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Worst light company

Discussion in 'The Backstage' started by Morninglight, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Morninglight

    Morninglight New Member

    I just came back from an outdoor event, I had to VJ in a big 1000pll tent. I arrived a 10:15am (45min before start of the event) But the organisation had hired the worst light dudez of the world I think... when I arrived at the stage there were no preparations made for my act, they even had to arrange power :eek: the projector (old bugger with 500lumen I think) was totally off wack projecting about 2 meters above the screen and the darn thing didn't have keystone correction :confused: it lasted till 12:30pm to get the beamer corrected :sad:

    Then at 3:30pm the projector went into overheating protection, which it never came back out of :alien: the stagemanager tried contacting the lightdude on site but he never showed up :grrr: so after 3 hours of performance my act was over and the promotor payed me...

    THE MOST LOUSY lightstuff hire company ever :grrr: :grrr:

    some pics:

  2. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    so you turn up with 45min to go to doors open and complain because no one has properly setup the equipment for you?

    no wonder VJs have a shite reputation in the entertainment industry

    you should of given a better spec tech rider - if you want a 2k projector with keystone then spec one

    you should of been there when the hire gear was delivered - to make sure it is what you have ordered and to ensure it is setup correctly

    if you want to turn up 45 mins before doors then what do you expect? if you are in charge of the visuals then you need to take charge of the situation and make sure things are done properly (that means being there for the setup)
  3. Morninglight

    Morninglight New Member

    I ordered all of the things I needed for my act well in time before the event, the lightcompany was responsible for the projector and my stagetable but they just flaked, the setup was NOT my responsiblity.. the stagemanagers were complaining about the company too, they told me that my beamer wasn't their biggest problem on the 4 area outdoor event (10k ppl max)

    I did everything to get thing right but if the projector flakes and they can't fix it with a spare?

    If I deliver the screen and projector I always set it up 100%!! well before the doors open, don't get me wrong there :nod:
  4. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    Welcome to the kind of shit I have to cope with most every time I work. And over here it doesn't have to do with arriving early, I could come up a lot of hours in advance and they would still not get it right after telling them all is wrong, when I go to set up prior to opening all has been changed and/or fucked up.

    Yesterday everything was set up properly at the club where we got a residency, until 30 minutes before opening the LJ muppet decided to break our video cable. Lots of duct tape and patience later, we got it going, but it was shite and we loss a projector in the process. (this is teh same people that tried to feed two projectors with video, using many of those cheap arse RCA audio splitters that went to a MONO PLUG that in time had a PLUG TO RCA CONVERTOR. ARGH!)

    Not to say the lightman doesn't know shit and kept blinding us with a robot that was lying 30 centimeters from our heads. An LJ that doesn't know the meaning of the word "dimmer', btw.

    sorry I had to take that out of my chest ;p
  5. homing

    homing Member

    Judging by the picture I can tell that the projector is a NV6-XU
    from Sharp. When the lamp is new, (wich was probably not the case) it's a 2200 lumen machine. And it does have a keystone correction. But mabee that they did'nt know that when a projector is suspended you have to put it upside down.

    Anyway It's a very sad story. It sucks!
  6. Morninglight

    Morninglight New Member

    The lamp timer was at 1000 something... I searched thru all the menus but nothing that looked like keystone, nor any buttons on the remote :confused: I don't think holding it upside down would fix the problem, 2nd: it doesn't look professional when you dragging ladders all over the place when the event has started..

    I just had a gig in a place I regularly VJ, when I arrived everything was set... just plugin and go :cool:

    ppl of lightcompanys just don't know shit about projectors and stuff, or they just don't want to know :mad:
  7. alangeering

    alangeering Theatre Tech (AV)

    In most of the theatres I've worked in none of the full time technical crew (who you have to pay for H&S reasons even if you bring your own crew - but they are generally helpful) has ever known anything about video.

    On a good day:
    Guys assigned to "stage" are wonderful with screens etc.
    Guys assigned to "LX" will sometimes understand the need to NOT focus lights on the screen.
    Guys on "Sound" are happy as long as you give them a feed on thier precious XLR loom.
    But still, you can't expect any help with video.

    There are some lighting companies that are quite honest about what they can and can't do. A company near me (HTS) knows it has no video experience, so always subcontracts that work out to an experienced freelancer. As the customer you just see another HTS shirt and get all the help you need. This is the way forward. I can even see that some of us might start freelancing for lighting companies to support our VJing habbits.

