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Why I'm leaving the VJCentral project

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by eXhale, May 9, 2005.

  1. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

    This is a text I wrote on early March. I thought I'd post it here now, so you all know why I'm leaving VJing and the Internet.


    The promises of technology are appealing and it is often necessary to go deep within the ?heart? of the Matrix to realize that they are just that ? empty promises, hypnotizing carrots which prevent us to notice the cliffs we are rushing toward. So this is from the center of the global spider web that I have the honor to talk about my adventure with the Internet.

    Ah Internet! This ?wonderful technology? which allows people from all over the world to connect in a few seconds. Here's something which has gone a long way in the past 10 years. When I was 15, I was the only student in my classroom with my very own ?connection? and I was chatting every evenings with Americans and other virtual beings living in far-away countries.

    After a few years I got tired of playing intellectual games, especially since everyone else was doing it. I was fed up with these purely superficial relationships, these constant changes of identity, these games of appearance and these cults of the personality ? all the stuff that made the virtual world of ?chats? and ?blogs?. I was looking for something more ?serious?.

    Thus, at 18 year old, I started making money online! The dotcom economy had not crashed yet and it was relatively easily to earn money with some basic knowledge and creativity. My talents in programming ? 5 years of experience already ? allowed me to automate my ?money factories? and, at 20, I was earning almost as much as my parents.

    My life, however, was a disaster since I had forgotten myself in my obsession for money. I decided rather precipitedly to abandon everything and start over from scratch. I sold my websites for $12'000 but, because I proceeded too fast, I never saw the money. Never mind! I had all that I needed. The 11 September behind, I wanted to pursue a more ?revolutionary? path.

    With the money I bought all kind of video hardware and shortly after launched what I considered to be my dream: an online community for live video artists, VJs who ? like me ? projected images in real time on music. It was the first community around this emerging art form, and perhaps even the first website which allowed all its members to publish articles, reviews, news, links, etc.

    The website met an immediate success, rapidly attracting several thousands of members, and a great vision was slowly forming in front of my eyes: I was going to reconnect people through a platform of knowledge exchange, which would democratize and revolutionize this art form! I was on my little cloud and thought to myself that I had finally found my way to positively help the world.

    After several months, it became clear that the code behind the website would need to be deeply reworked in order to evolve and, since I was already thinking about founding 5 or 6 similar communities on other topics ? including some more ?revolutionary? ones ? I decided to develop a full and autonomous script for ?community management?. I didn't know at that time that it would take me nearly 2 years to complete this huge project.

    Fast-forward a few days ago. I finally put the new version of the website online, with several new features, and prepare myself to quit the project since, in the meantime, my interest had shifted to different areas. I await strong effects, because I know that we get back much energy when we ?close cycles?. The same evening energy starts building up so strongly that I catch an headache. I go for a walk in the cold night, and then come back to take a one-hour-long bath.

    And then it comes: I receive a great slap in the face. Having now enough energy, I see that all my efforts to ?revolutionize? the Internet and TV were vain. I see that I was always under the grip of technology, that it was defining the rules of the game and not me, despite my programming talents. The realization is not easy: they got me. In my illusion, I have fed the Leviathan with my energy and creativity.

    First of all this ?live video art?: I had stopped this activity for about a year but now the hypocrisy and absurdity is shocking me. I talked of democratization but at least $10'000 of hardware ? computer, camera, mixer, projector, etc. ? were required to really get started. I felt clever chatting about the ?immediatism? of this ?live? medium, but I needed hours to prepare the video samples that were played. I fantasized about ?remixing my TV? ? the ultimate enemy ? but I hypnotized crowds with cold and depersonalized screens, giving them no chance to explore their own inner world while dancing ? colonizing one more virgin space in their intimacy. Such an alienation for the passive ?spectator? and for me, the ?artist? stuck all night long in front of his computer screen!

