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Discussion in 'Inspiration' started by fuussmuuss, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. fuussmuuss

    fuussmuuss motion design geek

    Hi all!
    I'm really proud to announce that our new website is finally up and running! It's not completely finished yet, cause i need to add some flash files and/or moving imagery in the main UI but i didn't had time to do that till now! And the event listing should be improved too!

    There is a (really) small file sharing section on the Site too. The main purpose is to share some After Effects composition (some ready mades) that can be used by others for their work!! Contact me ( steve@visual-delight.lu) if you want to contribute. I'll have to check my serverspace before uploading big stuff, cause actually we don't pay for our hosting so i don't want to put too many big files on there ;) thanks alot to our kind web-hoster Nvision :D

    So please share your comments and critiques about the site!
    Oh yep, another important thing is that i just know Dreamweaver for 2 months now, so there maybe are mistakes in the website, so if you find some odd things just tell me about it, please!!

    Thanks for your time :D

    please visit: :: Visual Delight :: Webbase :: 2.0 ::
  2. 3YE

    3YE UndergrounD


    you should be proud

    nice. easy to use. the QT files took about 8secs to start (I'm on broadband browsing with IE6) which was alright by me because I watched more than i thought i would initially when i saw how easy they were to watch. I liked the way they are integrated into the page design, and they came up fine on my 2nd monitor too, which looked really cool.

    I don't think it needs any more moving icons or flashy stuff, the minimal design is really strong as it is, it loads fast and doesn't overwhelm the eye

    I know nothing about dreamweaver, but i am a bit familiar with flash (just to put my gushing praise into context, ie: if you've used generic stuff, i wouldn't know where others might, but it looks good anyway)

    really good. I think you've set a standard there. :)
  3. Morninglight

    Morninglight New Member

    Nice site m8
  4. battagliero

    battagliero New Member

    realy nice work

    but let dreamweaver in the box and learn html basic, u will improve your web site speed.

    but I like too much the graphic work and tour style, non too trandy and not too underground. Cool.

    I agree with 3YE flash is unneeded.


  5. fuussmuuss

    fuussmuuss motion design geek

    Thanks guys :D i'm sooooooooooo happy about this new site i could pee my pants :D i think it can be improved in some ways, but for the moment i will leave it as it is! i'm thinkin about some kind of visualisation that can be added in the main page, but i'll have to recheck my flash skills before that, and im a bit fed up with doing internet stuff since 2 months ;)

    Thanks again for the crits!

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