    There are a few events companies that have a real appreciation of AV. Sound Foundation (a sound & events company) in Reading just merged (took over?) 6th sense solutions (an AV company) and now market themselves on being able to do "everything".
  8. Ollie

    Ollie New Member

    as your probablyy aware most projectors are designed for offices, so when there put on a desk the beam points upwards slightly. put that beamer on a celing you want to hang it upsidedown so it point downwards (ddenpending on where your screen is)
  9. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin


    AV companies often know shit all about video - the funniest example i think of was the pro av hire company that setup the screens for a gig we did ant the pompidu center - they spent about 4 hours alighning projectors onto the back of a front projection screen (we waited untill it was "finnished" to point out that the audiance could not see the image at all! - they had to do it all again and probably learnt a lesson) but this kind of thing is soo standard that it is to be expected - this is why you must be there to supervise the setup and ensure that it is done properly (or have a contract that says you will not perform unless the video inferstructure meets a basic standard)

    in our contract we specify that all video equipment is to be setup and fully functioning by the sound check - it rarely is but it makes the point that it can't be left untill the last moment and technically gives us a right not to perform if the situation is trully bad.
  10. Morninglight

    Morninglight New Member

    Good point there...

    Quick pic of the venue last night:


  11. bassy

    bassy New Member

    This is idd something in the future will happen more and more, but at this time I see a lot that someone of the lighting company (the greatest computer freak) has to learn a VJ program, learn who to setup,... and has to perform as a Vj (without mentionning this on the flyers,...).
    The images used are always:
    a) bought from compilation C/DVD's (like audiovisualisers) -best case
    b)standard Vj program included samples
    c) ripped from movies
    d) demo reels or other samples ripped from (real) Vj's- video artists. - worst case.
    Doing this, the lighting company can ask a lot more money for a bit more work.... which most of the times really sucks.
  12. homing

    homing Member

    Just for your information if you ever have to work with the NV6-XU The keystone correction is in the button "Lens" press 1 time : focus . Second time, Zoom . Third time: Keystone
  13. Morninglight

    Morninglight New Member

    Thnx :)

    But the lightdude should learn about the equipment he delivers :grrr: or better, just leave the projector business to ppl that know a wee bit more about the job.
  14. Psychoptik

    Psychoptik Member

    Akira i hear you....over here its the same shite as well...smartass lighting and audio people who think they know everything, stupid promoters who still dont(after more than 3 consecutive events) understand what i need to perform and insist on hiring a small, narrow very uncomfortable and unstable stage, video hiring companies who "dont know" their beamers are old and burnt out, and a bitchy deco girl who arrives an hour before opening and then decides to move my screens to the sides while im not there so she can hang her stuff up center stage instead of my video, and a promoter who forgot the projectors (3) power cables at home(2 hours away)...:grrr: :grrr: :grrr:

    You people get it easy...showing up 45 mins before is a dream over here....expecting to have screens and beamers up as well(unless its a large corporative event) is a dream and a sure sign of being a newbie.
    I have to carry all cables i use and the stuff to mount screens(all kinds of spares, power extension cables, etc-even some audio stuff).

    :crazy: :banghead:

    I see it now as part of being a VJ over here...gotten used to it...just learnt to get around it and solve problems as they arise-often improvising with whatever i can.
    Its good to know im not alone...:yep: :p
  15. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    Well in my case the lighting people is NOT the people bringing the video gear. I work with a place that knows its stuff and is dedicated exclusively to video, so it's always nice because they can setup me stuff properly.

    When I started I did go and lay cables and shit on my own, but after one year I got tired of that and decided it was not worth it, specially when these people are cool and I can instruct them perfectly and they would deliver.

    That doesn't mean that after all is set up some lighting muppet goes and moves all screens and when we arrive at night to perform, everything is belly-up and much stress follows :p

    Psychoptic, I hear you with the "improvisation" crap. I'm fed up of that. You set everything right 4 hours in advance, then you arrive at the venue and someone has changed/moved/destroyed some vital piece and you have to "pull a McGyver" (nice one kommy :D) to get your stuff going.
  16. Morninglight

    Morninglight New Member

    It was a 10K ppl outdoor rave with a big mainstage and 3 large tents... They told me that I had to report on site 30 before the start of my performance so I wasn't expecting any difficuties (my gear is up and runing in 15 min).
  17. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    Hehehe, "pulling a mcguyver" is a common term over here in aust. ARGH.... reminds me of the time I had to pull a mcguyver @ an oakenfold gig, got the live cam up with 3mins to spare.
  18. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    Handglider from chewing gum, a coathanger and brick.....
  19. seex

    seex Codeep visuals

    Over here the video companys charge a lot to come and set up, so i found a guy who has a lot of eqipment and rents out at a realy low prices (becouse we use his stuff regulary). And than if the promotor wants us to take care of the eqipment we make some money of that too, renting and setingup by the hour (we take our time). But mosly when there is a tech crew payed by the promotor they do a good job.