    As for this concept of ?online communities?, the idea was always to help people reconnect to each others in ?real life? but, in all objectivity, this didn't happen very often and most of the members were happy enough to spend hours on the discussion forums. We repeated the schemes of the current society where everyone sits safely in front of a screen; even families are split, each member getting his own egoistic pleasure while looking at his or her targeted TV program, chatting with strangers, downloading music or playing at ?life simulations? like the popular ?The Sims?.

    Based on these observations, we can legitimately ask ourselves: does technology help us reconnect to each others, as human beings, or is it pushing us to plug to its machines, no matter the rational explaination?

    Observing myself, after all these years, I see that I treat my computer as a semi-god. I am directly attracted to it as soon as I come back home and I feed it with energy for long hours. If I stay for a long time outside, by friends, I feel a need to go back home. I always find an excuse, but it is always related to my favourite drug: the Internet.

    With enough distance I can see that one cause for this attraction is that, with my computer, I have a certain feeling of power and my ego loves it. I ?master? all the softwares that I need and even some that I don't need. As an experienced programmer, I can even create my own softwares if those existing don't satisfy my ?needs?. And most importantly, thanks to the Internet, I can influence people all over the world, give them my opinion and even earn a ?living? without leaving my home!

    In short I can do anything, well, anything that a serie of 0's and 1's can do. In our robotized society, this means more and more activities but it is always within a certain frame. It cannot influence what lives outside of the Matrix, what is not mechanized. On the other hand, by making the machine more attractive, by nurturing empty technologist ideals as I did for a long time, we attract more souls in its jaws. We end up killing Life as much within than without.

    My inner life was decaying indeed; my soul was dying. For years I didn't know how to do with others. I had forgotten how to be. A sense of sickness came to me every time that I needed to leave my safe little world and face creatures of flesh and bones ? which reminded me that, me too, I was made of flesh and bones. I didn't have any manual on how to ?utilize? the other. I only knew how to communicate with machines, following familiar procedures.

    My dreams of revolution were in fact massive illusions. I wanted to radically change the system but, working within Babylon itself, I had no choice but to follow the rules of the game. Doing this, I emptied myself from my energy and disconnected myself a little bit more from my soul.

    This gives us a frightening insight of the future prepared for us ? a dark future indeed for those who cherish truth, freedom, beauty and love ? that I share in the hope that you will not need to dive so deep in this alienation before waking up.

    We do not need technology to reconnect to each others, to find informations or to pass it around. We are already all spiritually connected and all these activities can be done in synchronicity but it requires patience and trust in the universe; we must stop listening to our ego which try to force things on as many people as possible.

    This is not by hypnotizing crowds that we will wake them up. This is not by attaching people to ?online communities? that we will free them. It is absurd to think that the end justify the means when those very means are radically opposed to the end. What makes us believe such stupidities? Maybe our lack of willingness to see things as they are, our tendency to see them the way our ego would like them to be?

    The period we live in has much potential for transformations. It is normal that the Leviathan tries to distort this new energy to its own end ? this is part of the game ? but it's up to us to refuse to be manipulated. The greatest service we can do to mankind is to undo all these morbid ideals and to have enough confidence in our inner power to detach from all these technologies. This is the only way that we can reanimate our soul, leave this system of death and participate to the creation of a new world.

    Once the illusion understood and digested, once we have enough energy to see what is, the hardest part is behind us. We just have to get rid of our remaining illusory beliefs, recapitule our energy still caught in the web, and then act according to this new awareness. Even if we have to abandon years of hard work, it doesn't matter! We must have trust that the essential will stay and that the lessons learnt in pain are forever engraved in our hearts. We thank heaven for these experiences, we have a good cry, and then we start walking with a light heart on this new unexplored road.

    No copyrights. Feel free to distribute.
  2. DFUNC

    DFUNC New Member

    Wow. A very interesting article. And very personal.

    And more than once I found myself in there. Just to clear things up: I never had the need for a revolution, but I was programming too, earning good money with it. And I totally agree that you end up lonely, satisfying your ego.

