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which mixer do i need?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by wellREDman, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. wellREDman

    wellREDman Saitek Warrior

    I've got to spec a rig for a fly-in gig i'm doing and obviously i want as close an approximation to my own as i can, which is an mx50 into a hama dvm1000,
    now i'm guessing that the dvm is rare enough that the promoter wont be able to hire one in, so which of the easily available (ie panasonic) mixers is a similar spec ?
    it needs to be 2 channel with decent knob/fader available luma keying.
    and before anyone points out that the dvm is small enough for me to take with me, our rig is doing a show back home the same night
  2. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    get another 50

    you'll be hard pushed to find anywhere that will hire you anything other than an MX50 - some places might do you an MX30 or AV55/MX20 but they are a rairity - i'd definatly spec 2 MX50s

    actaully after our paris experiance i'd spec 4 MX50s - we got the Pompidou to hire us 2 50s but they were BOTH fucked - unstable colour on the A buss - got round it by setting that buss to monochrome and dealing with the fact that half the show would be black and white!

    remember to spec enough monitors too
  3. wellREDman

    wellREDman Saitek Warrior

    cheers tom,
    but if i can get a 20 or a 30 do they both have luma on hardware controls? i know the 55 has it buried in a menu.
  4. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    MX20 and AV55 are one and the same thing (shitty menus - but the luma actually doesn't need menu - 1.push lumakey buton > 2.use the up and down arrow on numeric keypad to set luma threshold [its controled by the knob on the 50] > 3.push enter on numeric keypad > 4.crossfader now fades key in and out.... go back to 1 if you want to change the threshold)
    MX30 luma is the same as on the 50
  5. wellREDman

    wellREDman Saitek Warrior

    cheers again tom
    you really are the guru of all mixers :)

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