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Worst light company

Discussion in 'The Backstage' started by Morninglight, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. trilogy

    trilogy New Member

    Just to balance this out a bit. Have just worked with a great lJ on a gig for 1000 people We discussed our requirements weeks in advance and were both on cans during the gig. The results were awesome. we both had moments of glory and the screens were placed in positions that worked for both of us. Hoping to take him to my next gig to do the lighting.
  2. Luther80

    Luther80 New Member

    @ fuussmuuss

    @ fuussmuuss


    and where was that famous event ?
    Who was the LJ, the company who messed up all ya fine new visualz ?
    Maybe I know them.

    Have to say, I always work fine with my guys, as I always rig up the stuff on my own. And as LJ/VJ (YES I do both ! ), I must say that we're not all as**oles. Maybe permanently under stress, but still able to negotiate.
  3. fuussmuuss

    fuussmuuss motion design geek

    Luther don't get me wrong! Im not saying all Lj's are assholes! And i worked quite ok a few time with this guy (and No i wont tell any names so if you know the guy, this thing will not kick back in my face as Luxemburg is too small ;)) mostly at Concerts and such. But this time i don't know what happened, he was pissed of the organisation i think and didn't want to be helpfull in any way. So what should i do about it. Most of the time i setup my Beamers and everything myself and it works ok. But this time organisation was crap an the LJ being a dumbass didn't helped much to the overall situaution!!! And the "famous" event was the ACEL bal in Lux.City.

    P.s. if you are in or around Remich this weekend come over and have a look at the pool party, i think it'll be nice!!
  4. Luther80

    Luther80 New Member

    Doesn't matter, I already know who it was. And you're right. Normally no probs with them.

    I would like to pass, but this weekend I'm going to Clervaux.
    Gonna participate at the national WWCL tournaments for Warcraft 3.

    Either way, if ya want to, keep me up to date with your gigs. Would like to see some other Lux. VJ's in action. And <Forums are nice, but I prefer Face-to-Face smalltalk.

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