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VJ eXchange footage

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by sakamoto, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. sakamoto

    sakamoto VJ CUTUP

    I installed a simple script to upload/download/exchange small clips and footage: http://www.vjcutup.tk (click on fileupload). Nothing to install on your pc/mac, just a page where you can upload your files and browse the clip list.
    Just read the simple rules before uploading your stuff.
  2. RayV

    RayV =] ++ [=


    thought it was sweeet & easy idea
    & why not to give some of my old fractalz
    which i dont use for long time now
    mayb someone else will like it .. :eek:

    but the re-naming check box seemed not to be workin'
    so there u are with the old names..
    hope its still good 4 some
  3. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Nice work. So far everything seems to be working fine for me. I didn?t try the rename function though. Thanks for the opportunity.

    *Edited to add. I hope you don?t mind me posting a link on my site to yours.
  4. devonmiles

    devonmiles Midi: the language of God

    uhm, ray-v, what codec do you used? cant open it.

    hey dmt, the one with the keyboard buttons is cool. thxs!
  5. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    thanks...I tried to do a blue background for bluescreen effect. It works for the most part. I just need a better lightsource.
  6. RayV

    RayV =] ++ [=

    i use pic video
    personly i found its a pretty good codec too
    not that im into that never ending discussions about it again
    but if u look back at some of the 1000000000 codec threads
    i think ther'es another vj or 2 who use it & find it cool
    i'll check if i have any moves to deliv'a
  7. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Is there a quota for uploading? I?m running into some problems trying to upload a 4th clip? It?s the same file format and it?s about 2 megs.
  8. sakamoto

    sakamoto VJ CUTUP

    the file size limit is 10MB... kyle, what's the error message you received?
  9. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Thanks for the quick reply...I made sure it was under 10 megs

    name : VJ DMT-Butterfly Effect.mov
    type :
    tmp_name :
    error : 1
    size : 0
  10. WordVirus23

    WordVirus23 NoInput is Detected

    yeah I got that same error on my 4th file u/l as well.... nice slick interface tho :)


    (10megs may be a bit small for some folks tho... hell, even some of my 320x240 clips are larger than 10 megs..) guess you won't get those tho ;)

    PS. yeah kyle, the keyboard keys are cool... I had plans to do something along the same line, if I ever get another stick of AA batteries for my digi cam, I'll have to shoot the keys I've got stashed about :)
  11. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    I was getting the errors with files over 2 megs. The smaller files seem to be uploading fine.

    The keyboard idea seems to be liked by many. Maybe I will catalog all the keys and make the templates available for download in a zip file. Then you can make your own words and sentences. It looks really cool with chroma. I?m Glad people enjoy it. Kudos to Cutup for hosting the files!
  12. WordVirus23

    WordVirus23 NoInput is Detected

    if you work at bars....


    has some great tag free thumbed pics :)

    the catalog of keys (foreign keys too!!![I suppose US keys are foreign elsewhere]) would make for an excellent photoshop stylee battle... what better way if you've got something to say! :)


    thanks for the hosting too
    <tips his invisible hat>
  13. matthecat

    matthecat the cat sat on mat

    getting 'error 1' trying to upload a 3.6 meg avi
  14. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    I guess there is a 2mb limit on uploads. It seems that everyone is getting errors with file sizes over 2megs.
  15. vjTranceKoder

    vjTranceKoder AVPA is the only way

    2 MB!?

    Id love to UL some more stuff but 2MB? Thats a little small...

    I love the site concept though. Kudos!...

