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Vision'R Calling - AVit France : january 2007 - Paris

Discussion in 'Future AVIT Events' started by neologhos, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. neologhos

    neologhos New Member

    The International Project deadline is november 30, 2006.
    The French Project deadline is november 15, 2006.

    Vision'R takes place in january 19, 20 & 21, 2007. at Paris & Mains d'Oeuvres as last year.

    Here is the calling :

    To build together the program of the 2007 cooperative VJ Festival Vision'R - AVit France, on a various, complementary tone, with meetings, experiences, pleasures, surprises, artistic peculiarities of production and reception, immersive strokes and blows, possessions and suggestions cast, among
    others, on the others, and on ourselves, according to us "VJs" and the like -- media hybrids; technoid mutants; experienced, curious, confused, lost people; fans of our images, and our tools, our influences, our connections, our news, our memories, our saturations, our commitments and demands-- here is the 2007 call to positions and propositions !

    Because there is still so much to do on all levels ? and that is fortunate, even if by caprice we would often prefer that things went faster so that we could spend our time on what is important, even if ?what is important? does not exist as such but is invented along the way, as is the vj performance, its acceptance, its brilliance, its sharing or its refusal, its understanding, its different faces and its exploration.

    General line of the Festival extracted from the debriefing of the 2006 vision'R Festival :
    " A festival as a gathering of artists with complementary practices, as a meeting of the different participants of an emerging professional sector, as a collective event, helping the structuralization and the recognition of the art of VJing, as a place dedicated to art mediators who value the interactions with the public (talks, initiations, workshops, sharing of experiences), and as a valorization of technologies and know-how that are enriching for all the media and the cultural worlds"

    Here is the link towards the 2006 Video (english version to come):
    So you can send us your propositions, remarks, ideas, insults right now concerning the contents of the Festival Vision'R to vision-r(A)reseaux-creation.org -
    for the completed projects: artistic intention, description, technical index card (ask for the model of index card).

    Tracks for 2007: Scientific and poetic meetings, presentations of projects, demonstrations, workshops, professional show, free, independent or captive creations, performances, shows of bands with VJ, altering clubbing, immersive devices, extreme experimentations, theater with VJing, poetry / slam... opening towards interdisciplinary performances, Inter-media explorations, VJ syndicate, VJ "Union", inventory of VJ events and emergence of the VJ scene in the other fields...

    Laurent & VJ France & co
  2. videoswitchboard

    videoswitchboard Pointless Crew-Glasgow

    Hi Laurent.

    have you got an application form or guidelines that can be downloaded?

    any ideas if contributors will get a fee or travel expenses/accomodation paid for?

    how long are the sets you're looking for?

    are you planning to have the presentations/debates in french only or in english too?

    good luck with the festival.

  3. cat

    cat Senior Moments

    One of the bands I work with is doing a gig on the saturday in paris, for I think, another festival, I'm not sure of the name, I was told it was a event based around homemade instruments. So at the very least I'm intrested i coming along, or if you want the Modified Toy Orchestra to play, get in touch www.warmcircuit.com ...
  4. lowRes

    lowRes another member

    can u by any chance get the name of that other event?
    i'm really interested in that but being soo far away now i hav to plan in advance..

    many thanx

    * )
  5. cat

    cat Senior Moments

    Cant find out till thursday/friday, but I'll try and let you know then, only got told about it last week, with no further details!
  6. neologhos

    neologhos New Member

    Vision'R info

    Hi, thX to ask for more...
    The english version with the info arrives.
    We pay for travel expenses and for hotel if any collaborative way to do is not possible. You can propose sets or workshops or other... for the sets it is between 1 hour and 1 h 30.
    We'll do the max. to translate every meetings & workshops.

  7. cat

    cat Senior Moments

  8. lowRes

    lowRes another member


    thanx! cat
  9. matthecat

    matthecat the cat sat on mat

    so yeah is there an apllication form for this?
  10. videoswitchboard

    videoswitchboard Pointless Crew-Glasgow

    seems that even the VJfrance thread is vague on the matter.

    presumably, the "appel a propositions" was closed on nov 15th so it isn't likely that we'll get an entry form in English at this stage.

    nae luck.
  11. gmo

    gmo New Member

    hello evry body
    "The International Project deadline is november 30, 2006".
    it's closed just for the french project.
  12. f_usion

    f_usion New Member

    info, please

    also asking for the english version.
    tight deadline for us, now in Rome at LPV, so can you please tell us how long should the demo be? Oh, one other "small" detail: are we supposed to be sellected or invited? How can we join you?

  13. cat

    cat Senior Moments

    Sent them an email, but no reply. I'll try and check it out as Im in Paris that weekend anyway!
  14. neologhos

    neologhos New Member

  15. SilentEclipse

    SilentEclipse PH 5.9

    I might treat myself to a trip to Paris for this, but will many people there speak english? Will any of the workshops/presentations be in english??
  16. dubassy

    dubassy televison ate my brain

    i played at last years event. it was really good. a wide collection of peeps from various countries, so lots of english, tho i was trying to practise my french (and failing miserably:lol2: )...

    the workshops would be in english if presented by non-french people i pressume, like toby/spark did one last year...

    hope that helps.
  17. neologhos

    neologhos New Member

    Vision?R tournament 2007


    Portrait of the contemporaneousness at its fullest, the present ? happening and becoming ?can only be represented ? live ?.
    The performance of Servovalve involves unpredictable discipline, creation and program.
    The chaotic streams of representations are arranged in formalistic and symbolic ways to give a particular result, both organic and digital.
    The obsolete synchronism is perfectly replaced by a contemporaneousness of the events : the simultaneity of this streams that cross one each other, join or oppose themselves, reach the limits of the art of VJing, between mediascape and conscience level maps.

    Servovalve were the special guests of the first edition of the festival. They will be the patrons of the tournament in 2007.
    Their universes compose a portrait of the complexity of the present time, joining digital and organic elements only rendered ? live ?.
    With these pictures and videos of their new artisitc experiments, you?ll have to express yourself.

    Images & videos here :

    So, you must use these pictures and videos from Servovalve, mixing them with your own to make a demo and send it to us : a 5 to 10 minutes video with free music or original one or on Creative Commons right license.
    After this, we?ll invite some of you to mix live in Vision?R Festival (journey and lodgings paid for). Some equipments will complete this.

    You have to send it to us before Friday, January 5th 2007 (midnight).
    Send video file with http://dl.free.fr to vision-r(at)reseaux-creation.org ?change (at) by @.
    You can also send us a ftp link so that we can download your file.
    Only one demo per VJ.
    You can also send it to us (mail has to arrive to us before the deadline) by postmail on a CD to :
    45 rue de Belfort
    92400 COURBEVOIE

    The .mov files have problems and the .avi ones are made from the .mov
    Best files have to arrive (at least for the tournament in Paris)

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