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Discussion in 'Software' started by monosphere, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. monosphere

    monosphere New Member

    Hi there!!

    I am a vj for several years now and the latest innovation is 3D mapping or videomapping.

    I have Resolume 4 arena and I'm experimenting with the advanced output controls for videomapping.

    I get the hang of that but How do I make a 3d loop or vj clips that is fitting into my 3d projection? To get a real perspective image into the public. I watched several tutorials but how do you begin? I been trying AE, C4D, flash etc.. and I am not a great big star animation. I see al lot of great Abstract clips on the net. But HOW is it made?

    Is there someone that has tips & tools for me?
  2. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    you will need to brush up your animation / modelling skills.

    for true 3d based video mapping you will generaly need to make a 3d model of what you want to map and use UV mapping in your 3d software to decide how the texture is applied to the model. you then unwrap / unfold the UV Map, export the flat data and use the resulting image as a template to make your animations to.

    for 2d mapping like mapio / madmapper / generic name where you sample an area and specify its destination, you need to think about what your final setup will be and make content that is layed out in a way that can easily be resampled when you get to the mapping part.

    when it comes down to it - for the result to look good, the content has to be good - the first technique will give much better results but requires a lot more work.
  3. black burst

    black burst a bloke.

    look into opengl "assymetric frustum" and get ready to hire someone else.
  4. shaahkar

    shaahkar New Member

    hey vjair
    after racking my brains i think i have finally come to this thread to know the right answer. Please if you can answer these questions, Is there a difference between how projections on buildings fascade (which are in some ways 2d ) are conceptualized as opposed to projection on a car ( which is 3d) or have i got it completely wrong ? also if you could explain the process that involves uv mapping and unwrapping. I think i ve over complicated things for myself. if you could simplify them for me like how you did here. Thanks
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2012
  5. mowgli

    mowgli collapsing wave functions

    For effective illusions one needs to understand how perspective works and how to represent 3D in 2D ie drawing.
    Everyone rants about this or that software yet very few people are actually looking into the transferible skills and real understanding that traditional methods bring.
    Trompe l'Oeil has been around for centuries and is the conceptual foundation of what has become video mapping.
  6. shaahkar

    shaahkar New Member

    you are right . but i m aware of the conceptual underlying. as much as i understand video mapping as a concept, there s a lacuna in terms of how to achieve the result in technical terms.
  7. cat

    cat Senior Moments

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