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Visiting Linz, Austria 02/11 - 03/11

Discussion in 'The Meeting Point' started by deanbob, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. deanbob

    deanbob ::CHECKTHISPECKER::

    Visiting Linz, Austria 02/09/11 - 03/09/11


    I will be heading out to Linz for the ARS Electronica Festival and was wondering if anyone had any ideas/ contacts/ details on how we may go about getting booked for a VJ gig, either on 02 or 03 Sept [or both ;]. I figured it would be a great opportunity for us to experience VJ'ing in another country and see things from a different cultures perspective.

    Ideally the venue/s would need to provide the infrastructure, screens, projectors [vga or dvi input] as we would be travelling lightly with our MacBooks and TV-One mixer and would perform on a 'plug and play basis'. We'd be happy to fill what ever set length is required of us, from a few hours to the whole night. There would be the two of us heading over should we manage to secure a gig.

    We're currently around 50% through a brand refresh and our website isn't worthy of note at the moment but you can see examples of our work on our Vimeo page and read a little more info in our new promo booklet on issuu.


    Nice one

    That's me posting the wrong dates, just to confirm I will be in Austria 02/09/11 - 03/09/11 :)
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