    A vj is a perfformer and as such shuld save his energy and nerves for the show, or get realy fat fees for doing that on the side.

    When we do our own shows, its time for Mcgyver to stick a projector on the celing with chewingum.
  20. brain

    brain New Member

    yes i always try to be nice and helpful but when a LJ recently asked for "some VJ software" i had that in mind and didn't give much answers. the more as he did really bad light, way too bright, scanners all over the screen... he managed to make two barco 12,000 lumen beamers look like shit :rolleyes:

    even worse, he was giving us the "i know what i'm doing" look when we asked for a talk about the light concept the day before the gig when the venue was rigged...

    even pro companies have to learn a lot when it comes to visuals :scared:
  21. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    Arghh lightmen, my eternal enemies! I only know TWO lightmen that ROCK and know what they do, I never have problems with them, but the rest.... over here they have a BIG attitude problem (thiking they are kings of the cabin), and little skills lots of times.

    I think that we all agree that VJs tend to need a McGyver attitude lots of times, right? :D The things I have had to do!
  22. phunkyguy

    phunkyguy New Member

    i take pride with being able to handle it all, if needed.

    i like being able to be a lampy or a VJ depending on what's needed, however... it's one helluva feeling to show up 30 mins before, kick on the computer, and rock out without having to sweat mounting 12 technobeams on a truss.

    i think i just like being a nerd.
  23. Freespirit

    Freespirit New Member

    Argh I wish that I had a good lampy at my next gig. It is my first show with a new crew, so I am a bit tense about it. When I went to the people who organise the party I just find they new shit about lighting and they thought that the space where they are going to have the party had lighting, wich I new it doesn't have any (I've done some gigs as LJ there allready with all rented equipment). So now I had to explain all the lighting and help them set-up before I can think about vj-ing with my crew (and me thinking that I would just have a easy show).

    So here whe have a case of dumb ass organization who think they now everything. :banghead:
  24. jeremy

    jeremy World's 10th TopVJ 2006

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    And me who thought that I was alone:
    Yes ! Light People can be very bad.

    1.My first big event in a very famous place in Amsterdam,
    was very stressfull: the beamer did not have colors....
    Just imagine: big event, long time preparation,
    creating exclusive video....
    and everything in black and white...

    For the Light Guys:
    this was causing by my PC and my software....
    according to them : because I'm french, my video signal was Secam... causing this black and white... STUUUPID !
    my video signal is Pal and the beamer was Pal too.

    What solve my gig:
    My Playstation lcd screen and my DV-Camera.
    I was able to show that the beamer was dead !

    30'm late in the gig.
    + a technical respect and more trust from the organisation...
    now, nobody contest what I say... hi.hi.hi.

    2. The most Stupid LightGuy thing:
    connecting the beamer on the same electricity power
    that a strombo....
    And having the beamer reacting like the strombo...
    on/off, on/off, on/off.... in the middle of the gig.
    Their solution... turn off the power... STUUUPID !

    I understand your feelings.

    Jeremy from VJ's AlexetJeremy
  25. bassy

    bassy New Member

    These guys are very good :yep: :yep:
  26. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    Oh god... Those are instant classics :p
  27. murph

    murph vidiot

    wow, if only I had these problems...

    here it's like pulling teeth to get the promoters convinced that the VJ doesn't have to be the A/V rental goon as well. We're expected to have our own screens and projectors, and to rig them.

    Slowly we're working to change this, but it's difficult.
  28. krezrock

    krezrock New Member

    Lampy's aren't the LD's. VJ's should be treated like a LD. But I think the slots already filled with Ye Olde' Video Director position.

    There goes the boat.
  29. MJ

    MJ I've given money to VJForums

    Yeah well im a light guy and a vj
    and i'm working very well with myselve.

    a beamer is your medium
    so be sure it's ok!

    never trust any one
    come in time
    say 2 hour's before start

    if you come 45 min before start i don't take you seriuos or you have your own tech's who come early in the day and setup

    you mean strobo?

    a stroboscope has current power
    it won't affect the beamer

    the thing what probally has happend is that the beamer was connected to a dimmer

    and maybe the strobe was plugged into this dimmer.
    There is a function on dimmers which can set them in switch mode
    raise the fader from 0-50% =off 50-100%=on

    i think
    vj's are responsible for their projection
  30. MJ

    MJ I've given money to VJForums

    and what's the name of this light company?

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