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What program was used for these demo reels?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Kukurio, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Kukurio

    Kukurio New Member

    Hi there!

    I've been wanting to get into visual mixing... just started really...
    I'm a film editor who uses final cut and after effects, and thought this was right up my alley.

    I have: Modul8, Resolume, Quartz, and VDMX5...

    can anyone tell me which program would be best to use to create mixes like the ones below?

    Mix 1:
    Mix 3:

    I'm assuming after effects or some sort of program was used to construct some of this, and then a mixing program to finish it off?
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  2. alfaleader

    alfaleader Member

    Propably after effects and then playback with software like resolume. (the tunnel effect in the 2nd video is a preset in resolume)
  3. Kukurio

    Kukurio New Member

    Thanks... it's so hard for me to wrap my head around what I want to learn.

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