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web-director-cabin in live-streaming for client

Discussion in 'Creating Content' started by adrjork, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. adrjork

    adrjork New Member

    1 stereo mic linked to a mac
    3 ip-cams linked to a modem

    I want
    to send the 3 videos directly in live-streaming at the same time (in synchr), from the modem to the web,
    and also to send the audio-stereo from the mac to the web (in synchro with the videos)

    I need
    to build a little free-app for clients-only that gives to everybody in internet the possibility to change in real time the video sources from the 3 I offer, but always listening to the audio source without stop it... like a surveillance software or like a virtual direction cabin (also having 60 seconds buffer! I need only synchro between 3 videos and audio).

    The question is: what kind of software, or programming language, can I use to obtain this result? Java? Flash? ActionScript? MaxMsp? PureData? What...


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