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Youtube Mixer

Discussion in 'Developers Area' started by filthymusic, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. filthymusic

    filthymusic New Member

    Hi There,
    I have been playing around with YouTube and have developed the first iteration of a YouTube Mixer.

    The limitations of flash video may stop me implementing certain features.
    However I would like to build a most requested feature list.
    It is currently developed in Flash but could be built in .net quite easily.


    I would appreciate any feedback you can give.

    Please either post your comments here or use the feedback form on the website.

  2. videoswitchboard

    videoswitchboard Pointless Crew-Glasgow

    good work.

    seem to work well and i can see a good application for "tuneless" djs who arrive at a party where there is bad music and will play tunes straight from YouTube. seems to happen all around me these days.

    so great for the audio side of things.

    but obviously, you're gonna get flamed for proposing a software that can't mix or output video on VJ forum.

    so, wished for features would be:

    1- full screen video mode
    whether on main monitor with the GUI dicreetly composited over the output or possible second output.

    2- video mixing of sources
    (possibly including mix mode or separate+connectable audio/video crossfaders)

    3- the possibility for a registered user to save their list of links on your server- when they log in, that would be just as if they'd been reunited with their bag of tunes/dvds

    Back in 2004, i was really excited by an italian project called "Dennis Cucumber" (no longer active unfortunately), that mixed the html code from different pages... I thought it was fantastic and that there would be more developments like these... i haven't encountered many unfortunately.

    here's an old review from netartreview that mentions it:

    :: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 ::
    New artists are turning to the web every day to take advantage of the freedom / control technology can give them and gain an audience for their work that cannot be as easily achieved anywhere else.

    Whats unusual about Dennis Cucumber is that he states that he works not as an artist but as a web remixer. In our times where very little is invented in comparison to what is recombined / recompiled, when the art of editing, the process of selection, supersedes the art of originating and theorists such as Lev Manovich claim that the DJ has become "a particular cultural figure, a new kind of author for whom this operation is key", one wonders why we don't have the same respect for the editor of a film, let alone anyone remixing the internet, and instead nearly relegate them to the position of technician guided by their director's vision.

    The EJ (lets invent a new term, 'E' being all things internet) states that his work...

    "is a web remixing project. This implies the creation of web pages built around the simplest concepts of the internet: linking and framing. Each new page is created remixing contents from different sources on the web. So images, text and sounds are composed in a new web site. By manipulating systems of signs this web remix destabilizes the chain of signification so that new relationships of meaning can emerge. My web site is totally produced mixing and linking other sites on the web (yes the sound too!!). So what you see it's not my graphics or sounds but produced by other people whom I'm not related. I do web remix. Only."

    Now while not a terribly new concept to net.art, several projects have used this reuse / remix / recycle / re-contextualise idea such as various projects by Mark Napier i.e. the Digital Landfill etc. etc. We must remember that without exception these people work as artists, net.artists, who use this as an idea for one or a series of works and then move on in their development and not as a statement of intent for them as artists and the development of their work.

    The importance of the DJ in modern culture can not be understated so a statement such as the above is a brave one indeed. The DJ "can be directly correlated to the rise of computer culture. The DJ best demonstrates its new logic: selection and combination of preexistent elements. The Dj also demonstrates the true potential of this logic to create new artistic forms. Finally, the example of the DJ also makes it clear that selection is not an end in and of itself. The essence of the DJ's art is the ability to mix selected elements in rich and sophisticated ways. In contrast to the 'cut and paste' metaphor of modern GUI that suggests that selected elements can be simply, almost mechanically, combined, the practice of live electronic music demonstrates that true art lies in the 'mix'". Surely this progression into computer culture is the next step forward?

    Whether the future is EJ or not, whether they will gain as much attention as their musical counterparts and whether Dennis Cucumber will find, creatively, enough room to maneuver remains to be seen but remember the acronym is mine!

    :: Garrett Lynch [+] ::

    i think this text is particularly insightful for those who tend to oppose the work of djs and vjs, when others think that the 2 practices will eventually merge into one.

    hey Filthy- maybe you could try to revive the term EJ?

  3. filthymusic

    filthymusic New Member

    Thanks Dav,
    The idea came from impromptu DJ sessions at parties. Having to have two YouTube windows open amd not being able to cross fade etc..
    I like the idea of two crossfaders for video and audio with a "lock" function. I will incorporate that next along with the fullscreen function.
    Thanks for your input..
  4. gavspav

    gavspav New Member

    Love it - always wanted to make a youtube mixer - but never got round to it/didn't know how.

    Off the top of my head features I'd like to see would be tempo control, setting cue points, ability to load any webpage!, ability to see all clips, more info about how much is loaded.

    Presumably you've seen the youtube doubler?

  5. MixMD1

    MixMD1 New Member

    Problem solved.

    Check out this new cool software that just hit the streets! You can mix your MP3's with it too! (not just YouTube videos) It's crazy! ...the best take on a YouTube mixer I've seen yet!

  6. kristin_110

    kristin_110 New Member

    Good work. This can be very helpful.
  7. Liquidmetro

    Liquidmetro Positively Phototropic

    I'd love to be able to sync these bad boys but can't without tempo or cue. What about quantize? Either way a great start lol.


    Aah Filthymixer.....it does it! :D
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2010

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