    But I found a healthy distance to the medium. I revived my NOT-0-1 hobbys like windsurfing (very cool) and motor-biking.
  3. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    good luck to you exhale, what ever you end up persueing. I recommend you take some time and travel (without a laptop!) if you have the luxury.

    Theres no substitute for raw experience to get some perspective back on things.
  4. alangeering

    alangeering Theatre Tech (AV)

    Note to all: Anyone reading this, read what eX wrote again.

    Thanks for what you wrote. I've learnt something. I'm going to send this to a few friends, and ask them to monitor me, and warn me when I get wrapped up in the false world.

    These words in particular hit me. I'm supposed to be a Christian, rule number 1: Have no other Gods, number 2: Have no idols. I've many, many days put internet time before, God time, or familty time, or girlfriend time.

    Even at my girlfriend's house today, I fired up a web browser, mavigated to the site I'm a webmaster at, and then checked to see if a few things were still working.

    I can see why you are leaving, and wish you well in whatever you do in the time you would have spent staring at a screen.

    lots of respect, and thank you for fathering this community (which has been of value to so many of us, and in overall positive ways too),
  5. littlecatalyst

    littlecatalyst Retireded

    even if it didn't change the world (overnight)
    thanks ex for creating this vspace... and totally understand what you are saying and what you are craving inside

    ...and wish you great success and an amazing journey there ....just be careful not to forget to ground yourself, regularly, my friend
    and again thanks SOO SOOO SOO Much for creating this space even if its just another illusiary stop on the virtual highway....

    much love and respect!
  6. RayV

    RayV =] ++ [=


    i have identified with eX wards somewhat as well.

    Of course I wish u to find the happiness you deserve & many xtra cool adventures

    after all, u did established a kind of loving family right here
    which manifested itself in the real life at times like Avit
    & once u come round to it one day, if at all
    u have made many friends all over the planet whom with some u might be able to meet again & make deeper contact or just real if u want
    Its there for u, i'm sure

    Its cool to have a total change & leave it all n go forward, pursuing other new adventures
    i know, as for myself that the world is round
    & its often that things gets back to u or you to them..
    - even just to check it out or say hi
    balance is my own answer when I find my head is too long in this box.

    Hope to have u for a visit sometime later

    Respect & love too
  7. fRED

    fRED Member

    human beeings believed over thousands of years that planet earth is a flat disk. it had been allready a bowl but knowbody was able to realise it. then some people studied this disk and builded small nutshells to proof this fact. why because they believed in the little details they found during their studies, that showed them that the common view on the things is wrong. it needed the energy of some people to show mankind that earth is only a little ball hanging in something much bigger.

    we don't need technology to reconnect to each other. like you sayed we are allready connected. our communication technology is only the nutshell. we need it to get an impression how a global spiritual connected humanity looks like. than more and more of us will believe in it, and planet earth (if you want universe) will change its face again. technology is not an artifical ulcer that tries to stop and kill human beeings. its as much part of our evolution like the fact that we don't have a hairy body anymore. what we learn now about networks, what we learn now about virtual (i don't mean non existing) communication, will help future generations to use more of the possibilities our body (brain) gives us.

    you write about patience, be patient and don't run to fast. you allready reached a point of cognition, because you believed in little details, you invented your nutshell to proof it. these test opened your view to a total different world. now the known became to small for you. you realized that the new tools are not working to your satisfaction, you experienced that months on the ocean will bring you scurvy.
    and most of all you are frustrated that the others use these tools for what they use everything you put in front of their door, strengthen their power to keep the ups and downs of society running.

    maybe one day all of us will take it as normal, but in between we will need these digital glasses wich are not as good as our normal eyes, but the eyes are not trained at the moment to brightness of the new reality.

