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who uses motionloops.com if not have a look

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by stickyhead, May 19, 2006.

  1. stickyhead

    stickyhead New Member

    guy if you havn't got your arse down to www.motionloops.com do so its got some really fresh ideas on there, love all those 3d animation they have, which are really origanal. If you sign up as a member they give out free loops, the loops arn't bad - not as good as the ones you can buy off there site though.

    if you do end up buying anything from them or have in the past please get in touch to duscuss further

  2. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    Thanks, just trying a few of their loops now :cheers:
  3. dubassy

    dubassy televison ate my brain

    someone told me the pixelrhymes collection might be worth a looksee;)
  4. evomedia

    evomedia Control Freaks

    Well not that orginal if you look at half the live acts and tv shows done by AV companies, if you know what to look for you'll spot them at virtually every festival, and music based tv show. They were used for background visuals for fame academy, basement jaxx, top of the pops the list goes on.

    They are used to death at present.
  5. dubassy

    dubassy televison ate my brain

    i've got a couple of new motionloops titles coming out in the coming months.. so hopefully that will freshen up their selection.....

    will keep you posted...
  6. stickyhead

    stickyhead New Member

    oh which ones have you got that are coming out in the next few months? this sounds interesting!

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