDA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    (1) Electronica Optica?s VJTV 8pm
    (2) After Effects for VJ?s by VideoJon
    (3) Music and open VJ mixing 9pm

    <<<<<<Edirol?s John Humphries will be on hand demonstrating Edirol?s DV7 Presenter and V4 mixer. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    (1) <<<<<< ELECTRONICA-OPTICA's VJTV >>>>>>> 8pm


    (2) <<<<<< MUSIC >>>>>>>
    Live PA/ AV Extra Sensory Projection (D7, Electronica Optica)
    Featuring DJ set by your favorite IK regular, IKarus

    Also this Week AVIT VJ Conference in Chicago IL
    Checkout www.AVIT.us

    Call for white papers (see bottom of the announcement for details)



    Video Salon is an open community of visual artists
    representing SF's thriving Vj scene. Video Salon
    is YOU.

    The event is hosted at Dimension7, a San Francisco Vj


    To embrace a broad spectrum of time based visual
    artists including CG artists, experimental filmmakers,
    live visual performance artists and installation

    To promote technical experimentation and aesthetic
    development within our community.

    To create an open dialog encouraging mutually
    beneficial critique, cross-pollination and


    Every community effort needs people. D7 and friends
    contribute space, gear, and effort to make
    Video Salon happen. You can help by bringing gear
    (particularly svhs decks and mixers) to let us
    reduce wear and tear on ours. Volunteers for setup,
    breakdown, and cleanup are also much appreciated.


    Thanks for getting involved,

    Grant Davis (VJ Culture)

    Call for papers, presenters, videos and performers and audients.

    What: San Francisco Performance Video Symposium
    When: 27 September 2003
    Where: Dimension7, 150 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA
    Who: Anyone can submit. Submissions are due 21 July 03.

    The plan:

    On 27 September, a series of speakers discussing their ideas in performance
    video. Speakers should plan their talks for 1/2 hour - 40 minutes, to allow
    for 15 minutes or so of questions. The day would conclude in a roundtable
    discussion of a 1/2 hour - 40 minutes followed by Q & A. Following the
    round table would be a series of performances in the Dimension7 gallery,
    followed by a multimedia party later in the evening. Admission would
    technically be free, but a small donation will likely be requested to help
    defray the structural costs of mounting this Symposium, depending on whether
    or not sponsorship can be found.

    Dimension 7 has more than adequate video projectors, screens, and sound

    The idea:

    Recent innovations in computer software and performance gains in hardware
    are now permitting the development of a truly performative cinema. This has
    been going on for some time in various ways, and three distinct camps seem
    to have evolved: video light shows for dance clubs, concerts, and raves and
    the similar development of VJ culture on one end, academic video art
    installations on the other end, and a huge number of active and challenging
    artists in between. This situation is very similar to what obtained in
    cinema in its earliest years (nickelodeons, like "multimedia" were an early
    wave, followed by more experimental and technological cinema). Significant
    theory wasn?t really implemented until some 20 years into the cinematic
    effort with the formative theories of the 19teens and 1920s. Due to the
    dependence on rapidly changing technology, contemporary video performance
    doesn?t have the luxury of 20 years to "gel" a theory. It?s important that
    theory evolve with the emerging practice, and that the practice develop its
    theory as it goes, and it is the purpose of this Symposium to help that
    process along at this unique historic juncture.

    Discussions of the history of the performance video form, the strengths and
    shortcomings of the discipline, the challenges ahead, the political
    implications and uses of, and a careful analysis of the trends within - all
    of this need to be discussed and brought into awareness.

    All contents (papers, video, images, etc) submitted would result in a
    website dedicated to this symposium. It is important that the ideas get out
    into the world as quickly as possible, so performance video practitioners
    will be able to acquire new common language, develop shared concerns, and
    create useful theory in order to further the integrity and coherence of this
    new practice in an age of digital media convergence, and the near complete
    hegemony of passive entertainment environments.

    No honoraria are presently available ? this is an all volunteer effort, so
    if you wish to present your ideas in person, please be aware that the
    symposium can?t help you with any expenses. However: if my present efforts
    to find sponsorship are successful, this may change, and presenters and
    contributors will certainly be notified.

    Please note, for your pleasure: weather-wise, Late September is the *BEST*
    time to be in San Francisco, and this event will be a truly extra-ordinary
    moment in history.

    What to submit:

    Send a .txt, .rtf, or MS Word document of your paper attached to email. The
    email you send should include a short single paragraph bio, and let me know
    if you wish to be considered for live performance as well.

    Please email it to:


    Those who would like to be considered (also or solely) for performance that
    evening should send a CDR w/ a QuickTime movie or a DVD-R demo of your work
    and a document describing what you want to do. Please include a brief bio.

    Please send said disks and ephemera to:

    Henry Warwick
    148 Dellbrook Ave
    San Francisco CA

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