    and throughout the times we needed some who believe in a better world to keep some places free to breathe. who are able to realise that a live in cooperation makes more sense than a live in constant fighting and defending. but this has nothing to do with technology, this has only to do with intelligence and the aibility to love.

    i don't know if you want a comment on your post, i only wrote it to show my respect and to share these few not very sorted thoughts with you i have no other tool to do it.

    good night and enjoy yourself
  8. lagowski

    lagowski Assistant Boot Licker

    This echoes my feelings about my 'music' making. I come back from work, having spent all day encoding audio and video for dvds and couch potatoes, using computers. I sit in front of my laptop for four hours a night preparing music and visuals. There is little reward apart from a few nice comments a year from someone who happens to come across my material. I curse the computers but I don't have the will to escape from them.
    I used to communicate by calling people on the telephone (briefly) to arrange a meeting. We'd chat in town over a drink and get excited about this or that new idea. This happened a lot; meeting people.
    I'll make an effort to do it again (real people meeting) and leave the CPU world in the background....
  9. vjTranceKoder

    vjTranceKoder AVPA is the only way

    Just wanted to say thanks, exhale, for all your hard work and love for your ideals (however misled you feel they may have been). I have benifited greatly from VJC/VJF. I have actually met people in person from VJF and continue these relationships today thanks to your efforts at bringing together like-minded individuals. Nevertheless being so in love with nature as I am, I can easily see where your heart is speaking from.

    Peace be with you and many blessings...

    BTW alan, I couldnt agree with you more from a Christian perspective. Afterall, what is more important in life than relationships (with people, not things!;) )?
  10. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    Good article exhale, being a VJ definately means parking your ass in front of the puter for months at a time. Although i am friendly with the Leviathan, i make sure that i keep enough of a healthy distance so that we can still be friends. That means going out and having fun, meeting your friends, walk downtown and eat lunch, meet people. Sometimes i stop by the lab and have them do maintenance on the chip in my head.
  11. direktor

    direktor New Member

    :grrr: :( :sad: :jump2: :nod: :scared:

    Ex...What I can say/// WOW.
    Just some disembodied data///
    First take a big E, not an extazy but EXhale and after that againe a biga E, I mean EASY.
    what is that with you maaaaaaaaan :) All that G-staff? (I'M GOD thing)
    ///I supposed to change the world people/// To change me also, you mean Ex? who de hell are you mista budda or plato? You get it in such an arrogant way men ///
    Remember that you are not so big but also not so little, and drop that magic/making/changing/revolution attitude dude///

    keep it on the personal level///Okey///
    Based on these observations, we can legitimately ask ourselves:...and so on/// what you mean WE? Me and You and Him and Her? Together ? Eooo Ex EXcus excuse meeee/// I'm from Ex :) to many Ex here. EX :) I'm from ex USSR republic., all thi communist red spot on globe. I have allergy on all that collective WE US kind of shit///I go SOLO/// before changing the world, change your self and that EXactly what is happening now/ Congratulations!!! You are wakening, get the Zen path//
    You are nice guy but this pathetic ME SEPOUSED cherish freedom, beauty LOVE. As police usually say in movies ?DROPE THAT SHIT MAC?
    Nice and worm person, what you have now is rising of awareness you are meeting your shadow part which you never sow before , but people told you about it ///they told you :) but this doesn?t mean that you are S|of|B. You right you are arrogant artificial programming basta [I would never guess it, but well.. you sad it jack ] but partly ...man/// remember just partly//key? :) there are some other thing also/// good one, or you want to be as your software without any bugz? ZZZZZZ :)
    trust me and I?m get a hard on when I say it. It?s not not just to kiss your gorges ass-ego, without your VJcentral my life as an growing young artist, yeah I'm not a vj anymore, I pass this teenage thing, // would be tougher and I would make more mistake then I made/

    And look about 10 granz
    To be a vj you need 10000///No BS? :)
    PC for 700$ with virtual dub and TZT[OPEN TZT happen because of vjcentral community members]for 000$ webcam for 50$ simple second hand video mixer for 300$ max and VUALA!!! I don't waste time preparing material I play with my friends we ex ex Exchange ideas concepts techniques all that jazz.

