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Virtual capture driver

Discussion in 'Software' started by eyeman, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. eyeman

    eyeman New Member

    I was fiddling with a trial of this virtual capture driver and was able to capture live output from one program, running on the right side of an extended screen, into vjo.


    I'm not sure how useful this would be but it's not limited to vjo and may help someone out who has to get something together for show quickly.

  2. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    It eats up CPU like hell at reasonable resolutions? It makes your output stutter? I would always prefer to render to file if possible. If you need audioractive/interactive realtime I would rely on patchbox and 2 PC?s.
  3. KillingFrenzy

    KillingFrenzy KillingFrenzy Visuals


    Not to mention that visualJockey quickly becomes a nightmare to use in anything besides a fullscreen, maximized configuration.
  4. eyeman

    eyeman New Member

    patchbox is better. Isn't it limited to streaming in stuff from winamp?

    I needed the ability to stream video from another application a couple of years ago and couldn't find it back then. Vjo was just included to test it out. I suppose that you could use it (the virtual capture driver) to stream in live stuff from a paint program.


    p.s. The vjo forum has been down for a while.
  5. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    Vjo forums are up again, there was a problem with config confusion and chris was away.

    Patchbox allow to stream from any freeframe enabled software. What software that isn`t ment to be used live do you want to stream from?
  6. eyeman

    eyeman New Member

    Most prog's can export to avi (if they're not freeframe enabled) either directly or via a screen capture app (snagit, hypercam). However, as I mentioned before, streaming in live input from a paint program would add value to a show. For example, you could include live input in vjo by streaming in the graphics and keying out the background colour. It would be preferable to have a small paintbox freeframe plugin but this might provide an immediate alternative. VJ Artists can take or leave this program as an option.

    It only takes a couple of seconds to set this up so I might post an example of the live paint program option if time permits.
  7. eyeman

    eyeman New Member

    As promised with minimal effort ;)

    Example 1
    Example 2
    Example 3

    It would probably be good to use if you were filming the dancers and had some preset brushes that you could use to interact with them. I'm really struggling for ideas here as it's early morning in oz.

  8. elbows

    elbows PixelRomper

    Nice one, I can think of several uses for it as I have some software that doesnt support freeframe that I would like to output from and receive to.

    I didnt see the other thread about it so I had to do some searching to find out what it was. Softcam is it? ( http://www.luminositi.com/ )

    Its true that under many circumstances a multi-computer setup using patchbox or physically sending tv or scanconverter output to another computers video capture device is better, but this thing still has its place, cheers.
  9. eyeman

    eyeman New Member

    There's another one on the net called Splitcam that's supposed to let you use the same video stream in different apps simaultaneously. I haven't tried it yet. VJo doesn't have a problem reusing video streams but there may be situations where you want to switch between apps during a show. Frame rates would be an issue I expect.


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