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Who wants to collab on live show idea?

Discussion in 'Collaborative Work' started by sburke1, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. sburke1

    sburke1 New Member

    YO VJ's

    I am currently working on an idea I want to put into my bands live set.

    I really like hearing original songs that were sampled for hip hop or dance music. I recently have found tons of videos for these originals, and videos for the current tracks that sampled those songs....live performances, movies, music videos, etc.

    The first thing I might do is make a huge mashup of all these songs, and play that at our bands show, in sync with our band via a click. We will show the crowd the original song, "flip the sample" live (repitch it so the crowd can hear) and show how the producer manipulated the sample, then have the band come in full force with the mashup.

    However, I am looking for more ways to make our set interactive.

    I am thinking about rigging a usb wheel controller for a racing game to send midi to max, and then to resolume, so the crowd can "spin the wheel" which will control a clip that will will "land" on a certain image of a song. Then the band will have to use that song in a mashup.

    Once the crowd chooses what songs we will mashup together,(maybe 4 at a time) I will transpose the songs to a common key.

    This means the band will have to learn a number of tracks, maybe 16-32 for now, and be able to transpose them into a couple different keys (C and G to start) and play them together.

    Anyways, the reason for me writing my whole idea is.

    Does anyone have any good links on the net to original samples?
    Ive probably found most of them but I am sure there are more. If anyone is still unclear about what I mean, I will post 2 links.

    Does anyone want to collaborate on this? I've never done this before , but I have a server when I could upload ableton sets where I warp the samples, or a resolume set. I would be willing to help someone else out on there project in return.

    Does anyone have any other ideas in general about how I could make my band a more interactive or "next level" video/mashup/band/experience?

    Thanks for reading!
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