    Only one last thing//things :) Don?t hurt your self no any suicide miki maus shit in here// key?
    And when vjcentral will get in trouble promise me// promise us you will CTL-S us, Will You?

    See ya will ya? :) do svidania/ do ViJenia// CHAAAAOOOOO
  12. brain

    brain New Member

    wow. you did great work, and got maybe even greater insights from it. respect + all the best for whatever future.

    besides all you mentioned, i'm still into visuals and thankful for all i learned here and tzhe people i met. will take me a few more years to move on and leave it all behind.

    but hey, you are not reading this on the web, are you ;)
  13. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Good Luck EX.....On to 2012 :D
  14. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

    Re: Re: Why I'm leaving the VJCentral project

    technology will bring about a false unity. individualism and subjectivity is so strong and pervasive in the current times that we cannot see anymore how false we are in our relationship with ourselves and others. this has become so clear to me since i started stepping out of this web of appearance that i'd like to cry it out loud... but i understand if this is just more empty words for you, and if everyone relativize what i'm trying to say.
  15. BlueRinse1

    BlueRinse1 New Member

    Hey Exhale,

    I'm very new to this whole forum thing, but BIG respect for your honesty, energy, integrity, intelligence, and bravery!

    The internet has its place, but it can never satisfy love, in fact it sets us up for that same attept of expressed love to be choked, leading to frustration and lonelyness if we dont connect with the 'real world' often enough. Let the dust settle on our keypads once in a while and you will feel like a new person!...We need to keep in touch with the potentially more painfull 'real' world. The risks are higher, but the rewards are FAR greater! Our physical bodies (different to the soul and spirit) are nothing more than highly sophistcated computers (of which Babylon still tries its best to control!), so why limit our experience of life by trying to touch the world with the barrier of a glass screen infront of us?

    Exhale, It sounds to me that it might be time to INHALE, Ruach ha Kodesh style! :) (sorry, I couldnt resist saying that!)
    I respect your descision a lot, but just remember that we/it will still be here if/when you decide to return with new lessons learnt.
    Your on my prayer list now whether you like it or not :)
    Have the BEST journey. And Thank you for all that you have done (so far)!
  16. djnada

    djnada Nadada aka Jim C.

    I am indebted to VJCentral, Exhale, for getting me from a place that was isolated to a place where I could actually interact with a few of the people who populate this piece of cyberspace. Maybe someday we meet for real. I'm gonna reread what you wrote several times, put away my keybaord and mouse and live a little. I've been wanting to get back into the manual art, but the computer has become a great way to procrastinate, while justifying it by saying that I'm "creating" with it. Your comments are totally outside the box, and we all need that kick in the head sometimes! ~ Thanks for the inspiration! :spank: :poke: :banghead:
  17. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York

    Now is my turn...

    exhale, what a incredible article but let me give you a few answers...

    The way we use "Technology" depends on our values as well we use anything else. Sex, alcohol, religion, workcaholism, partys, etc...

    I had the chnace to travel back and forward and see things here and there, not for a few days but months and years and compare. If you live in a country like the US (for example) it would be easy for you to get stuck in to your small world because this culture is very individualistic and it was mean for you to seat on your couch with your remote control... period!

    Again, I arrived to New York on december of 2004, I never felt so isolated in my life for so long and I ended up like you + searching for people in dating sites. All that is totally inorganic and does not fit in the human nature. Last December I went to Venezuela and I hardly touched my computer during that month, even that I got a girlfriend!

    The change of environment cleared up my mind again, showing me that technology and specially the internet is a tiny tool and can never be replace a good beer with a friend or gossiping about some one elses girlfriend, real life is so cool and even more complex and incredible.