    Too bad most are compressing using AVI or Sorenson codec. Why not the classic Photo-jpeg? Well, with 2MB to work with...

    and yeah, I like the keyboard movie too!! Nice one DMT:nod:
  16. sakamoto

    sakamoto VJ CUTUP

    I uploaded a 3.15MB clip without problems: vjcutup_japanesedrinks.AVI
    I'll try with bigger clips later on!
  17. homing

    homing Member

    Very nice site! I've uploaded one clip
    But was'nt able to upload a avi that is 6.41mb
  18. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

    check your PHP configurations, there are quite a lot of settings to change to allow large uploads (depending on your version of PHP: upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, max_execution_time and/or max_input_time)
  19. sakamoto

    sakamoto VJ CUTUP

    I had an upload_max_filesize = 2M in my php.ini file
    Now the limit is 10M, hopefully it should work now.
  20. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Thanks for fixing the bug!

    Some of the files are not opening for me. Where can I get an all in one codec pack to view these files?
  21. WordVirus23

    WordVirus23 NoInput is Detected

    www.audiovisualizers.com has a codec pack that seems to work well for me, don't forget, some QTs are mac only, ,and I'm guessing that goes both ways... mine are all cinepak or MJPEG...


    Editted to say:
    Get your leech on people... I u/l'ed a buncha stuff... save the clover loop files for St. Patrick's day ;)
    All commercial rights reserved on original footage. Full performance & arty rights granted freely. please give credit where it's due. and SHARE
  22. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    WMP 10 seemed to be the culprit. I was able to open the files with Quicktime Pro.

    By the way the collection is growing and the work is really great. Thanks to everyone for sharing. :D

    *Edited to add
  23. Exavior

    Exavior Ex creperum pervideo

    Nice stuff. I like the idea of having the original creator's name in the title of each clip. I plan to keep the artist name as part of the file name on any of the clips I download. Makes it easy to remember who made what, and help give credit where it?s due.

    I plan to upload some clips eventually, but I don't really have any of my content on this pc.

    One thing: it would be nice if viewing clips did not take you away from the file listing. Having to click ?back? every time gets to be a bit of an annoyance after the 50th clip.
  24. WordVirus23

    WordVirus23 NoInput is Detected

    10-17-04 WordVirus Update

    well, I uploaded ~10 new clips, including a Doc Martin animated title (nothing earth shaking, but'll save ya some time if you've gotta gig w/ him)

    also, check out Nata Blocks & Big Blocks for some animated B&W masks.

    Misc Info: Nata is my VJ protoge, I've u/l'd some of his clips.

    interesting backstory on the clip Will Groovin:

    this is the local dancing kook... filmed @ an outdoor party this summer. He used to work @ Guitar Center, but due to massive intoxication, he deceided to dance all day instead of coming down the mountian and going to work. At the end of the campout/festi, Will *INSISTED* that everyone get together for an Ohm (fine by me) but with everyone breaking down and trying to get off the Mtn before it got blisteringly hot, gathering everyone took about 20 mins... sure enough, Will was 20 mins late to work, he strolled in still sweaty and bug eyed... yeah, good way to lose a job. I'm making a DVD of the event and will be naming the section containing Will, "Will Dances His Job Away". :)

    enjoy the new clips

    All commercial rights reserved on original footage. Full performance & arty rights granted freely. please give credit where it's due. and SHARE.

  25. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Thanks for hooking it up James. I have used your clips as well as the others at a few parties already. Some nice stuff. I will be uploading more shortly. Just been a little lazy.
  26. onceagain

    onceagain Marco

    yoyo i upload some clips i made in last 2 weeks but i want to replace someone because i had some errors. is it possible to replace? e' possibile sostituire i files?
  27. sakamoto

    sakamoto VJ CUTUP

    onceagain, send me an email or a private message with the files to remove and I'll manually delete them, cheers!

  28. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Bring it on...way to share guys...keep this alive!
  29. onceagain

    onceagain Marco

    ok i send you a mail
    is it possible to have .swf extension too?, i upload onceagain-simboli e donnatestavector like avi files but i have in swf too.

  30. WordVirus23

    WordVirus23 NoInput is Detected

    just in time for Halloween

    y'all better love me long time for this one:
    NVP - BloodDrip Loop
    a halloween "mask"


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