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Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by fluchtpunkt, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. fluchtpunkt

    fluchtpunkt Moderator

    the idea of having vj-battles in the community (yes!yes!yes!!! :) ) has appeared in several threads (e.g. original content thread & cheese challenge thread ) ; so i figured i'd continue the discussion in a thread of it's own.

    here's my suggestion:
    make a new forum 'vj-battles' in the content or community (?) section of vjforums. there a battle/contest would be started by simply starting a new thread. to make implemantation easy works would be submitted by providing a link.
    every thread would also have a ranking which would work in a similar fashion as the polls do. every logged in user could submit/enter his personal ranking of the contesting vj's (but of course just once ;) - though being able to edit changes would make sense). the momentary overall rankings would be displayed at the top of the thread (...& you could add loads of statistics once enough contests had taken place...). works could only be submitted before a deadline (choice of thread starter). also the (links to) works could be kept in a box of its own, to separate them from the posts, where a discussion could take place.

    ...so what do you other vjforians think of this suggestion?
  2. Primebase3

    Primebase3 Prime Member (Jules)

    aaaaight then.. bring the ruckus ^^
  3. PilotX

    PilotX Tom syzygy, not Dan ;)

    Yep. Lets get this going.
    Do we need to agree on specs?

    Syzygy Visuals
  4. InsideUsAll

    InsideUsAll immersive

    choose your weapons boys [& girls] let battle commence!
  5. Primebase3

    Primebase3 Prime Member (Jules)

    hmmmz how we gonna defide the bouts indeed: on sound (goa to hiphop and everything in between)? and the size : 160 x 120 ok avi microsoft codec (easy and small)? or going streaming wma'z or ramz? (real and windows media respectively) or good old quicktime cinepak (also always work) let me know.
  6. AetherPan

    AetherPan New Member

    swf's plz.

  7. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    need to be alot bigger than this - at least 352x288 mpeg1 (vcd) any smaller and you just can't see anything - let alone judge how "good" it is

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    I agree, VCD rez mpeg1 would be good...either PAL or NTSC (352x240) versions but for sanity's sake maybe we should stick w/ one standard...it would provide decent enough quality as well as be cross-platform..also could be used in some sort of VJF VJ-battle VCD compilation some day...

    I think I can arrange hosting space for clips if needed...
  9. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

    i like the idea a lot but i'm afraid it can't be implemented in vbulletin without heavy modifications. doing it on vjcentral may be an easier solution, however i have no time for doing this at the moment... my offer to give access to the server is still open though.
  10. fluchtpunkt

    fluchtpunkt Moderator

    Re: Re: vj-battles

    ...sure, i'd love to give a helping hand :nod: .
  11. Primebase3

    Primebase3 Prime Member (Jules)

    I love you guys but I'm not gonna battle on such a High rez :( plus I'll get beef with my crew. sorry hope you all understand
  12. Anyone

    Anyone New Member

    title and method rethink


    I really think this project is interesting,
    but perhaps it needs a little rethink:

    first I'm not sure if "battle" is really the proper title for this...
    are you really out there to beat each other up?
    how can you tell who wins?

    maybe VJ "correspondance" or "conversation" or "dialogue"
    would be more suitable, less of a competitive element in it

    also this is a good way to get the newbies involved,
    otherwise, only VJs that think they are "better" or
    those that think they can "beat" the next VJ will get involved...

    someone also suggested VJ "tennis" in another thread.
    that's good too, still got the competitive edge to it,
    but doesnt feel the same as "battle" which to me
    sounds to much like a post- Dungeon and Dragons party...

    I'm sure we could ask Audiovisualizers to host this for us,
    to post and pick up the videos we need to,
    and let him decide the format...
    I'm sure he'll be up for it,
    he's got the bandwith and and storage space,
    and it'll also give his site more traffic... Dave?

    for the operational method, the "how we do it" part,
    I suggest we either pair up for tennis sessions as in "Kriel vs Rovastar"
    and post say 10 "serves"
    or we do it in the Chain Letter format, ie
    "Anyone-> Levlhead -> Red -> Prime -> Murph -> Spark -> Exhale..."
    and post every step of the chain...

    how's that?
  13. Primebase3

    Primebase3 Prime Member (Jules)

    hihi :) I like the title gives it it's hiphop-esque feel. remember the breakdance battles back in 87? it is a battle but after woulds the kids would talk about how to do that powermove and talk shop...aah the good old days ..snif

    whatever the name. I'd love to join in but can''t if the rez specs have to be that big. love the forums but don't want to come in a HEY I know that visual could you explain ... when I'm at a vj set somewhere sorry but that's just the business-paranoia in me. again hoping for understanding. thnx!
  14. fluchtpunkt

    fluchtpunkt Moderator

    yep :nod:, me likes the word 'battle', too. & after all this word has already been coined in various other 'subcultures'/artforms - so why invent a new one?
    as i mentioned in my original post i imagine/hope these battles to be very much about discussion & dialogue. i think a 'battle' can (&should) in itself be considered as a form of dialogue.
    it's not about beating one another up. it's about challenging each other. giving it your best & thereby forcing the opponent (or rather partner) to give it his/her best, too.
    ...i like the vj-tennis idea, too :) . & 'battles' (be it djs or bboys) usually involve an element of action<->reaction between sides. but that's live. i don't know if it would work here on the boards (ideas?).

    ...i guess we'll just have to figure out what works best by trying :)

  15. PilotX

    PilotX Tom syzygy, not Dan ;)

    I'm up for either style. As for the name, it hadn't really occured to me that battles might be seen as being an unfriendly name. ditto Fluchtpunkt and Primebase3 here, although I do see what you mean. Guess it depends on whether you reckon most ppl know that side of hip-hop culture.

  16. Anyone

    Anyone New Member

    If you are keeping these to Hiphop, I think battle could be OK. But if you want to extend this to other musical genres, say ambiant, then battle seems a bit too strong a word.

    but its just a word... lets not spend too much time about this and just do it !

  17. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

    prime, i don't understand why you consider 352x288 as "high resolution"? i'm not a resolution freak but 160x120 just doesn't seem to be worth the trouble... also, what about using the divx codec if the goal is strictly to "show off" what we can do to each other? divx videos are extremly small, especially at this resolution, and the quality isn't bad.

    ps: if you're concerned about people replaying them, you could put a small watermark...
  18. Primebase3

    Primebase3 Prime Member (Jules)

    No true X its not big but it's just enough to play with :( yeah I know I'm "greedy" with stuff that I make. even though it's a friendly battle and everybody has the fairest of intentions I can't say the same for viewers out the game :( like the water mark idea though. uhm divx is dope I'll play on a lower rez cuz I do wanna "show off" hhaha uhm disqualify me if necessary but I gotta stay pro again my apologies ..on the next avit we can do it for keeps (hahah project on a boxing arena with the public on top..hmmz)
  19. robotfunk

    robotfunk Feed your Machine

    im imagining a ripoff battle/tennis with everybody adding a slightly larger watermark over the old one till the screen is filled with a single logo
    nah seriously anyway would be fine wivv me... are we gonna remix the same starting content or pingponging content back and forth each adding something?? or just have a 'visual answer' to the clip your reacting to?
  20. ToddGraft

    ToddGraft Megolamediac

    Good Point
    If we took it as a visual answer then VJC could produce a marathon chinese whisper in viz form and create a real global answer to AVIT

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