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Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by Creon, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Creon

    Creon Creative Mongrel

    Hi All, was hoping to get some feedback from my website. This is not a stab at self-promotion, but I've got some queries and was wondering if I wasn't being a little para... Firstly, on the "About Us" page, I put up that info so people could trust they would be getting a professional service, but am wondering whether it comes across like showing off? Also, do you think text on the home page is a bit cheesy? Please have a look and if you could give me honest feedback, that would be much appreciated. Be it a critique on the visuals, or the artwork, it would be good to hear some thoughts. Don't hold back!!
  2. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Its not bad. Some thoughts you might find useful:

    • Don't use quicktime inside web pages - many windows users will not have quicktime installed and won't be able to view them. Put them on youtube or vimeo where the hosting is better and they are easy to embed on any platform. Perhaps if you're chasing vj work - include audio eh (try danceindustries.com for music you 'might' be able to use legally). And even - just make up a mix rather than a bunch of random loops - the clips themselves look very old school by the way.
    • You should probably remove the plastic wrapping your artworks come in before photographing?
    • Your about us page looks like a job application. Does the client actually learn something from that page that is useful to them?
    • "Thinking outside the box is our forte, and closely linked to the ethos we hold of stretching ourselves to ensure customer satisfaction. " Don't 'bum lick' your customer (sorry thats my crude word for sucky add talk) - its a turn off and you will lose them quickly. Try not to sound like an advertisement. Write what you would actually say to them in person much like you were in a conversation. If you don't have alot to say - fill your space with recent gigs, other clients, testimonials even if you have them.
    • On a positive note - the site template is clean and effective.
  3. Creon

    Creon Creative Mongrel

    Many thanks Asterix!! Just the ticket...

    Regarding the clips themselves, does that mean there's alot of similar stuff out there already, or it's just not so popular these days? Any suggestions on how they might be improved??
  4. marleymarl

    marleymarl Member

    No audio with the visuals, visuals look like the free ones you get with NUVJ.
    About us - existential philosophies - what are you trying to say about yourselves for god's sake
    Sorry but I don't see anything positive considering you basically say you are the best in digital art.
    You said don't hold back. It is very uninspiring. Sorry
  5. Creon

    Creon Creative Mongrel

    To be fair, I had just finished a business and marketing course when I'd written the content for this site. I know it doesn't come across like that now, but they do tell you sell yourself and push yourself the best/most, which was my intention. I see now that my interpretation of that make me look like a bit of an arrogant prick. It doesn't really matter how it was intended once it's up there, more how it comes across.

    I'm guessing that's the general consensus??
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  6. PCProject

    PCProject Moderator

    I went to video showcase tab feeling excited and came away disappointed by the clips so I contiued slightly dispirited to the gallery and now feel like I wish I hadnt bothered.

    The work doesnt live up to the hype that the text suggests.

    I suppose the key question to be asking yourself is are the enquiries for work flowing in and have I sold a load of product from the shop.

    My mum always told me honesty is the best policy and whilst the critique of the website may be harsh it isnt a critique of you.
  7. Creon

    Creon Creative Mongrel

    HI PCP,

    I definately get where the criticisms are coming from. Much better to get an honest perspective than people telling you it's great, and walking away thinking it's crap. I definately appreciate the feedback, justifiably negative as it is!!
  8. PCProject

    PCProject Moderator

    Yeah sycophantic mates saying "dude this is the best thing ever" isnt actually very useful despite your mates thinking they are being supportive etc.
    I suppose the question I would ask you is "are you happy with what you have up there?"
    Eisha would say that I am being no harder here than I am with her or myself in an effort to ensure we only produce something that stands up to intense criticism.
  9. Creon

    Creon Creative Mongrel

    No, definately... I think you're being honest, not hard. It's good to get some proper criticism. It's more constructive than anything else. I'm pretty sure the majority of people on here aren't haters, so there must be truth in what people are saying. As for what I think, I am thinking along the same lines. Think I spent so long stoned infront of the computer thinking "wow, that's f%$king great!!" everytime I came up with something, that I didn't really take too much time to look at what else was out there. Guess I fell into the trap of making generic pap and thinking it was the best thing in the world - exactly the kind of thing that gives VJs a bad name!! You live & learn...
  10. PCProject

    PCProject Moderator

    Its really hard to be nice when telling somebody the thing they have spent ages crafting is a bit crap (in my opinion obviously!)
    You should go and check out some of the shows reels and websites that are about. One I personally really like is Rogers (Dr Eskatonia) who doesnt post as much here as much as he once did.

  11. Creon

    Creon Creative Mongrel

    Haha - Much better than telling me it's great, very professional when it's clearly not!!

    There's no music with the content because I was worried about copyrights... Is that a reasonable concern?

    Also, are the visuals just crap, or because they're not mixed up, or the quality is bad? I was thinking that my sample mixes would be better, but they are in a similar 2D vain.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  12. PCProject

    PCProject Moderator

    Personally I just think they look a bit dated or perhaps tired?
    But just because they are not to my taste doesnt mean that there arent people who may well like that kind of thing. It is a bit like comparing D+B or minimal and asking which one is better when stuff like this is very subjective and mostly down to a matter of personal preference/s.
    Music wise dont you have any bedroom producing mates?
  13. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    creon http://soundcloud.com/definition-breaks/tracks

    its a label i run with a friend. if you want to use anything without fear of copyright issues, let me know, im sure we can come to a cost free agreement :) ( it might be that you dont like any of it... if so, its all good... people have different taste :) )
  14. Creon

    Creon Creative Mongrel

    That's a fair comment... Most of it was produced 5-10yrs ago, so may have seemed fresh(ish) then(??). I've been out of circulation for a couple of years, so didn't produce anything new from about 2006. This past year or so I've been developing the business side of life, so the creative bit has taken a bit of a back-burner (due to laziness? possibly...:eek:) I need to get back to the drawing board and get the creative juices flowing again!! Doesn't mean I can't mix up new stuff with the old, or start playing with found footage.

    VJAIR, that's wicked!! I'm gonna take some time to evaluate what I need to change, get work up on vimeo etc, and then I'll definately give you a hollar in the future if that's cool!!

    Cheers for the input ppl, definately alot to chew over!! :)
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010

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