    When i was studying multimedia I really liked the Enhanced Reality trend because IT WAS ENHANCING REALITY and that is how I manage my VJ performance, my intention is not spend months creating footage behind a computer, who cares who made the footage, the end is to create a big party and have fun! doing footage is fun too but as long it is fun I do it.

    I went to work at Ultra for free because it was fun and many people hated that. Many people got upset because for then VJing was a job and not about having real fun. As a friend of mine told me the other day....

    "How much Miguel Angel charged for creating the 16th chaptel? NOTHING!

    How much Simon Bolivar charged to liberate 7 countries? NOTHING!

    i mean exhale... now take your time to enjoy the organic side of life. It is going to be strange but it is possible. Remember something (a tip), people have their own conciosness, there is something called "free will", people are not computers, they can do what ever they want and trust me that 5 minutes with a beer and a good pal is better than a computer keyboard.

    take care
  18. Logan

    Logan escalectricvisuales

    Thanks you Exhale .. im with you
    ...till a next time .. maybe on a real place..
  19. fRED

    fRED Member

    Re: Re: Re: Why I'm leaving the VJCentral project

    i'm not trying to relativize what you are saying. and i take the stuff you wrote very serious. i just have a little different point of view on the things. some of the words you are saying matches my experience and some not, so i draw a different conclusion. this was what i wanted to tell you, but you are right no more comments on this.
  20. neoteo

    neoteo Active Member

    anything we take extremly serius is not healfy

    comparing the 2 oposites

    the man living in the island alone , ( with a monkey friend at best )

    and the 24 hour online operator .. ( like most of us have experience or are almost there , or geting out like eXhale )

    finding balence is the key ...

    i think a 6 month hollydays from computers , can only do good

    im starting to consider mine as well ,, but not just yet ...

    before i got online this time , where you can see me , i was 3 years out of computer .. i had no machine i could say , this is my computer , ... and when i had a computer before that , i didnt had internet , so it was a preaty good come back ,seeing all this new thing hapaning in computer world ..

    lets see what will hapend after my next computer hollydays , i hope its as big as internet
  21. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    all power to you X, even thou i dont agree with some of what you say i must say without this space and your belife in the first one, avit would never have happend, so no mater what you think ov the techknowlagy ov the day you can go to bed with a warm glow knowing that you have done some good in the world, but i hope you dont become to much of a stranger over this way :)
    take care
    luv 'n' hugs
    unj :)
  22. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    Much Respect!

    First off,
    Exhale the energy you have given is not in vain, and indeed tho the ego is fed, so are the hungry souls that need inspiration from the many thought forms that transpire here on such a wonderful site.

    I too, have been struggling with ego and it's place in the more spiritulized existence that I want to create for myself and others..
    I too, am under the illusion that I could "evolve the spirituality of our technology" by opening up peoples chakra's with the very technology that more often than not enslaves us all.
    Now that I have read your artical, I see how much of a pipe dream that is/was..

    I have always known that we as human's often are slaves of our own existence/ego, and that it is for lack of a better term, 'The Grand Illusion"...
    I now see how the material illusions have now moved into the cyber illusion of a false sense of connectedness to the whole..

    I have also realized that creativity doesn't come from the head, but the heart. When "we" (id), use thought to create, without the heart to purify/filter the output, indeed it goes to a form of false indoctornation of us (ego), and ultimatly division, entrapment, and mental slavery..

    For that Past year and a half or so, I have tried to deal with this all, from a more traditional form of human conciousness, that being the idea of penance..
    After the very untimely and unfortunate passing of an endeared soul, of whom I really barely ever got to know, I was awakened to the fact, that I was blocked by my own ego/survival.
    My heart chakra wasn't opening, despite all the awareness that I was gathering from the thought proccess, towards opening up those energies..
    If (in hindsight) I had been more aware of the real struggle between my ego and my heart, my friend might still be alive today.
    Had I not wanted to make this very fleeting and insignificate boost to my ego, which inturn, abandoned a friend in need, then, I would maybe not have to had to go thru this period of penance..
    Now that I have made some of these realizations, I too can empathize with the feeling you, Ex, have honestly open up here, with such a profound document..
    I, Indeed, have been considered giving all this false sense of worth, for a more human sense of really caring for my fellow humanbeings..

    Soo my friend, I can totally grasp your need to disconnect from the machine, and really get to the pure essence of the source, which is where you will find yourself sooner or later, if you can find the inner strength to do so..
    I will be right behind you, (I very much hope) in trying to get back to where we all belong!

    Just edited to add..
    I'm not a very religious(organized that is) person, but sometimes even taking wisdom from the bible can help focus us on what is of real importance..
    Some where in the bible, (and I paraphrase) the parable reads, that blessed are those who work to serve each other, as when one person may stumble and fall, that there will be another to help them back up;
    but pity to those who walk alone, for when they fall, there will be noone there to help them...

    We all need each other, and we need to be connected to each other from a spiritual center..
    I believe that you are well and whole, and tho you might be leving this big family of your making, that we are always here to help you no matter what.
    Bom Shiva!
  23. robotfunk

    robotfunk Feed your Machine

    Much respect exhale, both on your vjf/vjc efforts and the thoughtful musings. My first reaction to reading this was very defensive, and I guess that was further proof of my internet addiction.

    For all the power the computer gives me in creating, the same machine is detrimental to my creative flow, personal life and health. Why I need to check my email 80 times a day is beyond me... The www is also a neverending story. At least the other mass medium conveniently gets boring around sleep time, on the internet it just means another continent is waking up to communicate with.

    I do enjoy a life outside of the machine, but with most aspects of work and play being tech related it is easy to get alienated, yet hard to totally give up technology altogether.

    Interestingly, 2 of my friends have taken a similar path, both coming from successful web/multimedia careers. One only uses a computer to create a/v stuff and works applying stucco in buildings a few months per year to finance his art. Another has given up on computing altogether and has become a professional stuntman.

    I think VJF/VJC has brougth a lot of people together, not just virtually but in the RealWorld, just look at AVIT which was conceived here virtually.

    Good luck with the new path you are taking, my deepest gratitude for your efforts toward the community, and I hope this turns out to be a goodbye rather than a farewell.
  24. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\

    I don't agree with your points of view that the Internat is bad, etc X. But I respect you a lot for creating the whole website to begin with.

    I find VJF/C one of the few online communities where I can say I have meet/know a good deal of members on it.
  25. papadoc

    papadoc New Member

    Thanks Exhale. Your efforts are obviously appreciated by all and your memes will continue to go about their business in your absence.

    Your note is both inspiring and cautionary. I see a bit of echoes of Unabomber Manifesto reappearing here (don't take that the wrong way, I'm just referring to basic ideology, and not implementation). Funny, a lot of fundamental religious views see worship of technology as a false god. Maybe we could all do with a little more Amish-style lo-tek downtime.

    Is neo-Ludditism a growing trend among the technologically enlightened?

    Send an update sometime!:yep:
  26. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    I think it really deals with the all restraining time issues of today really..
    The pace of life is quickening, and so our all our anxieties about it.
    The time we spend in behind a screen, wether it is a TV or a computer, shortens the time we have for more critical needs to be met and fulfilled.
    There is often a boomarang effect(U.S. republicans call it "unintended consequences") to what started off as an ally in this game of life, and how in the game, sides often turn..

    A interesting read on the other side of Xs link is this one :O:

    ...which makes wonder..I guess we all gotta face it, the unknown is what most ppl fear, and so if there is a thing such as neo-Ludditism, it certainly applies to the human instinct to be prudent...
    I think change in evolution is much the same, it's soooo dreadfully slow...??unless it's forced// or
    prodded along by forces outside of our control..looking forward to going back to the dinosaur age as it were;)
  27. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

  28. evomedia

    evomedia Control Freaks

    Good luck in your travels,

    MY take.

    I know many people who have needed a break from hectic schedules, I have myself. But I have to stress thats not because of the computer, it because I have a day job and a VJ life that requires time for filming editing and playing out. Thats where my time goes the computer is just the means to speed up that process.

    I view my computer in the same way as I view my paintbrush or camera, its a creative tool, I'm a professional designer, I got into design despite computers rather than because of them, before computers I'd have to go back to grant enlargers and typesetting skills. That really would make my life more difficult , I know people harp on about the evil of technology but they forget how much time most tasks we use computers for used to take.

    Remember that cool video and cool graphics existed long before the micochip. The people who produced them also spent every working hour thinking and making design and film. They really didnt have any more time, just had to use it on much more laborious tasks. Not so long ago I would have had to manually draw, paint, typeset and layout a design. Mistakes were often impossible to correct and meant starting over.

    People think that computers are talking over their life, but I think mostly they never have had to do the same tasks without a computer. Editing is horrible off the computer, your into film splices and alike.

    Use computers as a creative tool, don't view the computer as god, it has no control over your life except to speed up time consuming tasks. The fact that people are getting into video, design, music etc is a testiment to how good the tools have become. The reason people have LESS time is they can try their hands a hugh variety of creative passtimes previously just too difficult to just pick up.

    This is the issue, people get into video or design through the computer, then get the bug only to complain at how much time it eats up.

    However if they wanted to edit film and create unique video any other way it would take 10 times as long. And with or without a computer I still have to edit, design, and layout my ideas. Imagine trying to putting together a brochure without one. Fact is not many people here have the skills to work without a computer, or modern tech, computers actually allow people to try new skills, thats a good thing in my book.

    SO don't worship the box, make it work for you, thats the key, technology does not create ideas, we do
  29. tybalt

    tybalt Artificial Lifeform

    regarding the last post from ex with the link to the wired artikel.

    EX: I wrote your letter here and I saw your other "community website" reclaimyoursoul.org
    I believed from what I read and what you shortly told me that on some distant planet we might be at the same wavelength. The last link has made it clear that we are not. I am not saying that we might get "replaced" by our own technology. That will happen - it will happen for sure. Read Kurzweils "Age of the spiritual machines" and you instantly feel that this guy hits the nail on the head. What I am saying is that WE humand create that technology that is poised to replace us. That WE humans fill that technology with wisdom and maybe even life. So its OUR responsibility to make this into something we might admire - we might LOVE to be part of. The whole techologic revolution is just another form of evolution on this planet - a evolution that this time a part of nature - WE - are creating. The first bit of it was the first tools one of our ape grandfathers shaped to kill a mammoth or open a coconut - its the evolution you can not stop by rejecting - its happening without any way to stop it. Our responsibility is it to shape it to our liking - with our thoughts - our soul - and everyone on this planet is a part of this process everyone has the power to form it to something lovely - only when the majority wants to form it to be something nondestructive something admirable we and maybe our grandchildren might have a place as wonderfull as it has been in the past - as wonderful as it still is in some and many places.
  30. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    but doesn't this suggest that with computers speeding up the whole process of life in general, that before long the only way to survive within humanity,is too integrate with the machine,? this is all sounding to Matrix-E..or perhaps technological Darwinism
    Are human's ment to make 3 million yes or no's a sec?????:confused:

    There is also the point of view that AI could be a form of organic matter like fungi, (which BTW, is 1/3 of all the organic life on this planet!) that might be vying for control of mankind with the
    inorganic AI technologies...

    Either way, humans are but a spec of dust in geological time, and I doubt inorganic, artificial intellegence will be around any longer in this regard..
    Maybe there is room to co-exist with both organic, and inorganic life, but if
    I had to choose, I would have to go(stay organic) with something that precedes me, not the machines that will most likely postdate us all anyways..

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